16 Massage Logos to Make Your Business Stand Tall

Want to attract customers to your massage boutique or spa center? Use these beautiful soothing massage logos as branding inspiration.

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October 3, 2023

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A massage logo design can help clients instantly understand what kind of a massage business you run. These great examples can serve as both inspiration and logo templates to create something of your own.

There are many different massage techniques, from Swedish to Thai massage. However, the end-goal is usually similar: relaxation, serenity, a healthier body and mind.

It’s no surprise then that many massage therapy logos use soothing pastel colors and images that evoke such feelings.

Logos with hands

With a few exceptions, hands are most massage therapists’ key and only tools. Help evoke the feeling of that therapeutic touch by making hands the focal point of your logo.

Ideally, try to use a custom illustration instead of stock icons found on online logo makers. A free logo might sound nice at first, but it could harm your credibility and certainly won’t help you build a recognizable brand!

1. Knead

This women-owned business for women has a truly gorgeous logo paired with an interesting business name (spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with rough movement needed for kneading dough). The intimate massage studio speaks to its customers with a beautiful, poetic logotype. The sensual massage helped many customers explore new heights of pleasure, which is why the star and the moon make beautiful and appropriate details.

2. Alexander Technique by Nadia Banna

The simplicity and elegance of this example can make a great massage logo template if you’re looking to include hands in your own logo design. A hand pressing down is a common massage logo vector, however, this open palm suggests a more holistic approach in seeking peace of the mind and body.

[alexander techinque massage logo

3. Matheus Cruz

This professional massage logo suggests the power of the human touch with a simple hand icon paired with a spiral to suggest movement. The earthy tones are also very nice and would look great on business cards, stationary, or massage products such as oils and lotions.

matheus cruz massage logo
Design by Kaiko Oliveira

4. Logo for massage cabinet

This concept really “gets close to the action” by adding simple lines to indicate a person’s back and the hand movement during a massage. With a simple detail like this, you can avoid sloppy clipart illustrations of hands and instead create a unique logo that tells the story of your business.

arnie massage logo
Design by Masha Andreeva

Lotus flowers for great spa logos

Sure, it’s kind of an obvious one. But the lotus flower’s beauty and layers of meaning aren’t easy to overlook when it comes to all types of businesses related to health and beauty.

It’s another design element you’re sure to find with many dull logo templates. Instead, hire a qualified designer and create a stunning lotus flower logo that will impress and inspire your clients.

5. O Massam

This beautiful white lotus is unique and makes a wonderful social media profile picture. However, this design really comes together thanks to the wonderful custom calligraphy font which has been vectorized for the purpose of this beauty logo.

o massam massage logo
Design by Angie Mathot

6. Lotus Massage and Spa

This colorful lotus flower is beyond beautiful and certainly not one you’d forget easily. It’s exceptionally decorative and would make a wonderful addition to any business card. If you’re looking for lotus-inspired logo ideas, this one certainly demonstrates how powerful color and good design can be.

lotus massage logo

7. Maitland Pregnancy Massage

Because of its distinct shape, lotus flowers are always recognizable, even in the most simplistic designs. However, you can always be creative with your design and come up with a solution as effective as this. The design studio behind this massage logo vector paired the shape of flower petals with the “bean-like” shape of a newborn to create this intricate and unique flower.

maitland massage logo
Design by Amanda Kirkman

8. Azahar Spa

This is another massage and spa logo design which uses this lovely flower in an interesting way, by shifting the more common side perspective to a bird’s eye one. The use of color is also great as the dark orange shade gives a sense of luxury.

azahar spa massage logo
Design by Matheus Schmidt

Typographic logo design

Lettermarks are a great choice for both very small businesses (e.g., chiropractic businesses or solo massage therapists), as well as large companies, such as spa centers.

Your company name on a logo can help establish a strong sense of brand identity and inspire trust with customers.

9. Forena

The designer behind this clever wordmark creates a very dynamic logo using contrasts: between warm and cold colors like gold and dark blue, as well as different line thicknesses in each letter. If you’re looking for a very professional massage logo, something this elegant will certainly attract high-end customers.

forena massage logo

10. Aggeliki Mpeka Physiotherapist

Physical therapy is a medical field closely related to professional massage centers. This simple monogram combines this physiotherapist's initials with a simple detail resembling the spine and vertebrates.

11. Retiro Urbano

Another swanky monogram, especially impactful as the letter U resembles another lotus flower or tulip. It would for sure make a terrific spa massage center or a skincare logo and would look sleek on a set of spa merch like candles, towels, robes, t-shirts, glasses, etc.

etiro urbano massage logo
Design by Giuliano Ungaretti

12. Press Modern Massage

This is another classy, versatile logo that would look equally good on business cards as well as embroidered into the towels at your massage studio or spa center. The crisp and clean sans-serif font is paired with a subtle, golden shade color and simple ornaments on the letter ‘P’. These simple dashes help create a perfect massage icon out of the letter P, which also incorporates the symbol of a sun which suggests energy and positivity.

Characters in massage logo design

Human characters can often give a nice playful twist to any massage business wanting to showcase the skill of its workers. With clever design, sometimes it’s not even necessary to include the company name in the logo and instead let the characters show what your business is about.

13. Remedial Massage

Their motto is “In like a pretzel, out like a noodle” and this wonderfully simple logo conveys that message well. Indeed, when you untangle this pretzel, you’d get a super happy noodle customer standing tall after a nice, therapeutic massage.

remedial massage logo
Design by Makebardo

14. Aqua Massage Therapy Logo Concept

The style of this logo is simply stunning and it resembles paintings and mosaics found in ancient baths. This style would certainly suit any spa center or even а beauty salon, as it radiates a sense of luxury and beauty.

aqua massage therapy  logoo
Design by James Strange

15. Massage therapy logo concept

Massage and physical therapy design elements pair very well with the natural world. But you don’t have to limit yourself to lotus flower logos! Take inspiration from this gorgeous concept to come up with your own logo that would be just as successful in translating the peace and tranquility of the natural world into a simple massage icon.

anv massage logo
Design by Bastian Abarca

16. Sawasdee Thai Massage Studio

You’d expect to find this sleek, meditative figure on a yoga studio logo. But as a massage studio logo it also works exceptionally well to convey a sense of tranquility and relaxation. The inviting, coral color makes this logotype modern and inviting.

sawasdee massage logo
Design by Adolfo Teixeira

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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