30 Examples of Modern Accounting Websites for Design Inspiration

Does your accounting firm need a new website? Here’s a list of 30 incredible accounting websites to spark your creativity.

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June 5, 2023

Cool accountants? Yup, we said it! And this list of 30 professional accounting websites can prove it. Whether you're looking for more conventional or daring web design, use this list as inspiration to create the best website for your accounting service.

Unless you're a big, established firm, a basic, generic page probably won't help you create much of an online presence. When it comes to SEO optimization, a rule of thumb is to focus on audience and location (in your line of business, this is especially important because of things like tax laws).

Of course, if you're running a remote accounting business, the latter might not be as relevant, but targeting a more narrow client base (small businesses in different niches, entrepreneurs, artists, big companies, e-commerce, etc.) can help you rank higher in search engines like Google.

On the other hand, when it comes to actual website design, we're here to remind you that there are plenty of great options out there.

Let's dive right in and have a look at 36 different accounting websites to take inspiration from!

Simple and timeless accountant websites

If ever there was an industry where it's ok to be a little conventional, then it's probably accountancy. As an accounting professional, you want to convey a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.  Sometimes, the best websites for accounts are the simple ones. 

1. John W. Weldon CPA

This website is a terrific example of industry-related simplicity: you've got a professional blue, grey and white color palette, basic stock images, and all the information is clearly relayed (such as location, what kind of clients it is for and contact info).

What is great about this website is that it would work equally well with cautious small business owners and larger firms, because it represents the industry quite well.

2. Kerber Rose

This is another professional website that doesn't shy away from using stock images; however, they decided to place focus on their tagline 'Your Trusted Advisor.'

The dark red and grey color combination is a much bolder choice than blue and grey, and it gives this website a more distinct look.

accounting website kerber rose.png

3. Debbie's Accounting

Speaking of fonts, although sans-serifs are more commonly used in a professional context, a classic serif font like Times New Roman can look both professional and beautiful.

Moreover, if your website is text-heavy, consider using a few fonts to give a more dynamic feel. Of course, remember that they shouldn't be completely different, as this might harm your professional branding (for example the popular Open Sans pairs well with elegant serifs like Libre Baskerville or Merryweather).

accounting webiste debbie.jpg

4. ACP Accounting

Accounting means a lot of different things to different people, so it makes sense that accountants websites should fit the expectations of their primary target audience.

ACP does a lovely job of focusing their message on 'tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services’ (which is perhaps particularly important for small business owners).

acpaccounting.com_ (1).jpg

5. Indinero

The right choice of color can make or break any website, which goes for websites for accountants.

This business doesn’t have an issue there, as this vibrant yellow, with cool purple contrasts is both youthful and professional. I also recommend you check out their blog section to see how a little bit of graphic design can go a long way to make a website look coherent and on-brand.

6. EisenAmper

If you don’t have access to a professional designer, going simple is the best way. This website shows how diverse visuals (stock photos and custom graphics) can still look coherent if you keep other design elements minimalistic: dark background, a couple of fonts, and a focus on readability and user friendliness (bullet points, quotes, content clusters, etc.)

Websites for modern accounting professionals

Bookkeepers and tax professionals may not have the most glamorous jobs in the world, but this doesn't mean your accountant website design should be boring or outdated.The service these professionals provide remains super important, so you need to keep your website relevant and up-to-date.

Here are some fantastic examples of websites for accountants that definitely belong in the 21st century!

7. Bench

It’s no surprise that some of the best accountant websites belong to companies that offer modern accounting software solutions (like Quickbooks).

Bench is one such company, with a gorgeous website that shows how you can transform the conventional image of the bookkeeper into something much more appealing.

The dark blue background and crisp fonts still give this web page a slick, professional look, but the graphics, smiling millennials, and modern layout (take a good look at all the white space!) makes it seem like a great resource for anyone wanting to easily tackle tax preparation to loan forgiveness.

accounting website bench.png

8. Bean Ninjas

The name itself suggests an unconventional service; indeed these awesome accountants specialize in working with digital entrepreneurs, influencers and online businesses. They provide webinars and online training in Xero accounting software, which is a perfect service for these digital natives. 

Their wonderful website combines a fresh color palette, original high-quality photos and playful copy (for example, instead of the conventional “Our Team” you can”Meet the Ninjas”).

9. Abacai

Want to make millennials feel at home? Throw in the word digital and the color pink, and you're good to go!

I am joking, but this website from Abacai is a really great one to look up to if you want a less conventional solution for your website.

accounting website abacai (1).jpg

10. MyVerdant

Videos are such an impactful tool even without any words or sound in the background.

MyVerdant's landing page makes a strong case for this with the video tour of their impressive offices and smiley staff. The website is certainly modern (their playful ornamental logo is another unique feature), but it does give out a sense of an established accounting firm

accounting website verdant.jpg

11. BDO

Another company that uses a simple video on their landing page is the industry leader BDO (their associate Mark Goodfield is the man behind the Blunt Bean Counter, which is a great resource should you ever need content ideas).

Other than the video, BDO's website is very much "industry standard" with elegant greys, whites, and a few red details for contrast. Their value proposition suggests a tailored service for their clients (which is especially important for high net worth clients this firm works with).

accounting website BDO.jpg

12. Leary Group CPAs

This website is somewhere between modern and classic, as is their service, which includes tax accounting, bookkeeping, IRS & State representation, and an accounting software solution called BOSS.

The website has a terrific hero section pairing a very simple background with a hero image and great copy that helps them to connect with their target audience (small business owners).

They also have a great resource library of business and accounting related apps. This makes their website all the more valuable, which in turn might help with ranking well on Google.

