Hotel Logo Designs to Help You Create Your Own

From luxury to boutique, these hotel logo designs will help you find the inspiration to make your own.

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June 16, 2024

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If you are creating a custom logo for your hotel or working on refreshing your hotel brand, take a look at these logo ideas to get inspiration.

From high-end establishments to small and hip boutique hotels, accommodation and hospitality businesses of all sorts need to have a strong and consistent brand. That all starts with having a noticeable and versatile logo. Especially now, in times when tourism is heavily impacted because of the COVID-19 pandemic, great branding will help you reestablish your business and elevate your brand.

Even though online logo makers or free logo templates might seem appealing, nothing beats having your own unique brand logo in the long run. You are, after all, going to use it in every aspect of your branding and marketing: from social media to the simplest branding assets like stationery, business cards and menus.

So, let’s get this brainstorm started and take a look at these amazing logos separated into three different categories.


Classy and quirky logotypes

A logotype or wordmark is a logo consisting of the business name, written in a font suitable to the branding identity, or maybe even relying on playful typography to create an abstract image or metaphor with text.

Here are some of the best hotel logotypes we found.

1. Rooms Inc.

This budget hotel that mostly caters to the young and active clientele came up with a simple and creative image of sunrise and sunset with the two Os. The idea behind this unique logotype is that most of their visitors are business people coming late to stay the night and leaving early morning, practically encompassing the “from dusk to dawn” concept.
Design by Thinking Room

2. Rimbun

This environmentally friendly and lusciously green hotel in Indonesia opted for a branding design inspired by nature. They are using a warm and natural color palette in the branding assets that immediately evoke a sense of wellness and peace. The logotype, on the other hand, is very simple and high quality, perfectly balancing the overall look.

3. Miavana

The Miavana Island Sanctuary is an exotic eco-sanctuary on Madagascar Island, bursting with wildlife and pristine beaches. Such a destination deserves its own logo to reflect the nature around it. Wavy typography and stripped-down aesthetic, a pastel color palette and intricate patterns inspired by the many endemic species found there help the brand represent the natural world in their identity.

4. Hotel Lemore

If you want your business logo to look classy but still simple, you can decide to go with a logotype that is no more than an elegant inscription of the business name. Hotel Lemore used a very simple serif font and added the main value proposition to the logo: More comfort. It is minimalist, yet effective.
Design by Hello B&A

5. Mountains Hotel

This lovely hotel set on the Tyrolean Alps in Austria added the most important elements that make their establishment unique: the beautiful mountains and the sun that visitors can enjoy when coming there. Making a mountain landscape from the letter M and a scorching sun over them with the letter O, this logotype is playful even with the strict sans serifs used.

Monograms for a high-end feel

From small businesses that are trying to impress to multiple star hotels that are well established, many custom logos for renowned businesses in hospitality (think also real estate logos and travel agencies) used monograms. Monograms are marks created from the first letters or initials of the business or professional they are made for. Here are some of the better ones used by hotels.

6. Hotel Gotham

Sorry, Batman fans, it’s not that Gotham. But it’s very fancy, almost resembling a 19th-century emblem mark. With the use of an Art Deco-inspired sans serif font in a classic frame, this badge will look good on all sorts of print assets, like menus, business cards, greeting cards, etc.
Design by Alex Aperios

7. Cliff House Maine

In another nod to Art Deco, Cliff House in Maine has a wonderfully crafted monogram that looks like it belongs in the scenography of the Great Gatsby. By combining the letters C and H in a circle frame, and adding a minimalist serif wordmark, this hotel created a unique brand mark to fit all their needs.

cliff house

8. In Gallery

This hip and youthful boutique hotel in Albania has a very abstract monogram, as well as a complete visual identity formed around it. Each room number is a form derived from the logo, and upon check-in, the guests get cards saying “Use this to get in”, and other simple gags that make it all the more impressive.
Design by Gretel Dani

9. Infinity House

Although technically a pictorial mark, this logo plays with combining the infinity sign and the letter H, similarly to a monogram. It is a refreshing logo, a lot more different than typical monograms.

10. The Green Room

The retro-looking, royally luxurious monogram is made for the needs of The Green Room hotel. The Victorian style and emerald green and gold color palette make for a look that is tested and proven to work for ages.

Combination marks for more experimenting

When a logo uses both a typographic wordmark and graphic symbol, icon, or image, that is a combination mark. It’s not uncommon to see different design elements of these logos separately, but the official logos are usually the combination marks themselves. You can learn more about them, and other types of logos here.

Here are some versatile and easy to experiment with combination marks.

11. Hellstens Malmgård Hotel

This mansion-like hotel in Stockholm has a typically old Swedish architecture that deserves to be part of the identity of the brand. Hence, the logo is a classy serif wordmark, combined with a sketch of the building.

It used to be Queen Christina’s hunting palace in the 18th century, and today it’s a getaway from the urban and fast-paced Stockholm into a place that offers a taste of old Sweden. The branding completely matches the retro look and royal simplicity.
Design by Kirill Zaytsev

12. Nuans Hotel

We don’t know much about Nuans Hotel based on this design project, but we do know it’s on a tropical shore and the two-dimensional illustration of palm trees definitely tells that story right away. If the biggest value proposition of your hotel is the location, it’s nice to try to use something that will remind your potential clients of it.
Design by Sena AKGÜL

13. Syntony Hotels

There is no style as connected to architecture as much as Art Deco. The goldenrods, geometrically harsh shapes, elegant color palettes and frames are some of the elements that define it, and this logo has it all. The intricate image combines symbols of trees, leaves, sunset and sunrise and water, all framed nicely in a simple badge design. The typography, on the other hand, is a nod to the goldenrods of Deco, completing the design nicely.
Design by Tiago Vidinha

14. Hotel Gorgona

This luxury boutique hotel has a logo that is the definition of contemporary design: one line, pastel colors, and simple typography. The illustration of a wave is a nod to the location: Mykonos, Greece. The color palette and typography tie the design together, lending it a taste of luxury and style.
Design by Sarah Tonner

15. The Inn at Aspen

This lovely logo mark is an abstract depiction of mountain pics that’s less on the nose than an actual sketch of a mountain but still manages to tell the story of this skiing getaway location. The stylish typography and secondary script font add some charm and playfulness, making for a gorgeous final product.

We hope you found these examples useful and inspiring! If you don’t have a designer in-house to think out your strategy and work on a budget so a design studio is off the menu, you can always work out with a freelancer. Or, work with us at ManyPixels. Our dedicated and high-quality designers will work for you and offer unlimited revisions for a flat rate. Check out our work and how the service works.

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