11 Creative Flyer Templates for Pizza or Italian Restaurants

Want to hand out simple restaurant menus or promotional flyers for your Italian restaurant or pizza truck? Here are examples of flyer design you’ll want to copy!

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June 15, 2024

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Want to give out simple restaurant menu flyers or promotional flyers for your Italian restaurant or pizza truck? Here are 11 examples of flyer design you’ll want to copy!

The food industry is definitely one where print advertising is anything but dead. Remember how many times you’ve picked up a food flyer in your mailbox and ended up making a delivery order of something on their food menu.

Whether you need a flyer that’s going to include your pizza menu, or a special design for a promo offer, here are 11 great ideas you can learn from.


Simple pizza flyers

If you have a pizza restaurant, it makes sense that this signature dish should be the hero of your flyer design. Using stock photos is fine, in case you don’t have high-quality photos of your own. But in this case, you have to make sure that the other elements of your promo materials are there to highlight your brand and make your restaurant flyer stand out.

1. Pizza Wood

This simple fast food restaurant flyer has a very simple and effective layout. It includes the enticing image of a pizza with the promotional offer prominently displayed. The flyer design incorporates the modern brand image which is also reflected in the cool pizza logo you can see here.  

wood piza flyer.png

However, bear in mind that it takes real graphic design skills to make all the different elements of the design work well together. Should you need help, we have dozens of talented designers onboard and a 14-days money-back guarantee. Try us out!

If you have some knowledge in software like InDesign or Adobe Photoshop, you might be able to create your own pizza flyers. If you download an editable flyer or poster template, make sure you make it work for your brand by using your signature color scheme, typography and perhaps custom photos.

By Stefan Vincent

By atipo

By Andrea De Simone and Alessandro Gallesi

By Goncha Bayramli

By Shannon O’Neil

By Dima Je, Openmint Studio, Ekaterina Teterkina and Yegor Kumachov

By Alena Koroleva and Ihor Tulub

By Kris Saint-as-Hell

Design by ManyPixels

By Marden Jump

By Karina Pavlovskaya

2. Da Villa Pizza Delivery

Sure, you’re bound to come across some pizza prudes who are going to decide that stock photos used by takeaways simply don’t satisfy the standards of a great Italian pizza. On the other hand, many people will just want to see a recognizable dish on an eye-catching flyer design. The following example does a great job at incorporating the brand’s fun take on patterns used across their branding. These flyers would make equally good pizza posters that tell visitors about promo offers.

da villa pizza flyer.jpg

3. Pizza & Kebab Flyer

If you run a small fast food kiosk, you might not think that flyer design matters all that much. But if you hand out dull pizza flyer templates that people have seen a hundred times before, chances are they will just throw it away. A well-designed flyer suggests you take due care in other aspects of your business, most importantly preparing food. The following example is the work of one of our own graphic designers. It’s a great example of how you can transform the concept of street food like pizza, bbq or kebab into an elegant and professional design.

pizza kebab flyer.jpg

Illustrated Italian restaurant flyers

Anyone can download a stock photo from Freepik or an editable Photoshop template. But if you want to show to potential customers that you’re unique and creative, illustrations can be the best way to attract young, modern generations who appreciate the importance of good graphic design.

4. Pizza Mafia

It’s possible to find pizza illustrations on flyer design templates or even get a PSD file that you can incorporate into your own design. However, custom graphic design always stands out. Just take a look at this gorgeous illustration which makes the pizza look both decorative and appetizing! The mosaic tiles and classic typography are nods to Roman aesthetic, which is why these elegant flyers would also make great pizza posters inside a traditional pizzeria.

mafia pizza flyer.jpg

5. Panic Pizza

Pizza flyers often double as menu design, since fast food restaurants usually don’t have too many items on offer. This is definitely a great way to save money on graphic design, and much better than using menu templates or free flyers. Take some inspiration from this creative branding project that uses neon colors and contemporary illustrations that really capture attention.

panic pizza flyer.jpg

6. Mama Mafia

This example is definitely not traditional Italian restaurant marketing, but it fits perfectly with the quirky concept: Mama Mafia is a delivery service that specializes in Italian and Japanese cuisines. The Manga style of illustration paired with the “mafia” characters look very cute and custom. If you’ve got a unique brand promise, showcase it with something unique rather than a boring free vector.

mama mafia pizza flyer.jpg

Elegant flyers

Fast food marketing is not known for the most elegant design, but this doesn’t mean that as a pizza restaurant you’re not allowed to go with something a little more sophisticated. Italian cuisine is known for being both simple and elegant, so even if you have a humble pizza delivery service, bright red and yellow are not your only options to attract hungry customers.

7. Event flyer

A pizza party can be a great way to celebrate the grand opening of your restaurant (or another type of small business). This party flyer contains all the key information and the illustrations signal the two most important elements of the event: pizza and craft beer.  

pizza event flyer.jpg

8. Pizza Mizza

Here’s another flyer and menu design that really hits the nail on the head. It’s clean, simple and focuses on the restaurant’s core offer. The traditional color palette is given a more exciting twist with the illustrations. Of course, it’s particularly important to remind customers that they can order pizza online, and this flyer design makes that clear in a simple, visual manner.

pizza mizza flyer.jpg

9. naPizza

Great pizza is all about simplicity. This branding project captures that perfectly with a very elegant color palette and minimalist design. The trifold flyer design is simple but helps to enforce the brand image. It also contains useful elements like a QR code leading to the pizzeria’s website and the UberEats logo which tells customers they can easily get pizza delivery. Their social media channels like Instagram follow suit with simple pictures of key ingredients delivered in custom visuals that follow the brand’s visual identity.

napizza flyer.jpg

Cool and modern pizza flyers

Although it has a rich tradition, today pizza is often associated with urban landscapes and busy city life. That’s why creating contemporary visuals is a must in good fast food restaurant marketing—after all, you have a lot of competition to beat, so make sure your marketing materials such as flyers and poster designs are always up to date!

10. Subito

If you need inspiration for fast food restaurant posters, the following design is a perfect example to learn from. It’s youthful and vibrant and speaks perfectly to a younger target audience. This type of pizza restaurant probably gets loads of customers through social media, and most of them will order their pizza online. So it makes sense not to cram too much information on print designs, but rather just capture the viewer’s attention. The pizza logo on this one is also great since “subito” means immediately in Italian (hence the fast forward icon).

subito pizza flyer.png

11. Poca Pizzeria

The traditional Italian pizza is definitely a sit-down meal, but the New York-style pizza by the slice is one of the most famous fast food delicacies. This modern fast food flyer perfectly captures the casual nature of this type of food as well as the most tempting aspect of the experience: the melting cheese. This kind of crisp minimalistic design is a great idea since you can use it on anything from your restaurant menu to staff uniforms and it’s going to look sharp and cool.

poca pizzeria flyer.jpg

Want to hand out simple restaurant menus or promotional flyers for your Italian restaurant or pizza truck? Here are examples of flyer design you’ll want to copy!

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