8 Hair Salon Menu Designs to Inspire Your Own

Get inspiration for your hair salon menu with 8 examples across 4 categories: Elegant, Clean & Crisp, Pop of Color and Chalkboard designs.

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May 18, 2024

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The services a hair salon offers account for about 92% of the income. A good-looking price menu will be crucial for the success of your business. Take a look at these 8 hair salon menu designs to jumpstart the creation of yours.

Whether your business is a jack of all trades, offering everything from a Brazilian blowout to styling and color correction, or more focused on a specific niche of hair services, an updated and put-together price menu will positively reflect on your salon and show customers you strive to offer them the best services.

Just as in any business where understanding what type of clientele your establishment will attract is crucial, knowing who will be looking to purchase your salon services will largely determine the pricing. Take a look at price lists of hair salons near you. Also, consider the city where your salon is located and the local wages in the area—for help with this check out these useful infographics showing the cost of hair salon services in major cities across the world.

To solidify your great services in customers’ minds, let’s take a look at how a great hair salon menu design can upscale your establishment.



The experience of visiting a hair salon is not just about getting a retouch or a color service. Clients see it as a special occasion and appreciate the pampering experience of someone taking care of their hair and receiving a relaxing scalp massage alongside an upgraded hair look. An elegant hair salon menu will help to paint the ultimate relaxing and luxurious experience customers will receive at your hair salon.

1. Christina Peter

This luxury German-based hairdressing salon’s menu perfectly captures the overall brand identity, starting with the brown tones and colors used in the design. To communicate the feeling of both modernity and professionalism, everything from the interior design of the salon to the images posted on their Instagram page has a warm feeling, incorporating elements of brown and gold. The two colors help to create a luxurious and high-class yet comfortable and inviting atmosphere.    

The prices are displayed in a neat fashion, keeping with the professional element of the establishment.

2. Marvelous Deluxe

Minimalism, calm colors and tones can go a long way in hair salon menu design, and by no means have to be boring. A visit to a hair salon can be a stressful one, as one’s hair is something many hold close to their heart and entrusting it to a stranger can take a certain amount of courage. This menu design takes that into consideration, using muted peach pastel colors in the design that help to induce a feeling of tranquility. At the same time, it goes hand in hand with the brand identity, aiming to deliver natural, clean and stylish results to their customers in a peaceful environment.

With that said, the services that are offered on the menu include smoothing treatments, beard and bang trims, styling with both curling and flat irons (named as “full” and “luxury” on the menu), and a hair spa procedure called “luxury relaxation.” The names given to the services provided at the salon support the feeling of relaxation.
Design by Arturas Aranin

3. RoseRoom Salon

Another luxurious and warm hair salon that focuses on bringing out the natural beauty within their clients through hair care and styling, RoseRoom takes on the literal meaning of its name, using rose gold and faded coral colors to compose its brand identity, including the price menu. The warm tones provide an inviting feeling, keeping in line with their focus on providing a welcoming and family-oriented atmosphere for its clients.

The faint peach background of the menu provides an affectionate feeling to the design while at the same time creating clean space for the text to be clearly visible. Just as their “about” page reads, their motto of “no pretense, no attitude” is reflected in the way their services are described, which is exactly what they are. Without adding any embellishments, services are introduced directly as balayage, keratin treatment, olaplex, hair color services and more, making it crystal clear for the client what they are coming for.

The logo of the salon at the top of the menu, which is made up of two mirrored “R’s” divides the contents of the menu below into two with a vertical line, giving a cohesive and inviting look to the hair service menu.

RoseRoom Salon Menu

Clean and Crisp

Clean hair is one of the most wonderful feelings one gets after paying a visit to a hair salon. However, the establishment should be equally clean and sterile for optimal client experience. Having a clean and crisp look to your menu can give off a professional and tidy impression of your salon.

4. Alison Domingo

For hairstylist Alison Domingo, simplicity is everything. The design of the menu includes no unnecessary or extra elements, keeping in line with the concept of minimal modernism. The off-white light, beige background made of recycled paper representing humans and nature gives a warm and chic appearance, while at the same time catering to the younger target audience who are conscious of their environment.

The contents are divided into only two sections—”Cut” and “Color”—transferring the concept of minimalism to the service menu. The same font that composes their logo is used for the headlines, in efforts to keep the design of the salon uniform throughout and maintain continuity. Despite not having too many options on the menu, the options they do have allow for plenty of variation, such as the add-on of a haircut to any service. The primary focus of the stylist is evidently coloring, as that is the majority of the services offered on the menu, including ombre, balayage and more.

