15 Modern Yoga Studio Logos

Get inspired to create the perfect logo for your yoga studio or YouTube channel—from romantic boho styles to modern minimalism.

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May 12, 2024

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From common imagery to catchy names, get inspired to create the best logo for your yoga business with these great examples.

Covid-19 has closed down most gyms and forced people to give up on their exercising habits. And yet, if there’s one form of fitness that’s possible to do at home then it has to be yoga.

From popular YouTube channels such as Yoga With Adrienne, to live yoga classes you can find via Facebook Events, there’s so much you could be doing right now to gain a bigger following and reach potential clients for your yoga studio.

Of course, the first step in this process is a well-designed logo for your business. Don’t settle for a dull logo template anyone can make with a free logo maker. Instead, consider how a custom approach can help you grow your business and learn from these stunning yoga logo ideas.


Lotus flowers, mandalas and more

There are a few signature symbols that even beginner yogis will immediately associate with this holistic type of exercising. Here are just a few examples of graphic elements you can use in branding your yoga practice.

1. Shanti Yoga

Let’s start with the most obvious one. The gorgeous lotus flowers are something you’re likely to see with many massage, as well as spa and wellness logos, but it’s also a very common symbol with yoga icons since it’s the name of a signature yoga pose. If you use an online yoga logo maker, chances are you’ll end up with a simple vector image that most clients will struggle to remember.

This logo design concept, on the other hand, retains the simplicity needed for a good logo but adds visual interest with gradients and interesting linework (the lotus flower has some additional ornaments) and a shadow effect. A logo like this would be great to use in web design.

shanti yoga studio logo
By Yuliia Ostapenko and Yulia Kedrik

2. Plena Yoga

The Mandala is a visually intricate symbol that has a lot of meaning to people who practice yoga. It is very noticeable because of the details and vibrant colors, but modern-day design trends often play with minimalism and monochromatic designs. This graphic designer followed suit with this minimalistic mandala shape in elegant gold color. This intricate, yet crisp symbol would fit perfectly on custom business cards as well as merch you might have available in a premium yoga studio, such as towels and workout gear.

3. The Moving Point

The simple circle shape has huge symbolism for every yogi—it is a depiction of rebirth and the never-ending growing and rebuilding of nature and self. А circle shape on itself might seem too simple, but you can combine it with other symbols, like a lotus, a mandala, or the Om symbol: they all fit well with a circular shape.

In this case, the graphic designer placed the business name inside an “imperfect” hand-drawn circle, giving this logo a modern and approachable look. Since this yoga brand is all about natural movement techniques, the natural shape used in this logo design is a great choice to relay the brand promise.

4. Boho Beautiful Yoga

Another popular YouTube yoga channel is Boho Beautiful Yoga, by Juliana and Mark Spicoluk. Their logo is an image of a human hand which perfectly incorporates the brand name. This great visual solution is perfect for a yoga and wellness brand since the hand can symbolize touch, grounding, the flow of energy and many other concepts tied closely to yoga practice. Thanks to the fluid lettering, it has a very cool 1960s vibe, which is fitting to the boho style of their yoga brand.

boho beautifu yoga logo

Poses & Figures

Whether you’re familiar with the Downward-Facing Dog, Warrior Two, or Child’s Pose, most people will recognize the unusual way bodies move in yoga practice. These poses, also known as asanas, are a great piece of design inspiration for your own logo. They will help potential clients immediately recognize a yoga business, upon taking one look at your logo.

5. Pomegrante

When you first start yoga classes, it can be hard to believe that in a few months you’ll be able to do advanced poses, and yet with a little faith and dedication every budding yogi can surprise themselves. The same goes for a great yoga studio logo. Don’t settle for the obvious, something you can expect from a yoga logo template. Learn from this fantastic design that used the company name as inspiration, creating a logo that celebrates both yoga teaching and this incredible fruit, known for its health benefits, taste and of course the signature red color, symbolizing energy and power.

6. Yo.Yo.Ga

Similar to fitness logos, including a dynamic figure in your logo is a good way to convey a sense of movement. However, remember that you don’t have to go with something overly complicated or detailed to relay the message effectively. This great design concept uses simple linework and thanks to a catchy business name, shows perfectly what the business is all about. Adding the subtle gradient to the round shape signifying the yogi’s head is a great way to make digital assets stand out (web design, social media posts), although be warned that this might need some extra tweaking with print designs.

7. Mudra

Remember we said lotus is also a yoga pose? Well, here’s another great logo example that strips down this signature posture to create a modern and versatile logo. Paired with great typography, this combination mark can be used as a whole, but also separate to fit different purposes: e.g. the wordmark portion would fit well on simple letterheads, while the yoga icon is something you could use for social media profile photos. The name of this yoga studio comes from Gyana mudra, a common hand gesture in yoga meditation that is meant to relax the brain and help the flow of energy through the body.

