Best Website Templates to Build Your New Site

Looking for great website templates? We’ve done the research for you. Here’s a list of great website design templates for different types of websites!

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June 5, 2023

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Designing a website from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, website templates are a cost-effective and efficient solution. We’ve scoured the Internet and found some of the best website design templates you can use!

Custom website design cost ranges from a couple to tens of thousands of dollars, and small businesses and startups often don’t have this kind of money. On the other hand, you can’t run a business without a professional website. 

Luckily, there are many affordable or free website templates you can use to launch your site. Here are some of the best ones!


Best blog website templates

If you take a look at the most popular blogs, you’ll notice they all vary in style, but have modern website layouts and sleek design. 

Look for templates with features like social media integration and search bar functionality to enhance user engagement on your blog.

Blog Template 1 - Features and functionality

This Wix template is one of the best blog templates thanks to its simplicity. Heaps of white space, gorgeous fonts and a solid layout would make for a wonderful reading experience. 

It includes a search bar and social media integration. The blog homepage also has an integrated Instagram feed, which could be good for travel or lifestyle bloggers.


Blog Template 2 - A variety of options

This blog template from Envato Elements, comes with 18 pages and 6 homepage variations. The pages are fully responsive and tested on several devices, which is vital for personal blogs, to keep people around for as long as possible.

blog template 2.1.png

Blog Template 3 - Best design

A simple white background might be the obvious choice for a blog. Still, color draws attention and this gorgeous Wix blog website template illustrates that perfectly.


The blog has a very clever layout, prominently featuring the writer with the possibility to add links for their social media.


Best startup business website templates

Beyond great looks, startup websites should have easy navigation and a clear layout that doesn’t confuse users. 

Other important features could include a dashboard template, plugins, CMS, privacy policy, email subscription forms, social media integration, contact form and more.

Startup Template 1 - Features and functionality

Aside from vital sections, such as pricing, contact and product, this template also has a versatile design. With the homepage, you’d need to do as little as adjust the copy and change the color of the illustrations to fit your brand kit.


Startup Template 2 - Endless customization options

There are plenty of free website templates, but spending a bit of money can pay off. This WordPress theme costs just $129, which is virtually nothing for high-quality web design!


It comes with unlimited colors and styles and could be editable quite easily thanks to demo content which is included in the pack . The developers are also available for customer support should you need any help.


Startup Template 3 - Best design

This free online template comes with 2D animated illustrations, to give your website a modern flair!

Thanks to its minimalist color scheme, it can suit any web project. Simply switch out the green for whatever your primary brand color is and you’re good to go!. 


Best ecommerce website templates

Great design is essential for ecommerce websites. In fact, 42% of people won’t buy from a website they consider ugly

When choosing an online store template, a straightforward layout is key. Also find responsive website templates to ensure people can also buy from mobile.

Ecommerce Template 1 - features and functionality

If you want a template with heaps of ecommerce features, this design from Colorlib is worth checking out. These templates include everything you need to build a successful online store: from a great navbar with lots of options, to a shopping cart as well as a wishlist section, down to currency conversion!

ecommerce template 2.png

Ecommerce Template 2 - the perfect layout

This Wix template provides one of the best layouts for an ecommerce website you can find online. The homepage includes an online shop where you can easily scroll through products. It also includes “Add to cart” buttons which are a must for any ecommerce site.

This website includes the homepage and separate pages for each product. So, it’s great for companies that focus on selling products, such as beauty, jewelry or clothing stores.


Ecommerce Template 3 - Best Layout and Design

When researching where to get free templates, it’s easy to get sidetracked by gorgeous photos. However, you must choose photos and product shots that are relevant to your brand.

This Wix template has nice photos. But, more importantly it’s the color scheme and layout that make the photos shine. (1).png

The shop page has filter options that you can customize to your needs.The light gray background is a superb alternative to white, as its equally user friendly, but less ordinary. (2).png

Final thoughts: Template or custom design?

Is it better to use a website template or hire a website designer?

With so many great templates and user-friendly page builders, there’s no doubt you can create a website yourself. 

However, using website templates still requires work. On top of that, you might need to master and purchase additional design tools

On the other hand, our own unlimited web design service gives you the best of both worlds: we can adapt existing design templates and design something custom

Moreover, at the price of a flat monthly subscription, you can request as many designs as you want, including professionally designed social media graphics, email banners, ads, and more.

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