Best Tech Logos for Modern Tech Startups

Need some inspiration for a cool tech startup logo? Here are 24 amazing logo designs to learn from.

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June 15, 2024

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The tech industry is big, bustling and ever-growing. Since professional logo design is the foundation of a strong brand, we’ve compiled a list of 24 amazing tech logos to help you brainstorm a new logo for your tech company!

Tech is the future and these unprecedented times prove that; while other aspects of world economies have been impacted badly by COVID-19, many tech companies saw major growth and an increase in the value of shares.

However, while tech proves to be indispensable, this growing market also means a lot of competition. This 2018 report suggests that tech startups have a failure rate of 63%.

Building a strong brand identity is the first step to ensure your technology company can succeed. So if you were hoping to cut down costs by using an online logo maker or free logo templates, you should probably reconsider. A suitable, memorable logo created by a professional designer can help you build brand awareness and ultimately, get you more clients.

Here are some great tech logo examples to inspire you.


Timeless, minimalist logos

Simplicity isn’t just one of the key principles of good logo design, it’s also a pillar of sound graphic design. However, don’t mistake simplicity for laziness: the best simple logos are those that manage to adequately represent a brand with just a few design elements.

1. Marketo

Think about Google, Microsoft and Apple. Each one of these tech giants has a logo design that relies heavily on minimalism: whether it’s primary colors, simple shapes, or typography.

A simple wordmark along with three simple rectangular shapes makes Marketo’s new logo a wonderful example of simplicity. Purple is a great logo color, as it’s often tied to innovation and knowledge, and this cool tech company uses it throughout their branding!

marketo tech logo

2. 3M

This Vietnamese tech company develops tech solutions for people and different industries. They are committed to creating simple, easy-to-use products, and the company name and minimalist logo reflect that.

3M tech logo

3. DoorDash

With the COVID-19 pandemic, people started to swap eating out in restaurants with ordering food delivery, which, incidentally, was this tech startup’s gain. In 2020, DoorDash doubled the number of its employees for the second time in a row!

The fluid shape has a similar feel of movement, like the iconic Nike swoosh, so it makes a great choice for a food delivery service. Of course, red is probably the best choice of logo color for any business connected to food, as this color tends to make us feel hungry.

doordash tech logo

4. Workhint

With so many companies moving their work online, a tech startup like Workhint has a lot of potential for selling their custom workflow management platform.

Their logo includes a very creative lettermark—the symbol is a combination of the letters W and H, but the fluidity of the shape suggests that this platform adapts to your needs.
Baianatvia Behance

5. Mirror That Look

Mirror That Look is an image & video recognition API designed for fashion merchandising, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and digital advertising. It’s used for the automation of processes like classifying products and assigning tags.

The logo design here couldn’t be simpler, but it perfectly represents the app name: the two triangles are one another’s mirror reflection. It’s a great logo idea for those looking to create something modern and simple.

mirror that look tech logo

Abstract logos

Many graphic designers use design elements like shapes, lines and gradients to create abstract logos that reflect the innovative and complex nature of what tech companies. This style is particularly fitting for high tech logos and very innovative technology companies.

6. Nuvia

This cool tech company designs chips for data centers. Their technology logo uses the color blue, which often indicates trustworthiness and knowledge, together with professional and crisp sans serif typography.

The two abstract elements can be seen to suggest speed and movement. The design studio behind this logotype wanted to create something simple that would function well even in the smallest scales—just like a powerful, yet physically small computer chip.

nuvia tech logo

7. Alyce

Alyce is an AI-powered personal gifting and swag platform that helps sales, marketing teams build better relationships with prospects and customers. This company uses artificial intelligence to create a more effective outreach plan and a more personalized experience for clients.

As a company that connects artificial intelligence with digital marketing, it’s no surprise that this tech logo design has a very vibrant and colorful look. The colors used in the logo are present through their web design and social media graphics.

alyce tech logo

8. Zedmed

Zedmed is a medical practice management system. It’s designed to provide a software solution for the needs of medical professionals, such as prescriptions, appointment booking, etc.

Technology has its application in a number of different industries, and consequently, tech company logos are extremely diverse. This modern logo suits the very serious industry it’s connected to: the red and grey color scheme is very professional, and the two groups of dots represent patients and doctors. Another elegant detail to this logo is that the negative space between the two groups of dots creates the letter Z.

zedmed tech logo

9. Ception

This modern logo is exactly what you’d expect a technology company logo to be: simple, but futuristic and cool. Another innovative tech company, Ception provides AI-powered software for vehicles.

This awesome logo could be seen to represent a pointer on a map, while the gradients give it a more modern look. Remember that gradients might be tricky to get just right in print, however as a tech company, you’re probably focused on digital design, so this might be a  great idea to add some visual interest to your technology logo.

ception tech logo

10. EverChange

This tech company designs and installs charges for electric vehicles in apartments and condominium buildings. This abstract pictographic portion of the logo can be seen to represent power or growth. The use of teal as a brand color was a very good choice here as it indicates a cleaner energy source.

everchange tech logo

Creative combination marks

A combination mark is a type of logo that consists of a graphic and wordmark element. The great thing about them is that you can use the full logo on official documents, but also opt to use just the graphic element in places like social media or letterheads.

