Wix Payments Explained: Payment Methods on the Website Builder

Wix Payments is a comprehensive payment solution for websites built with Wix website builder. It enables various payment options for your online customers and makes payment processing easy

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June 5, 2023

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Learn what is the best payment method for your ecommerce business on the world’s most popular website builder.

Even though Wix is known as a prominent custom website builder, it can now help you design your online stores too. With Wix Payments, online sellers get a sophisticated payment gateway.

So let’s deep dive into the ins and outs of what is Wix Payments, how to accept payments on Wix, and see how it performs compared to other ecommerce websites suitable for small businesses.

Can I make an ecommerce Wix site?

First things first: yes, you can use Wix as a platform for your ecommerce needs. Even though the Israeli company is mostly a website builder for all things content, the many integrations and features can turn your Wix website into an amazing online shop. So, if you thought site builders like Shopify are your only solution for ecommerce websites - think again!

Wix has everything that an ecommerce marketer will need for their online business - right from Wix Logo Creator to create awesome logos to Wix Email Marketing to market your business.

Wix Payments

Wix Payments is the platform’s all-in-one payment provider that allows users to manage orders and payments. It’s a virtual checkout with a wide array of payment methods. 

However, to use Wix Payments, you need a published website and be a subscriber of one of their Premium Plans (Business or Ecommerce).

Wix Payments grants users these features and options:

  • Secure online payments
  • Ability to accept credit cards and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Diners, CUP, JCB and Maestro)
  • Ability to accept other online payment methods, such as Giropay, iDeal and Pay Now by Klarna
  • A unified dashboard for payouts, refunds and chargebacks


Wix Payments can be used with Wix Stores, Wix Invoices, Wix Bookings, Wix Art Store, Wix Music, Wix Video, Wix Events, Paid Plans or Corvid by Wix.

To set up, open your account dashboard and click on “Accept Payments”. Then, click on “Complete Account Setup”. Choose your business type correctly, you won’t be able to change it later.

One of Wix Payment’s drawbacks is it is not available in many countries. Below is a list of all the countries where Wix Payments is possible. 

wix payments map.jpg

Note: Recently, Wix Payments was made available in Canada too.

The pros of Wix Payments

Although relatively new, there are various advantages of Wix payment options.

Very low minimal amount per payment

Wix payment fees for each transaction depend on different regions, but it’s never more than 1 in the respective currency. For example, in the United States, it’s just one dollar, and in the European Union it’s one euro.

No chargebacks

A chargeback is when a buyer returns the product and demands a refund or stops their subscription mid-way. For sellers, this means loss of revenue.

Unlike Shopify, where you are charged $15, Wix Payments has a much more seller-friendly policy. They will return the money to the buyer, and will not charge a penalty to you as a seller.

Choose your payout schedule

A payout is a transfer from your Wix Payments balance to your bank account. You can receive daily, weekly or monthly payouts.

payout cycle

Wix payment processing takes 2-5 days before the funds are available for payout. Once the payout is sent to your bank, it takes an additional 3-5 business days depending on your location and bank, for the funds to reach your account.

Better conversion rate and smaller bounce rate

With Wix Payments, your customers can pay on the same page. This boosts conversions, reduces bounce rate, and also helps with SEO.

There’s also a Buy Now Pay Later option. With installment payments, you get fully paid upfront. Your shoppers, on the other hand, can make affordable payments over time, which can be quite enticing.

Easy to manage

Data from all the Wix payment methods is found in one simple dashboard. You see and manage all your payouts, refunds and chargebacks.

The cons of Wix Payments

We already mentioned that Wix Payments is not available in many countries, and that is probably the biggest con. Here are some other things that might want to consider before using Wix online payments for party payments.

A long list of prohibited businesses

Wix reviews and verifies the information and content on each website, and many businesses are restricted or prohibited. It is a longer list that you can check out on this link.

Tight deadline for setup

You need to set up Wix Payments in 30 days after receiving your first payment. If you fail, your Wix Payments account will be suspended and you will not be able to accept any more payments through your site.

If you do not complete the account setup within 60 days if you had previous transactions will be refunded to your customers. 

Transaction fees

We already stated that Wix Payments is free to set up, however, charging fees apply for every transfer you get. You also cannot use this feature without having a Business or eCommerce account. There are different Premium plans that might fit you best.

premium pricing.png

On the other hand, a processing fee is a fee charged every time you receive payments. Fees vary according to the location and the Wix payment option used. Credit card payments have the lowest fee.

Check out all the fees in detail.

wix payments fees.png

Customer support

There are two ways to contact Wix support: submit a ticket, or request a callback.

Wix Payments comes with 24-hour dedicated customer support. Their customer support in languages other than English has limited working hours (read about working hours in different languages here).

In an effort to help customers speed up the process, they encourage them to categorize the issue they need help with.

So, if you have any questions regarding how to accept payments via Wix, you can reach out to their customer support any time of the day!

Other payment options

Before Wix Payments, online sellers only had PayPal or Stripe, credit cards, manual payments or payment processors such as the Square omnichannel Card Reader.

All of the above-mentioned options are still available, except for Stripe.

The only strong alternative to Wix Payments is PayPal due to its wide coverage of countries and currencies.

The biggest pro for PayPal is that it accepts 25 currencies and is available in around 250 countries. Compare that to the current use of Wix Payments of 5 currencies and only 15 countries.

However, a wide variety of Wix payment options allows you to keep your buyers on your website. This improves conversion rates and SEO

Also, Wix payment processing is quicker than PayPal. And you don’t have to incur the PayPal fees on top of Wix’s 30 cents fixed fee per transaction


Wix Payments is one of the biggest advantages of building a website with Wix.

However, if your country or currency is not supported, stay with PayPal. You can cover a wider market with PayPal but at a slightly less conversion rate.

Still, Wix Payments is also a fairly new update, and will most likely be adopted in more and more countries. We can also expect more detailed and honest reviews about the key selling points of this helpful tool.

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.

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