25 Professional Hospital Logos

Get ideas for creating the perfect hospital logo that will make for great branding, while inspiring a sense of professionalism and trust in your patients.

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May 12, 2024

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Having a healthcare logo that’s professional and inspires trust doesn’t mean using bland logo templates. Here are plenty of great examples to inspire your branding.

Some people might think that a good hospital logo design is a waste of time. Unlike other businesses, people usually don’t visit medical centers because they want to, but rather because they have to.

Nevertheless, while the professional service and expertise of medical staff should always be your priority, remember that good branding isn’t just important from the financial side of things; it can help patients and their families feel like they are in good hands.

So here are 25 high-quality medical logo ideas that inspire a sense of professionalism and trust.

Typography logo design

In an industry as serious as healthcare, you can’t go wrong with a simple wordmark or lettermark. If you run your own medical practice, a monogram with your initials can be a great way to enforce your brand identity.

1. Aslan Medical Center

You might not immediately associate this creative branding with medical healthcare, but the logo is actually very professional and suited to the industry. Since this medical center offers an array of services from urgent care to aesthetic medicine, a simple wordmark makes a perfect choice. The logo itself is blue which is a popular and widely used logo color in the medical industry; however, the combination of blue and coral, as well as the decorative arabesque used in their branding gives this health center a unique and interesting look.

2. Blues Clinic

This amazing example of hospital logo design is both professional and modern. The cross which is one of the key symbols in the medical profession is incorporated into the letter B. The elegant color palette is another beautiful component of this health center’s branding and is present throughout its modern web design.

3. Boldrini Center

If you specialize in urgent or primary care, simplicity in logo design is probably the best way to go. However, as a children’s hospital or aesthetic surgery practice, going with a creative approach can be very helpful to connect with your potential clients.

This colorful logo concept was created as a rebranding idea for a children’s hospital for cancer treatment. The full wordmark uses a lowercase sans serif typeface that has round edges and a more humanistic feel. The brightly colored brand mark (the stylized “bold”) is a great way to inspire their young patients and their parents to be brave and hopeful in difficult times.

4. is an innovative platform for practicing telemedicine, as a safer alternative during the covid pandemic. Although this logo is just a concept, it’s a great idea for a simple wordmark. The logo design is very simple, but the clever way in which the O and C are used to form a stethoscope gives this medical logo a more memorable look.

5. Griffith Dental

Using the negative space to represent a medical icon related to your area of expertise, is a great and simple way to give your logo more visual interest. This concept created for a logo contest includes the company wordmark and the brandmark with the letter G and the outline of the tooth in the negative space. Make sure to check out our list of dental logos and dental websites for plenty more ideas for this field.

6. Edge Animal Hospital

Veterinary practices often choose cute mascots for their logo design, so this professional logo really stands out. After all, pets really become a part of the family, and we want to ensure that they get the best care possible. This modern veterinary clinic logo shows a degree of professionalism you’d want to see with people taking care of your furry friends.

Stethoscope logos

Even though we’d expect to see tools on woodworking, plumbing or construction logos, medics also have their signature tools, and a stethoscope is definitely the most famous one. Here are some great medical center logos that use this symbol in a creative way.

7. Unime

There are quite a few logo design templates available online that utilize the image of a stethoscope, but if you want to create a memorable logo, a good idea is to make sure that this symbol is incorporated into your company name. Check out the full branding project to see how great this logo would look on business cards and letterheads.

8. Tabiby App

This cool stethoscope logo icon was designed for an app that provides health information and advice. It’s a unique take on this widely used symbol, as it also resembles a magnifying glass, which is appropriate since the app is also used to find the best doctor according to your condition, location and budget.

Medical icons logos

Apart from stethoscopes, there are several other medical icons that are popular in hospital logo design. Crosses are widely used as hospital logos, while the caduceus (staff with snakes) is a symbol prevalent in pharmaceutical branding.

Here are some creative logos to inspire your branding.

9. Sus

This creative healthcare logo combines the symbol of a cross with a human character and was designed as a concept for the Brazilian healthcare system. A logo like this would make a terrific hospital logo as it's focused on people. It would also be a very good choice for an outpatient clinic, to show that patients do not stay over in this type of hospital (hence the “moving” character). Check out the full branding project to see how this modern logo fits on t-shirts, mugs and business cards.
By Wilson Ramos

10. Healtour

Healttour helps people find medical professionals abroad, so this creative logo that combines a medical icon and a plane is a great piece of graphic design inspiration. It’s minimalistic and perfectly captures the two main “ingredients” of their brand.

