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Business cards are immensely important, not just for advertising, but also for the image of your brand. Here are some of the best free business card templates!

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May 12, 2024

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Business cards are one of the cornerstones of your brand’s identity, no matter your niche. While printed media in the digital age seems to grow scarcer, business cards are still immensely important for networking and promoting your brand. Let’s take a look at some of the best free business card templates.

While custom business cards are certainly an aspirational goal for any entrepreneur or business, high-end designs can be priced in the thousands. This is a fantastic option if you have money to spare, however, most startups tend to opt for more affordable choices.

“How can I get free business card templates” is one of the first questions for people starting their businesses. There are so many expenses involved, so it’s only natural that you want to save up wherever you can. Fortunately, business card templates free of charge can be easily found.

Business cards are all about concision and intention. With little space for bells and whistles, you need to consider carefully what elements to include. Names and contact information go without saying. But, having bare-bones, unremarkable business cards isn’t a good thing either.

If you’re artistically inclined, and have a grasp of graphic design, you might consider designing and making your own business cards. In this case, there are a few guidelines which will help you create a neat, professional-looking design.

One of the most important things in business card design is correct formatting and making sure there’s plenty of space for cutting each individual card.

Another vital thing to consider is the color scheme. Picking the wrong colors for your business cards can throw off the entire design. You can never go wrong with a simple black and white, but where’s the fun in that? Just make sure the colors you pick fit your brand aesthetic and match the rest of the promotional material such as logos or merch.


Where can I get free business card templates?

Getting business card templates free of charge is possible on a variety of platforms, including Google Docs and Microsoft Word. However, you should always customize the template to fit your brand. A free business card design template will offer a simple solution, but it won’t always be exactly what you want from a design.

Beside these sources, you can find a downloadable free business card template on platforms such as Adobe Illustrator.

Below you will find 10 beautiful (and different!) business card design templates free for use. They were all created by the fantastic designers at ManyPixels, so you can see all their skill and talent.

Retro Business Card Design

Retro is always in. This business card template has all the charm of old Beach Boys albums. The warm color palette makes it ideal for a number of professions in creative fields. The design boasts simplicity that’s incredibly effective for capturing attention.

13_Retro card mockup.jpg

A great example is this business card template, which has a simple black background and embossed text. It’s a sleek, timeless design that’s sure to intrigue the user.

This skyline illustration can work wonderfully for a photography studio, construction company or even a cafe or restaurant.

If you’re looking for a no-frills, yet curated look for your business cards, this is a wonderful choice.

The design itself is uncluttered and simple, which makes it timeless and sure to be a great option for years to come.

The fonts are perfectly combined in a timeless pair: a somewhat flamboyant script cursive and a subdued, yet still retro typewriter-style serif font.

Watercolor Hair Salon Business Card

Despite the name, this lovely business card design isn’t only suitable for hairstylists and hair salons. The delicate watercolor splash can be a wonderful addition for a design business, interior decorators, as well as an obvious choice for art teachers.

Watercolor hair salon business card.jpg

Abstract Business Card Design

Contemporary designs are one of the most versatile and popular kinds of free templates for business cards. They are a great fit for most businesses in finance, tech or industries such as construction.

12_Abstract card mockup.jpg

This design is elegant and effective. It leaves a dedicated space for your company’s logo, which makes it a fantastic choice for promoting your brand. The two-tone color palette makes it dynamic and easy to navigate.

Nature Inspired Business Card Design

Designs inspired by nature are widely used in all types of projects, be it wedding invitations, brochures or websites. This wonderful free business card design template is inspired by nature, yet still elegant and professional.

11_Nature inspired card mockup.jpg

The subtle pattern lends it visual interest without being too ornate. The other side of the card gives the user all the key pieces of information and has a timeless serif font.

Vertical Black Business Card

Free templates for business cards come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s not that easy to innovate. But, this template does precisely that. The business card layout is switched from a horizontal (landscape) orientation to a vertical (portrait). It makes the template striking and memorable without relying on colors and zany fonts.

vertical black business card.jpg

This template is a great choice if you’re looking for simple yet impactful design which will suit your visionary ideas.

Flowers black business card

This business card template is a bold choice, but sometimes dramatic is the way to go. It has a gorgeous, dark color palette that is guaranteed to be noticed.

flowers black business card.jpg

A business card such as this might not be the right for all businesses, but if it fits your brand’s aesthetic, you should definitely consider using this eye-catching template.

Pattern Tech Business Card

A wonderful patterned business card such as this can work for hundreds of businesses.The color palette is playful, yet the overall design is polished and appropriate for a professional.

There are two designated spots meant for your logo, which can be amazing for creating a cohesive visual identity. The white text box makes the information easy to read, and distinct from the patterned background.

pattern tech business card.jpg

QR Code Tech Business Card

QR codes made a big comeback during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is estimated that the number of QR code users will continue to increase, from current 89.5 million users, to 99.5 users in 2025.

QR code tech business card.jpg

So, it only makes sense that free business card templates follow that trend. A QR code can be a great addition to a business card because it can provide additional information, or even direct the user to a company’s website.

Illustration CEO business card

Subtle, delicate illustrations will enhance any business card. Whether it’s a logo, or an unrelated yet still meaningful illustration, it will provide visual interest and make your business card stand out.

This template has a wonderful, circular illustration that gives a pop of color and variety, yet it isn’t overbearing or making the design seem crowded and busy.

illustration CEO business card.png

Initials CEO business card

A vibrant and lively business card template is a fantastic choice for a CEO of an up-and-coming startup. With its bold splash of color, and clean lines it’s obvious why.

initials CEO business card.jpg

Bold Business Card Design

This design delivers what it promises. The contrast between the emerald green and white makes the racing line design stand out and make an impression on the first glance. It’s another one of the vertical business card formats, which always garners attention.

10_Bold card mockup.jpg

It can be a great choice for all kinds of companies – it projects power and strength. It’s also simple enough to fit almost any brand.

Illustration Business Card Design

Illustration on business card templates can be a bit of a risk, but when they’re done well, they kick up the design a few notches. You have to be careful when picking a design with an illustration, as it tends to be the star of the show. Make sure the illustration follows the general idea of your brand identity.

6_Illustration card mockup.jpg

Floral hair salon business card

This is another one of nature-inspired business card templates free for use. As always, don’t let the name fool you, this template can be used for all kinds of businesses.

Floral hair salon business card.jpg

The warm, delicate colors can fit beautifully into a neutral color scheme, without being too loud.

Embossing black business card

Embossing is one of the oldest printing techniques in the book, dating all the way to the 15th century and the very beginnings of printing. This is a process of making a raised design on paper or other materials. Embossed lettering gives a design an extra flourish and can work wonderfully with otherwise simple designs.

embossed black business card.jpg

How can I get free business card templates when I have a specific idea in mind?

In this case, it’s better to work with professionals to make sure you get your ideas across. However, freelance designers and design companies can run up the price quite a bit. Fortunately, there is a solution.

ManyPixels offers three different subscription plans, which can suit any budget. Furthermore, the first draft of any design is typically issued within 1-2 days, so you can be sure you’ll get your designs in time.

As we mentioned, these are just some examples of our design team’s wonderful work. Their portfolio includes much, much more, such as landing pages, websites, logos, icon sets and illustrations.

For more information, we’ll be thrilled to book a live demo session!

Business cards are immensely important, not just for advertising, but also for the image of your brand. Here are some of the best free business card templates!

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