15 Refreshing and Cool Coffee Shop Logos

Find inspiration in these beautiful coffee shop logo designs, sorted into 4 categories: Emblem, Typographic, Mascot and Linework.

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June 16, 2024

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Opening a hip coffee shop or working on a memorable brand for your neighborhood provider of the best roasts? Check out these distinctive and high-quality coffee shop logos.

No matter how good the coffee is, a good coffee house also has to have a unique brand identity and distinctive visual presence. Younger generations especially will agree that coffee culture is more than just drinking a good cup of coffee, and there are many parts of the equation that make any coffee shop a favorite for the locals.

To make sure you’ll create a stylish and tasteful brand, we’ve compiled some cool logos of shops around the planet that will inspire you.


Emblem Logos

A combination of an icon, illustration or pictogram, with a lavishly designed wordmark is an old and foolproof method for making a good logo design. Here are some businesses that opted for this kind of cafe logo.

1. Jood Roastery

Jood means “best” in Arabic, and the designer that created this concept for the roastery based in Dhahran tried their best to reflect that.

The logo combines the first letter of “jood” in Arabic (ج) and in English(J). For some extra flair, you see a crown instead of the dot in J, that stands as a symbol of the excellence and quality of the roasts you can find in this family-owned coffee house. The whole pictogram looks like a coffee bean too. It’s a refreshing combination of old and folk with modern and cool, reflected in the pastel color palette and minimal design.


2. Vlasna Kava

This cool coffee shop doesn’t just have a good logo design, but a complete visual concept that is both striking and timeless. Through the simple circle element that we see in three phases, the logo design speaks about the method of preparation of coffee: from picking the coffee beans to roasting, grounding, and finally, the best coffee mug you can find. The colors are beige, terracotta, light, and dark green, which are also the colors you can find coffee in different stages in.

vlasna kava

3. Art Coffee Shop

This is an unlikely coffee shop logo design because instead of the usual pastel and playful designs, the artist created a cubism-inspired logo with sharp edges and a ground tones color scheme. The elements, put together differently, would create a coffee bean, but just like in cubism, the shape is distorted and looks otherwise.

art coffee shop

4. Drop Co Coffee Roasters

This unique and colorful design is a textbook example of good coffee shop branding. Different styles of the logo, great packaging, attractive color palette, and cool value proposition make it a distinguishable brand. The logo is a typical emblem style with an interesting combination of a sans serif and script typography, and the stylized drop stands instead of an O.

drop co

5. Cofleur

If your coffee shop doubles as a flower shop, you need a simple logo that will merge the two and immediately sell the brand story. That’s the case with this elegant and amazing serif wordmark, with a pictogram of a flower, with each petal formed from a coffee bean.


Typographic coffee shop logos

Like a good black coffee, coffee shop logos often don’t need too many ingredients to be good. Sometimes in logo design, you can simply rely on good typography to do a great first impression. These logos are also usually the most versatile, and work equally well on packaging and coffee shop websites.

6. Ten11 Coffee Boutique

With a beautiful emerald green and gold color combination, sharp-edged lettering and a script secondary font, this coffee company and boutique from Abu Dhabi has a lavish look that suggests good quality and experience. The Art Deco-inspired look has a retro vibe but paired with a pastel color palette and contemporary packaging design, it feels like it would look good at any time.


7. Beyond the Bean

Playful, friendly, unique, easy-going… A great look for a neighborhood hotspot for coffee lovers, right? That is exactly what this coffee shop logo tells us, from the handwritten logomark to the beautifully engraved business cards and packaging.

beyond the bean

8. Barnabé Café

Pastel and minimal is very trendy but old fashioned, classic, and vintage also hits the spot for a coffee-loving hipster. Barnabé Café made a brand logo that looks like it’s taken out of a noir movie set, or 1890s America. The decorative serif font and three-dimensional letters are intricate and unique enough, so any additional design element would make this beautiful logo noisy.

barnabe cafe

9. Plan

This coffee shop logo looks so effortless and free-flowing, that it immediately inspires a sense of refreshment and energy. Granted, it does remind of the Disney font a bit but combined with the linework elements and icons that are part of the complete branding, it makes for great brand design.


Linework Logos

The linework graphic design style is a rather popular and contemporary one. Although it needs a lot of skill and detail to get it done, it can be a great coffee house logo when done well. Here are examples to prove it.

10. Fragments

As the name of this coffee bar suggests, there are many fragments that make this intricate linework design a whole tapestry of symbols. From a coffee cup icon to a rising sun in the shape of a coffee bean, there are many little details that the logo designer made sure are making this a cool logo. It’s really easy to imagine all the little icons being a great material for social media posts as well.


11. S'biji Kopi

This cute and simple circle logo with linework details combines a coffee cup, waves, hills, and a strand of grass, reminding us of nature. The font used is Montserrat Semibold, combined with a script font that proclaims the main value proposition, “Goodness through steeping”.

s-biji kopi

12. Oryx Coffee Roaster

This coffee brand and shop decided on a company logo in a geometrical linework style. The head of an oryx, the animal which inspired the name, is drawn in gold sharp lines, while the font is sharp and plain. The brand colors are based on the oryx’s fur and toned down to remind of coffee-related tones.


Mascot logo ideas

Mascots can also be a cool method for your logo design, since they are in a way, putting a face to the brand.

13. Inka Café

This amazing branding project is a fictional concept that came out as an educational project for studying grid, golden number and presentation. The name, palette, and mascot are inspired by the Ancient Inkan Empire, a region also known for its high-quality coffee blends.


14. Gustav Cafe

Is it a coffee paper cup? Is it a bearded barista by the name of Gustav? It’s both. This interesting illustration of a mascot makes for a unique and fun logo design.


15. Roadrunner Coffee House

Finally, we see a very youthful coffee house branding, with the roadrunner bird from the name serving as the mascot. It has a metaphorical meaning, as coffee wakes you and speeds you up. The patterns made from the logo design are also cool, so check out the full branding project.


Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.

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