7 Best Social Media Platforms for Businesses in 2022

Discover shifts in social media marketing and expectations for which platforms will be the most relevant in 2022.

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September 29, 2023

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Most marketers use social media platforms to promote their business and products since it allows them to reach a large number of people with ease. This trend will continue in 2022, so let's look at what the upcoming year has in store for us.

We live in a digital era, so even the minimal presence on social media means a lot for your brand, its growth, and its promotion. Your possibilities are restricted if you don't sell and promote on social media. Considering the pandemic is hitting hard globally, we cannot or do not feel safe to browse the stores and markets as we once did, so most of us transitioned to purchasing online.

As the pool of social media platforms grows each year, I researched a bit to find out which ones will change the marketing game rules in the upcoming year.

Facebook: old but gold

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Pinterest offers you a unique way to market your business since it is social media and a visual search engine in one. Pinterest is great for connecting you with new potential customers since many people come to this platform for inspiration.

Source: Pinterest

Source: YouTube

In addition, you can also partner up with an influencer to have your brand advertised on their profiles as well. TikTok is a great platform for fashion, entertainment, and publishing business.

This platform provides its own advertising service called TikTok for Business, and you can use this service without a marketing team. Keep in mind that this can still be expensive for you since the starting price is $10 per 1000 views, and those views pile up very quickly. You can also choose more expensive options, such as exclusive timed hashtags, showing your ad wherever ads are available, TopView, In-Feed ads, etc.

TikTok is a social media platform that is just like Instagram, focused on shorter video content that plays in repetitive loops. This network might be restricted in some countries, considering it has a bit of reputation, yet it is still on the rise and viral among Gen Z.

Source: TikTok

There is not much to talk about this platform since many of you already heard about it, but for those newbies that might wonder, LinkedIn is a social media network designed for business people to connect with each other.

Source: LinkedIn

Just like influencer marketing, you as a streamer can make a living on Twitch via subscriptions, ads, and donations which makes sense if you are a musician, life coach, or personal trainer, a cook, video game creator, fashion blogger, or anyone else who provides non-material products and services.

This platform has over 30 million visitors per day, mostly between 16 and 40 years old, so you should consider using Twitch to promote your brand if your targeted group is in this age range. Twitch platform allows you to connect personally with your targeted audience, and if your business is based on B2B principles, then this platform is your next destination.

Since it allows you to record yourself while working and let your audience watch and engage with you giving you the live feedback, it is great for those who can benefit from this type of advertising.

Twitch is a live streaming platform that permits content creators to interact with their public in real-time, and video game enthusiasts mostly use it.

Source: Twitch

Source: Instagram

It is excellent for both organic reach and paid promotion, and it also provides you with features that allow you to interact with your customers through live videos and published stories.

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms with a stunning 6+ billion users; that is why this platform is still going strong in the marketing world. Almost everyone heard about it, and almost everyone owns an account on this social media.

Source: Facebook

Facebook Ad is the best tool to reach people who do not know about you yet but are in the targeted audience group. Facebook is great for making potential conversion into a real deal.

Instagram: the uncrowned king of social media

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Earlier this year, Instagram gifted us with Instagram Reels, a short-form video that expanded our marketing possibilities significantly.

Instagram is a great platform to represent the visual aspect of your product or service in the best possible way. No one can help you do it better than this platform. Instagram is fun, modern, and easygoing, and you should see it as your virtual shop window.

If your brand needs a solid visual campaign, this platform is your go-to place; forget the pictures, use the benefits of IGTV and Instagram reels. You won't believe how a simple video can boost your sales and bring you a lot of new customers.

Most content on Instagram is short video snippets but if you have a verified account you can post videos up to 60 minutes long. The platform is rich with influencers and vloggers, who are available for collaborations and will promote your business or product.

You can as well set up an Instagram shop and connect a product catalog, so your audience can buy items from there. The ability to buy directly on an app will for sure raise your chances of selling the products since it makes the purchase simple.

Instagram is mostly used on mobile phones and since everyone nowadays has at least one this opens a large market space for your business.

Twitch: champion of live streaming

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LinkedIn: quality over quantity

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This platform serves all those who need help in professional linking with other companies, brands, sites, and experts. LinkedIn is great for outsourcing job offers, collaborations, human resources, etc.

This is a fantastic medium for business promotion because it provides features like organic content, product pages, LinkedIn Live plus, and LinkedIn advertisements. LinkedIn marketing runs on B2B connections, so this platform is a must if that is your prerogative.

LinkedIn is not about the numbers like Facebook and Instagram; It focuses on quality and connecting you with the people who are relevant to your business.

TikTok: trending social media platform

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TikTok offers high ROI, and it is just behind Instagram and YouTube; that is why a majority of social media marketers plan to increase their investment or continue investing in their TikTok campaigns in 2022.

YouTube: second biggest search engine in the world

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Anyone who uses the internet knows about this social media platform. It’s an effective video-sharing platform with billions of users, and millions of them are using it every day. YouTube is great for boosting your connection with the audience.

Videos you upload can be shared, rated, commented on, and your audience can subscribe to your channel to receive notifications when you post new content.

The most searched content on YouTube is “How to” videos, which can bring you a lot of attention, so use this trend and make informative videos that educate your viewers about your product or brand.

YouTube integrates with Google Ads, so your marketing team can opt to spend some extra money to get more views, or you can use the right keywords and choose the organic SEO route to rank higher.

Pinterest: best for link building

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Pinterest marketing is a set of tactics that will help your brand reach a lot of people since it is the 14th largest social network in the world with 459 million active users each month.

Create a Pinterest strategy, use high-quality visual content to promote your brand that is followed by fun and descriptive copy that will enhance the SEO strategy and encourage your audience to click on the link.

With its detailed product pins, shopping features, and exciting adverts, Pinterest created an excellent marketing atmosphere that can help you increase organic reach and traffic quickly.

Why are social media platforms relevant for business promotions in 2022?

Whether you are an owner of a small business or a well-known brand, being present on social media is crucial for your subsistence.

Over the years, trends and platforms may change, but there is always one thing for sure, and that's how social media platforms remain the most effective bond between you and your customers.

All social media are monetized, and no matter which one you choose, you will reach a wider audience and enhance brand awareness.

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