15 Inspiring Fonts for a Logo That’ll Level up Your Coffee Shop

Looking for fonts for a logo design that’ll make your coffee shop shine? Check out ready-made font duos to achieve effortless and aesthetically pleasing design.

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October 3, 2023

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You know your coffee is out of this world, and the atmosphere of your coffee shop is unparalleled. Passers-by should immediately tell that your shop is amazing and the coffee is top quality. But how can you effectively communicate that to them? The answer lies in an eye-catching logo that reflects just that. And as the saying goes: behind every great logo is a memorable font… or something like that.

How to choose a font for your logo?

The first step is choosing a font for logo design. Can you use any font for a logo? Absolutely not! It needs to reflect the branding and culture of your company. From the mood and design of your coffee shop to your menu offering and location.

Does your coffee shop have an interior design that is more industrial or rather more elegant? Is your drink menu focusing on black coffee from beans brought from around the world? Or is your menu focused on having a limited selection of coffees accompanied by pastries? Are you in a beach town or a big metropolis?

If you are still on the fence about the key messages you want to transmit, check out the coffee-centric different fonts for logos below for some inspiration.

Handwritten fonts for logo design

Handwritten fonts are perfect for conveying an overall cozy and relaxed feeling. Not only that, but they are also easy to incorporate into logos and can be paired with a second font. Do you want customers to picture themselves in a comfortable environment, sipping on the dark bitter brew while reading a book? Then check out these cool fonts for logos!


Seattle is a café-inspired sans serif font. Its simplicity and minimalism are achieved by the tall narrow letters, use of all caps, and tight kerning. Use this font in your logo to let your customers know they should expect a homey coffee shop with out of this world coffee.

seattle coffee shop font.png

Now that you have the best tips on how to choose a font for your logo, you have hopefully already found one that speaks to you. You can check out our curation of coffee shop logos for even more inspiration!

The world of coffee-inspired fonts is vast, with countless font choices and pairings. After seeing 15 creative fonts and font duos, we ask the same question again. Can you use any font for a logo? All of them have the potential to be great logo fonts. But it has to match your brand’s mission and vision.


I Need Coffee

I Need Coffee is a hand-lettered sans serif font. If you want to convey a casual, relaxed, and minimalistic vibe, then this font is your go-to. This is achieved through the slightly rough drawing style of the letters and the use of all caps. Customers will know that you have their back no matter what type of coffee they order.

i need coffee shop font.png

Black Coffee

Black Coffee is a vintage hand-drawn sans serif font inspired by coffee shops’ chalkboard signs. If your coffee shop has an industrial design, this is the best font for a logo. You are telling people that you are a no-fuss coffee shop brewing top-notch black coffee.

black coffee shop font.png

Pinot is a handwritten cursive font that looks both modern and timeless. This classic-looking typeface is suitable for an elegant and minimalist coffee shop, serving aromatic European coffees and macarons.

pinot coffee shop font.png

Sleek sans serif fonts for logos

Compared to serif fonts, sans serif fonts are missing the strokes at the end of the tails and stems of the letters. Sans serif fonts are the best choice for accompanying a clean, sleek, minimalistic, and elegant design. They are not only neat, but they are also easy to read and are very versatile.

Are you associating sans serif fonts with the popular Arial, Helvetica, Calibri, and Open Sans, and find them too basic? Check out the collection of sans serif typefaces below that will change your mind!


Quesha is both clean and decorative, thanks to a sans serif font that can be embellished with ligatures. It achieved the perfect balance between the cleanliness of a sans serif font and the decorativeness of a cursive font. One can already smell the freshly roasted coffee beans just by looking at it!

quesha coffee shop font.png

Rosie Sans

Rosie is a clean and simple, yet bold and beautiful sans serif font. This look is achieved by all caps, wide letters, and narrow kerning. If you want to make it more decorative and organic, you can add stylistic alternates and ligatures. This is the best font for a logo with a feminine touch.

rosie coffee shop font.png

Carose Sans

Carose Sans achieves its elegant, luxurious, and minimalistic look thanks to all caps and thin strokes. Take this versatile sans serif font to the next level by adding ligatures and stylistic alternates. Give this font a try for your coffee shop font, and your customers will know they are being pampered with the most delicious coffee.

carose coffee shop font.png

Serif fonts

While sans serif fonts are known for their simplicity and modernity, serif fonts are generally seen as old-fashioned and formal. We got used to Times New Roman, Georgia, and Garamond. And while they are classic go-to fonts, you might think they are unsuitable fonts for a logo. When choosing a font for logo design, how about giving the serif fonts below a chance?


Chalmers is a serif font that you will fall in love with. It is a charming, decorative font with a hint of Art Nouveau. Is your coffee shop European-inspired? Will your customers feel like they are drinking an espresso in Paris? Then this is the best font for a logo that will let customers know you will take them on a journey.

chalmers coffee shop font.png


Wensley is a modern serif font, both bold and simple. One may see it as boring because of its simplicity, but do not be fooled by the power of this flawless design. It is one of those perfect fonts for a logo that stands out without decoration. Give it a try if your coffee shop has a Scandinavian vibe!

wensley coffee shop font.png

Toast Bread Coffee Typeface Serif

Thick strokes and narrow kerning make Toast Bread Coffee Typeface Serif a super bold font. It may look overwhelming, but it can convey feelings of warmth and comfort when used correctly in a logo design. This is for a coffee shop that serves a hearty French toast accompanied by a big cup of cappuccino.

toast coffee shop font.png


Refita is a wedge serif font that is both bold and feminine, retro and modern. Your coffee shop takes pride in the high quality of its coffee-making process. From acquiring the beans to roasting and grinding them to finally brewing fresh delicious coffee. This font can say all of that to your customers with minimal effort on your part. If you want to take it to the next level, you can also pair it with a script font.

refita coffee shop font.png

Font Duos

Are you looking into incorporating two fonts for a logo but are struggling to find the perfect matches? It is crucial that the font pairing is successful, and finding the perfect pair can be a tedious process.

Font duos are a combination of two types of fonts that work well together visually. And the most efficient way to create a pleasing and cohesive design for your logo is by using an already made font duo. Check out the duos below, beautifully pairing sans serif or serif fonts with handwritten fonts!

Fine Art Font Duo

The Fine Art Font Duo is exceptionally aesthetically pleasing by combining a sans serif font with a script font. The fonts complement and contrast each other at the same time. And this makes it an excellent choice for your coffee shop if it has a soft, cozy design, where customers can enjoy a cup of strong coffee.

fine art coffee shop font.png

Joules et Jacques Font Duo

The Joules et Jacques Font Duo manages to look timeless and modern at the same time. The stylish look is achieved by pairing an elegant and subtle serif font with a script full of beautiful ligatures. Is your coffee shop looking classy and effortless at the same time? Then this font duo might be what you are looking for.

joules et jacques coffee shop font.png

Laguna Beach Font Duo

Laguna Beach Font Duo is another pair bringing together a serif and a script. This is a stunning combination of a bold font with thick stems and thin crossbars, and a slim script. It feels refreshing, and it is a duo that would be suitable for a coffee shop by the beach, serving iced coffees. Choosing a font for logo design has never been easier.

laguna beach.png

Coffee + Extras

The Coffee + Extras font includes two different handwritten fonts - a sans serif and a script. The placement of the crossbars, the tall and uneven letters, and the narrow kerning makes the sans serif font a fun, casual choice. This font duo will let your customers know your coffee shop is lively, quirky, and playful but not compromising on the quality of the coffee.

coffee sans coffee shop font.png

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