18 Dental Logo Designs for You to Learn From

Find amazing and clever dentist logos to help you strengthen the branding of your dental practice, curated into 4 categories.

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December 21, 2023

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Check out these amazing and clever dentist logos that will give you some design inspiration, strengthen the branding of your dental practice and help you gain new patients.

If you are running a dental business, chances are you aren’t that well versed in graphic design. However, dental care professionals aren’t exempt from having a good brand identity and a custom logo will help them reach new customers too.

Before you make your own logo or task a graphic designer on it, check out these design ideas that might help you think of a smart concept.

Modern and minimal logo ideas

An amazing dental logo doesn’t have to be obvious or use typical objects that remind us of a dental office. You will see a lot of logo vectors and logo design templates with molars, toothpaste and toothbrushes, the tools that stomatologists use, and many other expected symbols in dentist logo design. But, a modern dental logo can go beyond that and reach a certain aesthetic without employing this tactic.

1. Oblik

This dental clinic logo is very stripped down and simple, but definitely suitable for the business’ target group. They are trying to reach the young community in the city by having a modern brand identity. The logo itself is a simple wordmark in Cyrillic and a smile over the letter O, which represents the positive attitude, fun and friendliness of the clinic. The typography used is Muller, and the palette is in white and dark blue—a combination often used to communicate trust and professionalism.

Design by Pono Design

Design by Slavisa Dujkovic | logo

Design by Daniel Bodea / Kreatank

Design by Diana Tevanian

Design by BlackWhiteProject

Design by altin ahmetaj

Design by Andrei Butorin & Yevgeniya Mykytina

Design by Yi-Hsuan Li, Binsen Wang & Studio Pros

Design by David Hortobagyi

Design by [Dan Feldman, Brendan Nowlin, Stephan Hoefnagels, Laura Jensen (Mechling), Devin Kelly & Chris Jadatz](

Design by OWLSOME STUDIO, Maja Regula & Hania Komasińska

Design by Adolfo Teixeira

Design by VisibleMi Studio

Design by Janna GHazarian

Design by Katariina Karjalainen, Emma Rinneheimo, Myy Agency & Max Caravitis

Design by Svetlana Gromova

Design by Mariya Anfilatova

Design by Medrey Agency & Anel Rey

2. VIP Pediatric Dental Clinic

This pediatric dental clinic has a business name that stands for the importance of children as the main customers, hence is aptly named VIP. Their brand identity is an effort to make the clinic look friendly, colorful and the least scary possible for the kids who are visiting. The logo designers created funny symbols taken from goofy kids’ smiles, haircuts and friendly expressions, and made an emoji symbol mascot out of that. To make it even more colorful, they created a different avatar for every position in the clinic: orthodontist. hygienist, dental surgeon and orthopedist.

vip kids clinic

3. Seimadent

The Seimadent family dental clinic wanted to make the inclusivity of all ages and family members the focus of their branding, so their business logo is both youthful and invokes seriousness. The color palette is classy, and the cool icon accompanies a tooth shape, hearth shape and a smile, tying everything nicely together in an abstract but unique logo.

4. Opushammas

When a company goes through a rebranding or merging process, revisions in the business logo are also needed. But, a new aesthetic and name can hurt the already established brand recognition. To salvage some of the harm, this company merged the symbols and names of the newly-formed company and the parent company, which uses a lily of the valley as its core symbol. The new dental clinic uses the molar as a symbol, and that is how the new logo for Opushammas Dental Office was born.

5. Radiant Dental Care

The usage of icons is quite common in logo design, and this great logo has a very simple, but pretty one. This dental icon consists of a molar and diamond, symbolizing the shine, quality and strength of the teeth of RDC’s patients after they receive the proper care and whitening services.

6. Tooth Love

This tooth logo combines the shape of a molar with a heart and has a slight gradient effect on it, which is quite popular in tech logos. Which is very fitting, since Tooth Love is an app that helps you find an appointment with a dentist in your area!