11. Fox Tech

This logo concept was created for an IT security software company. It includes a stylized and very elegant representation of a fox together, with the company name. If your company name includes an animal, this example is a great source of design inspiration that playful mascots aren’t your only option to create a great brand image.

fox tech logo

12. Odin

This logo concept was created for a logo design contest; the task was to combine the image of the Norse god Odin’s ravens and cutting edge technology. This high tech logo became the winner of the contest, and for good reason!

Instead of incorporating the raven, the logo designer went for a simpler approach with this stylized eye and a futuristic typeface. The end result is cool and innovative, which makes a perfect match for any tech startup!

13. Loom

Loom allows you to easily record your screen, camera, or both and create useful tutorials for the workplace. It’s meant to introduce greater automation and decrease time spent on emails or even live meetings. Last year, this tech startup had a real growth spurt, as it went from 1.1 million users in February to 1.8 million in November.

Like their value proposition, this high quality logo hits the nail on the head. Along with a crisp wordmark Loom’s logo includes a camera shutter that perfectly captures what this tech company does. They also used a nice coral color which is very popular with young companies.

loom tech logo

14. Brex

Much like Loom, the key logo design tip you can get from Brex is to try and represent what you do. Don’t get bogged down with details, but rather take inspiration from the key element of your brand.

In this case, it’s money, since Brex is a modern financial operating system For that reason, their logo includes a stylized version of a money bill. Another striking feature of this ecommerce solution’s logo design is that they manage to achieve a sense of flow with a very simple geometric shape.

brex tech logo

Professional wordmarks

A wordmark is almost always a great type of logo for any professional context. Of course, the most important design element of a great wordmark logo is typography. You’ll probably want to have a graphic designer create custom lettering just for you, however, you can also check out this list of free commercial fonts to see if there is a free font you can use for your own logo.

15. Cameo

Looking for a truly unique gift for someone? Well, Cameo allows you to send personalized messages, spoken by celebrities! There are plenty of big names out there, and many of them donate your money to charity, so this tech company is worth checking out!

They opted for a very minimalistic wordmark, using a sans serif font with round edges. The letters A and E in the company’s name complement each other and add a more dynamic feel to this simple logo. And in a way, might represent the connection between you and the person to whom you might want to send this unique gift.

cameo tech logo

16. Copper

This CRM software has a very elegant wordmark using a custom serif typeface. Although serif fonts are perceived to be more traditional, this cool font makes for a very modern logo. They also have a lovely, simple letterform that would fit perfectly on a tech business card and other professional documents.

copper tech logo

17. Lyft

You’re probably familiar with this hugely successful tech startup that, together with Uber, changed the way urban transportation works. They also happen to have one of the coolest tech startup logos, even though it’s essentially a simple wordmark.

The logo first originated as a nod to fuzzy pink mustaches that Lyft drivers would put up on their cars, and the first version of this tech company logo had the mustache included in the wordmark. In 2017 they opted for a simplified version but kept the bold pink color and the comic font which are meant to suggest the fun, friendly nature of Lyft as opposed to traditional taxi service.

lyft tech logo

18. Codecraftsmen

On the other side of the spectrum, is this crisp and professional logo fitting for a web development company. Again, the letterform of their logo would make a cool sticker or t-shirt print, but the official logo still maintains a sense of professionalism that you want to see with someone you’re entrusting with web development. The cool mint green color adds a touch of personality to this business logo.

codecraftsmen tech logo

19. Crew

Choosing the perfect font for your own logo can be a big decision, especially if you opt to go with a wordmark. Most people choose serifs and sans serifs as these are easier to read than script fonts with cursive lettering.

Crew is an app for online team management and its logo looks both professional and approachable thanks to this cool script font. This “human” touch is certainly fitting for this type of software, and the little checkmark adds another touch of positivity to this great logo.

crew tech logo

Mascot logos for fun tech startups

These logos are more popular in food than the technology industry, and you’re probably not likely to see them with high tech companies. However, if you’re a B2C tech startup, cute mascot logos can be a great way to win over some customers and build a loveable brand image.

20. Humio

This platform enables website owners to collect, analyze data, and get access to useful features like reports and data storage. Sure, it’s all a little hard to understand for the average person, right?

So instead of going with a faceless logo design that somehow tries to represent data, this company decided on a cute mascot of an owl, “the wisest” of all animals. The design is still minimalistic and fitting to the technology industry, but it works great to give this company a more approachable feel.

humio tech logo

21. Puffin Browser

Firefox is probably the most popular Internet browser aside from Google Chrome and Safari, and one thing that makes it stand out is its creative logo and mascot.

Well, this browser follows suit with this adorable mascot. Puffins are unique, wonderful birds and honestly the logo designer with this one probably didn’t have a hard time transforming it into a cute logo mascot.

puffin tech logo

22. Foxie app

This fun app offers games, tours and other creative ways of exploring new cities. The logo design uses a mascot, however, the style is very modern and sleek, perfectly fitting for a technology logo.

And it’s a great choice too, to indicate that this fun app isn’t just for children, but also helps grown-ups experience tourism in a more engaging and playful way.

foxie tech logo

23. Phylum

Here’s another cute bird mascot that makes for a wonderful modern logo. The colors on this logotype are stunning and very in line with current SaaS design trends (purple and blue are definitely the most favorite color schemes).

The logo designer used simple geometric shapes to create the image of a bird that’s still cute and approachable but not overly detailed.

phylum tech logo

24. Harvy App

And just in case you still weren’t convinced that foxes make a terrific mascot in technology company logo design, here’s another custom logo created by our own designers. A cute and loveable mascot like this is sure to win points with potential customers.

harvy app tech logo

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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