11. Astra app

Another medical symbol that’s a good idea for healthcare logos is the heart. And no, you don’t have to be a cardiologist to use this symbol. Hearts often symbolize good health, so it’s a great choice for almost anyone in the medical profession. However, make sure that your icon design is original; again, going with something that could easily be found on a free logo template will probably fail to impress your customers.

This design concept for a medical appointment app combines the heart symbol together with a human figure and infinity symbol to create a truly unique medical logo.
By Arwa El-Roby

12. Revelo Hospital

Another modern take on the classic cross symbol is this hospital logo. Although it is very minimalistic and professional, it has a very modern feel, thanks to the cool font and this “deconstructed” cross.

13. Caduceus Icon

The thing about this traditional symbol used in the medical industry is that many people stick to old, emblematic representations with heaps of details. And since like many other industries, medics are also moving increasingly online, the symbol of the caduceus is also due for some modern makeovers. This icon design was created for a medical app and makes the often intricate symbol minimalist and very modern instead.

Modern and abstract logos

Literal representations can make a good logo if they are original. But these fun custom logos that take a more abstract approach are a great alternative.

14. Medics Hospital

This very unique hospital logo takes inspiration from the history and architecture of the city Lucknow, where it is located. The base of the design is the Lotus star which is believed to symbolize balance and harmony. Although more decorative than some of the logos on this list, the simple geometric forms still make this logo very professional and appropriate.

15. Medinfar

This logo concept would make a wonderful pharmacy logo, as it could be seen to be a stylized representation of pills which are a popular design element in the pharmaceutical industry. The logo adds a contemporary touch with variants that use color gradients.

16. Septa

And here’s another pharmacy logo idea that takes inspiration from the traditionally represented pills. The color gradients here are even more striking making this logo resemble a cool tech logo.

17. Arosec

A completely abstract approach can be a good way to show that your medical practice is cutting-edge. It might not be the most patient-friendly solution for pediatric practices, but if you want to impress some high-end clients this type of logo is a great way to go! It would also make a terrific choice for innovation labs doing clinical trials and research.

18. Caspian International Hospital

It might be hard to believe that this modern example is a hospital logo and not a classy hotel logo. Although your stay at the two differs, there is something to be said about attempting to create the same sense of comfort for hospital patients as hotel guests would experience. This cool pattern that would fit perfectly on pillows and mugs is actually a very stylized monogram of this health institution.

19. Mount Sinai

This logo belongs to a large medical company with hospitals in Israel and New York. They do many different things, from urgent care to clinical trials, and have several outpatient facilities. For that reason, a simple, professional logo like this makes a great branding choice, especially since it also represents the name of the hospital in a visual way.

mount sinai hospital logo

20. Medical logo

No, this isn’t a variation of Batman’s symbol, but a very cool hospital logo! It actually represents a stylized version of the letter H, a global symbol for hospitals. Just another proof that hospital logos can be a lot more creative than the usual set of symbols used in the industry!

hospitalic hospital logo

Pictographic medical logos

The usual list of medical icons isn’t your only option for creating a cool pictorial mark. Check out the following examples, if you want to create a cool visual logo for your health center.

21. Inovatio

This creative logo concept for an orthopedic practice uses a nice and simple pencil illustration paired with an elegant combination of typography (sans serif and script fonts). Many orthopedic logos use the image of a moving person or spinal vertebrates so this elegant illustration of a joint is something clients will probably remember.

22. Aurora Veterinary Hospital

We mentioned already that mascot logos are super popular with animal hospitals. However, an overly cartoonish animal might not send the right message of professionalism. This great hospital logo uses a simple, isometric illustration for a mascot that still looks very cute.

23. Kenron Pharmacy

Instead of cadeceuses and pills, good pharmacy logos can also revolve around the power of nature and wellness in a more holistic sense of the word. This lovely logo proves that a nature-inspired design can be a wonderful choice for the industry, and perhaps be a great base for creating captivating social media visuals.

24. Mundo Natural

This stunning branding concept would make a perfect fit for a children’s hospital or pediatric ward. The colors are beautiful yet soothing and the playful illustrations are both modern and appealing to children.

25. Dr Self

The name of this app reminds me of people googling conditions and concluding they have all of them (maybe I’ve been there a few times as well). This logo design concept was created for an app that provides health information and advice on treating common conditions like the cold. And the design is very cool and modern, with a stylized representation of a human character that otherwise might seem a little bland.


Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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