A nice tactic that can be used to ensure fair pricing, and also that you are not underpaid as a hair stylist is doing exactly what Alison Domingo does—mentioning in the menu that prices will vary depending on hair length and type.
Design by Nathan Guerrero

5. Juuksur & Juice

We’ve all been in a situation where going out of the way just to get a haircut seems like too much of a hassle, and being able to get a quick trim at a nearby shopping mall hair salon is the way to go. Juuksur & Juice—one of the more affordable destinations on the list—is located inside a shopping mall, and takes on the combination of cozy and modern, including the design of their price menu.

The black and white hypnotic circles we often associate with hypnosis is used as their logo and incorporated into all the elements of the salon, from the business cards to social media posts to the menu design, giving the establishment a more put-together and professional look. The two colors convey professionalism and focus, as well as insinuate that the great work the stylists will provide to their clients’ hair will hypnotize them.

The typography and boxy elements of the menu design match their modern brand identity and experience, which also works well with the more technologically-forward young adults that want a straightforward and quick cut (accompanied by a juice).

Juuksur & Juice Menu

With a pop of color

After all, color is a big part of the hair salon business. So why not incorporate it into the menu design? If your salon focuses on providing high-quality color services, mirroring that in the design can be a great step to attracting more customers and having a killer hair salon menu design.

5. O Salão em Casa

This Brazilian hair salon breaks out of the minimalist identity type of the previous entries and goes to the opposite side of the spectrum, using many colors and elements that represent their people, color, and type of hair they work with. The colors used are natural and earthy, representing the depth of various skin tones, architecture and the green of the Amazon forests. The image of a woman with long, luscious hair, shows the type of hair customers can achieve when visiting the salon.

The name of the salon which translates to “the salon at home”, has a double meaning, in that customers will feel at home when receiving the salon’s services, but also as the stylists offer home visitation, the services can be done inside the clients’ homes.

The services menu, while not overwhelmingly extensive, contains a wide range of options covering the essential services, including full highlight (as well as a partial highlight), blow-dry and styling as well as deep conditioning treatments.
Design by Paula Franciani

6. The Colorist Bar & Salon

For a salon menu named Color Smart, it only makes sense to use bright colors for the design. The Colorist Bar & Salon uses a black background as a canvas for the menu creating a high contrast between the colored elements, helping the bright colors pop even more, as well as giving a luxurious feel to the menu.

Light blue is used as the main accent color, particularly for the headings and prices, to help guide the eye to the information that the client is mainly looking for. Two splashing bottles of blonde and brown dye are placed in the left bottom corner of the design to add a burst of color and make it more attractive to the eye.

A great practical tip that is used in the design is the inclusion of the color glossary, explaining terms such as glazing, retouch and color correction to ensure that everyone, even those not well versed in the world of hair coloring, would be able to make use of their services.

The Colorist Bar & Salon Menu

Chalkboard menu designs

Chalkboards may be old school, but it is a very useful element that can be used in the world of services, as it allows for high customization, giving a chance to the business owner to speak directly to their customers. It can also be a great way to add an extra splash of design and personality to the establishment.

7. Maypole Hair Gallery

This small hair salon based in Wales uses a quirky design for their chalkboard to welcome their customers and introduce the types of services they offer. Both the typography as well as the items on the menu are written in an informal way, referring to men’s haircuts as “gents cut.”

A cartoon drawing of a smiling hairdresser adds a charming element to the design, reinforced by the red hearts placed at each corner of the board. This artisanal design fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the salon, which has a homey and family-oriented feeling, signaling to customers they will be taken care of well.

8. Spruce for Men

By far the most highly customized entry on the list, this new barbershop menu board fuses both vintage and modern through the use of retro fonts and the highly technical nature of the board, which incorporates blue lights that come up as an order is placed.

The menu contains extensive options, from various trims to men’s haircuts, and shaves of various kinds. Each service also has its own unique icon which is placed under the specific service to let the customer know what services are included in each one, making this a highly effective menu design. The black background of the menu paired with the white text and the deep blue lights fits perfectly to the masculine essence of the hair salon while keeping at the forefront of style. The fonts used in the design give the menu a hipster aesthetic, that can be easily achieved in your own design with the list of barber shop fonts.

Spruce for Men
Design by Chalklatier

Are you on the hunt for the perfect logo for your hair salon? Make sure to check out our Hair Salon Logo Ideas article as well as Barbershop Logos to get the ball rolling.

Get inspiration for your hair salon menu with 8 examples across 4 categories: Elegant, Clean & Crisp, Pop of Color and Chalkboard designs.

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