15 Personal Trainer Logos That Exude Power

Get inspired to create your personal trainer logo with these excellent examples. From weights to yoga positions, find a design that best fits your brand.

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May 12, 2024

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Find inspiration to create the perfect fitness logo from these high quality logo ideas created for fitness instructors and gyms.

A great personal trainer is so much more than someone yelling at you in the gym. Ideally, they are people who assist clients in improving their physical health and appearance by helping them find inner strength.

And how do you convey this inspiring message? Through good fitness trainer branding! When first developing your brand, make sure you know all the steps of successful branding.

However, remember that as a personal trainer, you develop a much closer relationship with your clients. You need to know who your clients are and what their motivation is before you try to translate this into logo design. A royalty-free template from a logo maker won’t translate that immediate relationship and charisma.

If you are clear on that, we recommend you check out these 15 examples of great personal trainer logos. We’ll explain how and why each of them works, and also how you can use similar elements to create a perfect logo in your own fitness trainer branding strategy.



Wordmarks, or simple typography logos, are great in helping you make your brand name memorable. On top of that they are versatile and easy to experiment with, and fit perfectly on branding assets like business card designs and social media marketing. Here are some of our favorite personal trainer wordmarks.

1. Rafaela Andrade

A simplistic, bold and modern logotype for personal trainer Rafaela Andrade is a graphic design example communicating a strong brand with a defined identity, mainly created to speak to a female audience. It is a simple brand name written in a sans serif font, with small customization in the letter A. The additional brandmark allows further application on branding assets and can be applied on business cards, t-shirts, water flasks, badges, duffel bags, etc.
By Nicolas Kosienczuk on Behance

2. Power Femme Fitness

While retro logos have positioned themselves quite comfortably in a lot of other industries, you’ll find few personal trainer logos that are nostalgic.

If done right though, it can really help you stand out from the crowd! Take a look at this cool vintage logo from PowerFemme. You’d expect to see the old-fashioned font and the pink and red combo on a diner, but this bold choice certainly makes for a memorable fitness trainer brand identity!

3. Diakadi

You know how everyone always mentions Nike as an example of good logo design? One of the reasons why that logo is so successful is that it’s abstract but perfectly conveys what the brand is all about (the swoosh makes associations of movement and speed).

Trainer John Ferraro’s brand Diakadi applies a similar logic to this geometric logo. Again you have an element that resembles steps and progress which are essential parts of your journey with a personal trainer. The simplicity of the black and white makes this logo quite elegant and timeless.

4. Julia Bischof

One of the main expectations people have of personal trainers is to get help in their weight loss process. But if that personal trainer is also a licensed nutritionist, success is more than expected. Julia Bischof is an expert in both, and this dynamic script font logo with a cute fork at the end shows that.
By Mateusz Turbiński on Dribbble

5. David Wellness Training

For some people, personal training means a lot of cardio, crossfit, bodybuilding and other practices that require some serious manly strength. This logo concept for a personal trainer and online fitness instructor shows the raw power required through the bulky text with barbells in the negative space.
By BOLDE on Dribbble


Monograms are logos that contain the initials of the brand name or personal trainer in this case. They are fairly common in startups, but small businesses are also known to have monograms as their logo. Here are some examples of personal trainer monograms we loved.

6. Pedro Moreno

It is very important for a training logo to create a sense of movement and dynamic. Pedro Moreno’s monogram is classy and minimalist, but visually creates a sense that it is in a circular motion. Perhaps a nod that training works only if you make it routine?

The words P and J (for Juan, the middle name of the trainer) are incorporated in this intricate mark, that is elegant and quite different from the rest of the logos here.
By Pilar Mejia on Behance

7. Ana Paula

Here is a sleek and powerful monogram. The sharp edges and usage of red, white and black assure that this pilates instructor’s logo doesn’t go unnoticed, at the same time keeping a minimalist look.
By Henri Designer on Behance

8. Sarah Lotif

For this monogram, the designer used the initials of the trainer as a base. But the pictogram has some extra sectors: the circular motion it impies symbolizes velocity and power, whereas the curves resemble an hourglass, representing the time needed to get into a good, hardcore shape.
By Daniel Ramalho on Behance

9. Rafael Mendonça

This logo truly looks like it could belong to a startup more than a personal trainer. But the idea behind it was to be a lot more different than the typical personal trainer logo design that usually uses varsity typography and symbols like kettlebells, dumbbells and weights.

The R and M are incorporated in a pictogram of a shield that also symbolizes unity and teamwork: the most important principles this trainer follows when working with clients.
By Andrey Pedroso on Behance

Abstract marks and brand marks

If you wish your new logo to have an illustration or pictogram of a common object, or a more abstract symbol that will perfectly convey your brand image, take a look at these cool gym logos and concepts for a fitness brand that might give you the right idea.

10. Crunch Fitness

If you want to convey a sense of “raw, manly power”, remember that weights aren’t your only option. This logo from Crunch does all sorts of things right.

It uses a great comic font (I’m immediately thinking of the Hulk), and the hand crunching suggests power and strength. It tells a visual story: you can almost hear and feel the crunching, right? Might be a bodybuilder exercising their permanently growing muscles.

11. Acheave

Although not a personal trainer, but a gym logo, Acheave brand mark is a brilliant example of modern, geometric and sharp graphic design. The logo represents a boulder or obstacle, and its ideology is that everyone can achieve the goal they set in this crossfit gym. The geometric varsity lettering only adds to this already great look.
By Shubhang Rajput on Behance

12. Marcos Santos

This is no logo template alright: it might be the most abstract logo on this list. By combining an eagle to symbolize determination and renewal, and lightning as a symbol of energy and power, this graphic designer created a contemporary and unique logo. Since the brand mark is abstract and simple, it can easily be paired with a longer tagline.

13. Wanderlust Fitness

In this logo created by one of our graphic designers here at ManyPixels, the polished, sparkly effect on the kettlebell and shadow give it a three-dimensional look. The detailed illustration is paired up with a simple and sleek sans serif typography, to ensure that the kettlebell is the start of the show.

14. Body Programmer

It seems most fitness logos either include workout equipment, or simply have a minimalist and sharp look. Body Programmer has a jaguar, a symbol for strength and power, incorporated in the monogram. The color palette is refreshing and bold, and the illustration reminds of a tribal monochromatic style.
By Jake Warrilow on Behance

15. Bruna Menezes

Finally, we see a lovely logo using the most common symbol of transformation: the gentle and beautiful butterfly. Since this fitness trainer caters only to women, the feminine and cute illustration paired with the geometric font is perfectly designed to target a specific audience.
By Kaiko Oliveira on Behance

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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