Wordmarks for crisp yoga logo design

Yes, the ever-versatile logotypes have their place in this industry as well, and naturally, come with their own set of specifics. A lot of older designs favored decorative script fonts, and this is of course something you see with many yoga logos. Nevertheless, the power of minimalism done right is evident with some of the best logos fit for modern yoga businesses.

8. Yoga With Adriene

No list of best yoga logos would be complete without this recognizable logotype, belonging to what is, currently, perhaps the most well-known yoga teacher on the planet. Adriene’s fun online yoga classes cater to every level, and her teaching style is dynamic, approachable and full of understanding. All of this is perfectly reflected in the logotype that combines gentleness and strength, just like the yoga brand owner it belongs to.

yoga with adriene logo

9. Warrior One Yoga

If you’re a solo yoga teacher, then a monogram logo makes a lot of sense to help you establish a more personal connection with your clients and a stronger personal brand. Then again, it’s by no means limited to solo ventures. You can learn a lot from this yoga studio in Melbourne that has a custom wordmark inspired by one of the best-known yoga poses.

Warrior One is a pose that exudes strength and stability and this crisp, minimalistic monogram does the same. The black and white color palette here matches the brand’s stripped-down and minimalist aesthetic, fit for modern yogis on the go

warrior one yoga logo

10. Przestrzen

A great logo is the foundation of a successful brand identity. There’s a lot to learn from the following example, a yoga studio from Poland. The graphic designer behind their branding opted for a circular wordmark, ending with a very simple lotus yoga icon. The relative simplicity of the dynamic wordmark allowed for a fresh color palette reflected in their collateral and web design. Remember: creating the perfect logo for your business doesn’t exist outside a cohesive brand image, so make sure everything works together to create something your clients will respond to.

11. Yogaholics

So if you can’t decide between a decorative script and a stern serif font, remember there is a third way! Effective font pairings can make a beautiful and unique logo, especially with a strong design concept. In this case, the graphic designer decided to pair two contrasting fonts to represent rigor and flexibility, essential parts of any serious yoga workout.

Modern minimalism in yoga logo design

Although yoga logo templates are very distinct and more colorful than any kind of logo out there, they often feel not in line with the contemporary design trends. We see a growing trend in minimalism and geometric design. Even though it might be harder to apply that to yoga logo design, there are some logo ideas that manage to do this.

12. Omantara

Om is one of the most sacred symbols in the yogi tradition, and it signifies the consciousness of the Universe. In this case, the yoga studio didn’t use the intricate symbol but rather incorporated its name in the name of the business. Although the concept is grounded in cultural tradition, the design is quite contemporary with minimalistic sans serif typography (Poppins) and a hip color scheme that help create a fresh and modern brand image.

13. Shala.Land

And since we’re on the topic of adapting to modern trends and current situations, here’s a great example to learn from in more ways than one. Shala Land is a platform that connects yoga teachers with students, for live online yoga classes. When it comes to logo design they certainly impress with this classy lettermark, which also bears a resemblance to the movement you see in yoga practice.

shalaland yoga logo

14. Good Vibes

Of course, minimalism doesn’t just have to be limited to logotypes. This lovely logo belonging to a yoga studio in Melbourn used Moon phases as its inspiration (and a reminder of the tight connection between nature and our lives). The lovely logo works perfectly both in their crisp and breezy web design as well as a modern app icon, people can use to make bookings and manage their account.

good vibes yoga logo

15. Yoga Dose

Yoga Dose, a collection of useful yoga videos, has a simple black circle made with a brush. It is minimalist, but still related to yoga practice: it resembles the ease of movement you’ll find in yoga while including an important symbol. And thanks to the brushstroke effect it would look great on things like printed manuals or book covers.

yoga dose yoga logo

Colors and their meaning in yoga logo design

In yoga meditation, there are seven colors that represent chakras and each has a different meaning. The seven colors are red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo blue and purple.

If you want to invoke a feeling of spirituality and cosmic oneness, the best color to relay that is purple. On the other side of the chakra alignment, red means grounding and vitality. The best way to combine these colors is to test the waters and check if they suit your business name and design ideas best.

chakra colors chart.png


Before you start working on your yoga studio logo, look for some inspiration, both on websites like Dribbble, Pinterest, or a simple Google search, and from your own yoga experience.

Do a simple brainstorming and pinpoint the details about your practice that you want to emphasize to your future yoga students. There is an endless archive of logos to get inspiration from, but make sure you find a unique take on it.

And, like in yoga, don’t take yourself too seriously. Just let the creative energy flow.

Disclaimer: the artworks in this article are not the works of ManyPixels, and are only showcased in an educational capacity.

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.

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