13. Berdon LLP

You don't have to be small or niche to be modern! Berdon is a company that offers an array of services, including consulting.

Their website design is characterized by bold fonts and letters and sleek, professional images. The yellow "let's connect" button gives a great modern twist. They also included photos of the team, which helps provide a more personal feel to their service. Using black and white photos was a great choice as it helps to maintain the visual consistency.

14. Counting Up

Many people want to learn how to understand accounting to avoid paying for professional accounting services. So, when they ultimately end up at your doorstep, it’s a great idea to try and make accounting a little more accessible to the average Joe.

Some of the best accounting websites include useful resources that help people understand how accounting works. 

And one such example is this terrific video. Sure, it’s more appropriate for an app such as this one, but you could just as easily have a team member explain some of the main features and benefits of your service.

15. Eide Bailey

Here’s another accounting firm website that makes great use of video to add visual interest. It’s also a great example to look at if you want to learn how to incorporate stock photos into your web design seamlessly

For example, they’ve used a photo of running shoes to accompany a customer testimonial quote from a footwear company owner. And a yellow overlay filter added to their blog cover photos makes this section look professional and consistent.

Accounting websites centered around people

Although many people are going digital and switching to tax accounting software, the nature of this profession is still largely interpersonal.

Let's have a look at some examples of CPA websites that put people at the forefront.

16. David Green CPA

This website is a terrific example of how a little can go a long way. The words 'caring consultant' pair very well with the featured image as well as the fresh, green color, which isn't overused in the industry.

The simple layout makes for great user experience: the key Home, About, Contact, and Client Portal sections are clearly visible.

accounting website david green.png

17. Emerick and Co

Using photos over stock images can often go terribly wrong (poor quality, unprofessional look, and setting). However, if done right, it can help add personality to your business.

Take a look at this example. It's by no means a "flawless" stock photo. Still, there is a visual consistency and a level of professionalism that you'd expect in a CPA firm.

accounting website emerick.png

Websites that push accounting industry standards

Ready to really stand out from the crowd? The following websites are terrific examples of how a different approach can be effective and still fit your business's professional nature.

18. Zoho

Zoho is an invoicing software with a hip, modern website complete with a slick explainer video and nice mockups.

Something to take away from this example is the modern, scrollable layout, as well as the excellent use of white space (or in this case blue) to draw attention to the most important points.

19. iFirma

Another accounting software solution with a crisp UI to look up to and a playful mix of photos and illustrations. Remember that this kind of design is very versatile. For example, it can be a fantastic choice for your social media channels.

20. mbsata

Like the company itself, this website does a great job at combining technology with the human element (accounting advisors at your disposal). The illustrations against a crisp white background look both interesting and very professional.

21. David Fusco

In a world of calculators, pens, and office desks, this CPA website went with more creative use of imagery (US flag) and contrasted the idea of the old (traditional) with the new (their paperless service).

accounting website fusco associates.jpg

22. Baldwin and Associates

This one is definitely one of the most creative accounting websites out there! Instead of the conventional messages and imagery, they developed a playful copy and featured adorable dogs all over their website.

Probably not the safest choice for a company that works with high net worth businesses, but as personal tax specialists, conveys a sense of personality and friendliness.

accounting website baldwin cpa.jpg

23. Maxwell Money

It may not seem like much from this picture, but if you head over to this website, you'll see that the bold and very creative value proposition 'We've got your Books’ pairs with a gif of books and papers piling up.

accounting website maxwell money.jpg

Elegant CPA websites

If you're not convinced about making your business seem too "light-hearted" but still want to stand out from the crowd, these examples can be a terrific source of inspiration.

24. Acuity

This is one of the best accounting firm websites to check out for site layout inspiration. They pair dense blocks of texts with big images, and the balance works great to provide a pleasant user experience and instill a sense of professionalism and trust.

25. Saffle Ekonomerna

You can always rely on the Swedes to offer some elegant design solutions, and this website is yet another one!

We love how elegant the red looks, but their homepage also has a good layout—the value proposition and company values are all showcased prominently. The firm uses some great black and white photos of the team to give the business a bit more personality with the same level of elegance.

accounting website saffleekonomerna.jpg

26. H&CO

A website like this one is a great way to go if you're looking to impress those high net worth clients. Convey a sense of international distinction, and they might let you handle their complex income tax issues.

If you offer an array of services, it’s also a good idea to make sure prospective clients can easily find what they need on your homepage. 

27.Ted Dubasik CPA

Simplicity is usually the right choice if you're unsure what direction to take with your website.

This website makes it extremely easy for users to find all the critical information. It pairs it with an elegant background (steps as a motif are great for any kind of professional assistance).

accounting website dubasik cpa.jpg

28. Greenwood Ohlund & Co

Content is an important part of accounting sites. Although the design of this website is fairly simple, it’s definitely worth mentioning on this list, thanks to its stellar FAQ and Latest News sections.

Both contain valuable information and common queries, which can be a great way to increase the time users spend on your site. This will lower your bounce rates and help your site rank better in search results.

29. Liebert Associates CPA

Professional, elegant and modern, this website ticks pretty much all the boxes. In addition to the great design, they also feature some Yelp customer testimonials, which is always a good way to create a sense of reliability and trust.

30. Alexander Lievens

Some sepia filters, an attractive modern logo, and a clear indication of where this business operates: and you've got a great start to establishing quite an online presence.

accounting website alex lievens.jpg

We hope our examples have given you plenty of food for thought to design your professional website! Make sure you pick a style that best fits your accounting firm and clients, and don't be afraid to be different. Need help with your new website? Check out our affordable website design services, and get started today with a flat-rate design subscription! 

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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