7. The Smile Space

This is probably the most contemporary dentistry logo on this list. A simple sans serif font, and a smile put inside a square (the smile space), makes for a great professional dental logo without too many elements and details. I can easily see this logo belonging to a cool t-shirt or a dental website.

Timeless and versatile wordmarks

If you want your dental care logo to be able to fit in with different styles and trends, a simple logotype, or a logo consisting of only the business name, is a strategy you might look into. You will get a stylish and editable business logo that will look good on all sorts of branding assets, such as business cards, stationery and even social media marketing.

8. Snow Dental

Snow is a company that helps people solve their orthodontic problems from their home, with teeth aligners made from BPA free plastic that are almost invisible. Since it’s an innovative approach and a company that only deals with customers online, they also have a very stripped-down and millennial aesthetic that is appealing to their most important customers. A simple typography logo and a snowflake icon make the whole dental logo in this case.

9. Tend

Most people don’t like going to the dentist. Tend had that in mind when developing their brand identity, and tried to look approachable, friendly and youthful. The “e” in the wordmark is tilted so it resembles a smiling face, whereas the fonts (Nates and Founders Grotest) are a great balance between warm and elegant. The graphic designers also mention that the linear keylines resemble a doctor’s script to evoke authority and earn the trust of the potential customer.

10. Mundo

This dental clinic features a visual pun of sorts: the word "MUND" means "mouth" in German; and the extra "O" at the end is depicting an open mouth. The first two letters are connected by a smile below. The brand colors are again carefully chosen to invoke trustworthiness and professionalism.

Including teeth and other nods to dental labs

The last category in our list is pictorial or combination mark logos whose concept is based on using a symbol that immediately reminds us of the field of business. There are plenty of dental logo templates based on this method, but no online maker can create a distinguishable custom logo. Check out these dental tooth logos that will prove our point.

11. Longwood Dental

The Longwood Dental logo utilizes a bird’s view picture of a molar tooth that also doubles as a flower and a classy and stylish wordmark in a subtle serif font. The center of the pictorial mark also has a symbol signifying an overall consistency and an equilibrium.

12. Olga Bondarenko

If you were thinking of somehow infusing your initials in your own logo design, take a look at this cool monogram symbol. It features a molar, a heart and the letter B in Cyrillic. The youthful and piercing color palette adds to the whole design, making it friendly and contemporary.

13. Dental Sense

How to make a medical logo look sleek and techy? Of course, a linear monogram design can do that job. This logo depicts the letters D and S, composed in a way that looks like a molar tooth.

14. Infinity Dentistry

Here is another artistic and abstract depiction of the business name: the Infinity Dentistry concept is pairing up the infinity sign with a molar shape. The super-simple white wordmark in sans serif typography helps achieve the whole minimalist approach.

15. K. Khizanishvili Dental Center

Yet another fun and friendly-looking logo design is this one, created for the K. Khizaishvili Dental Center in Georgia. The wordmark is the Cronus Round Typeface condensed, while the pictorial mark features a tooth and a smile. The color scheme is fresh and playful, allowing some modernity to the design.

16. Octodent

A visit to the dentist as a kid might be easier if your doctor uses a cute mascot as a logo. This is exactly what the Octodent children’s dental clinic did: combined a funny octopus with a tooth shape to achieve this quirky and unique logo.

17. Dr. Anita

As you probably can see by now, I like monograms. A simple, symmetrical and versatile one such as this one, featuring the first name initial of this doctor’s name, can create a lasting first impression.

18. Jornada de Odontologia

Last but not least, we have the logo for Jornada de Odontologia, an annual event for dental academics and students. The logo concept consists of three elements: a tooth, a heart and a DNA thread. The reason for that is that when the logo makers interviewed the students about why they chose the profession, most of them said that “dentistry is in their blood/DNA”.

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.

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