15 Neat and Tidy Barbershop Logos

Find inspiration for your barbershop logo design from our selection of logos, sorted into 4 categories: Vintage, Logos with Barber Tools, Modern and Character.

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May 30, 2024

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Whether it’s a vintage barbershop vibe or a modern hipster design, here are some ideas on how to create the best barbershop logo.

When you think of a barber logo, the first thing that comes to mind is probably vintage fonts, red and blue barber poles and a very cool hipster aesthetic altogether. And you wouldn’t be wrong to think that those are exactly the common themes you will find in good barber shop logo designs.


Vintage typography

Barbering is a craft that will never be redundant and out of fashion. Yes, cheap razor blades and clippers are a good backup, but visiting a barber or stylist has a more intimate, treat-you-self value. And since barbers have been around for centuries and are having a big comeback, vintage fonts and signage are great for logo design in this profession.

1. Cabral Barbearia

This barbershop used a cool serif and Wild West-inspired font, with a subtle three-dimensional effect that makes it look like an old sign. The palette used is focusing on natural and ground colors, like black, brown, yellow and white. The icon of a straight razor is custom made and bent in the shape of the letter C, adding additional flair to the whole concept.

2. Fenix Barbershop

This retro logo has so many fine details that it’s hard to describe in short. Apart from the really cool font, the whole concept looks like it would look great engraved in wood, like in one of these cool woodworking logos. It also has a barbershop pole, as well as an emblem of scissors and a straight razor. The text “Cuts and Shaves” is written in a Celtic-inspired font that goes great with the rest of the design.

Design by Tomasz Biernat

3. Ocigonic Barber House

This barber house has an elegant and vintage logo, original in gold engraving. The lush framing around the lettering makes the logo rich and elegant, but it still looks like it belongs to the modern era. It’s easy to see it will look amazing on a t-shirt or as an emblem on business cards.

Design by Tuyền Lâm

4. The Barber Club

Adding a retro serif font, scissors and framing sound like way too much for one logo, but somehow this barber logo design works. The three fresh and modern colors work well together, making this a vintage-inspired modern logo.

the barber club
Design by Pixelin Studio

Logos with barbershop tools

A craftsman is worth as much as their tools, and a professional barber logo can reflect that too. You can make your own logo great and relevant by incorporating scissors, clippers, razors or hair salon or barber chair.

5. Black Rabbit

This logo takes old school to another level. The illustration of a straight razor, paired with a subtly serif and simple font that looks like it has ink specks, makes it a hipster magnet for sure.

6. Estilos

Now, this is a step up into a more modern and simple look. The font is far different from anything else so far: it’s simple, serif and elegant. The scissors are open and shaped in a form vaguely reminiscent of a butterfly. Needless to say, the designer did a good job fusing modern and minimal into the logo design for Estilos hair salon and barbershop.

Design by ModoOn Designer

7. La Chaise

This cool Art Deco-inspired frame logo shows a few barbershop tools, most notably a straight razor. The barber holds it in his hand in a well-illustrated image, and the combination of dark green and white is elegant and unique.

Modern and minimalist logo ideas

Trying to create a really simple and modern logo is a harder feat, but it pays off. Slick, monochrome and elegant logos such as the ones in this sublist will make an impression for sure.

8. Blade

As an avid lover of all things simple and also visual puns, this logo really hits the spot for me. With a simple wordmark using the Coltrane font family, the graphic designer behind this logo just cut off the tops of the letters as with a straight razor. Pretty simple, but straight to the point.

9. Berber

Berber means barber in Turkish and a few other languages, so the creator of this logo separated the name in two syllables and created a comb with the two Es. It is a smart idea that makes something unique out of a very simple task.

Design by Canhür Aktuglu

10. Nobre Barber Shop

This fancy hair and beauty salon for men decided to infuse some sense of regalness and luxury to its brand. They created a pictogram from deconstructed scissors and added a small crown as a symbol of excellence and quality. The use of an elegant serif font ties up the whole concept nicely.

Design by Larusso Design

11. Local Barber Co

Local Barber Co has a really vast and well thought out branding, that it stands out from any other barber logo so far. From signage to environmental graphics, murals on the inside wall of the barbershop, aprons and t-shirts: everything came to life based on this cool contemporary logo. It takes a straight razor shaped in the letter L, and the rest of the wordmark is a simple script font. The colors used (red, blue and white) are both a nod to barbershop poles and the Americana style. You can check out the full branding project.


Character logos

Another approach that usually works is adding a character or mascot to your logo. It can be a bearded guy, an animal that is a nod to your local heritage, or something close to your own heart and brand. But putting a face to the story always makes brands memorable and approachable.

12. Abalvi Barber Shop

This fun and quirky beard logo puts the brand name inside the glorious mane of the character. He looks like a typically portrayed bearded hipster… or is it a 20-century revolutionary? Not sure.

Design by Mooral Monteira

13. Macacovéio Barbearia

This cool logo is inspired by 20th-century barbershops and the Portuguese writer Eça de Queiroz, who, according to the designer, was able to convey a look of wisdom. His portrait and style is transferred to a gorilla, that being one of the strongest anthropoid primates, was the reference to complement a symbol of longevity and strength.

Design by Johnny Marques

14. Vikings Barber Shop

Vikings are regularly portrayed in the media as muscular barbarians with huge and glorious beards. And although we might think that’s just our perception of 8th century fashion, Vikings did take a lot of care when it came to their beards. Archeologists have found proof that they kept their hair and beards clean and tidy, but they also styled them as a display of manhood and strength in battle.

This is exactly why this barber shop used the prototype of beard styling, the medieval Viking, as their logo.


The final entry on our list is a beard and hair grooming product line that used a Popeye-style illustration of a bearded man. Apart from the vintage cartoon illustration, the logo is well tied together with a combination of a decorative vintage font and a light script font for secondary typography.

Design by Culto Creative

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