15 Plumbing Logos for a Flood of Ideas

From stylized water pipes to personalized handyman logos, here are 15 great plumbing logo designs to use as inspiration for your business.

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May 20, 2024

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Whether you're a solo plumber or a large plumbing services company, your logo should tell customers that you're a professional they can rely on.

Not that long ago, everyone had their local plumber, and marketing didn't seem all too important in this industry. And yet, similar to woodworkers and carpenters, even this old profession is slowly moving online, as younger generations flock to Google to find the best plumbing business.

So if you want to get noticed, it's no longer enough to have good relationships and reviews from past customers. Just like everyone else, plumbing companies need a professional visual identity that inspires trust.

Here are 15 excellent plumbing logo design ideas that can help you take your business to the next level.


Logos with plumbing tools

I'd argue that Super Mario made a bold choice with mustache and overalls. Still, it's well known that every plumber's trademarks are faucets, plungers, wrenches, and water pipes.

These tools will undoubtedly make a very appropriate plumbing service logo, but if you want to make it memorable, be sure that vector illustrations or icons you use are unique rather than dull clipart found on free plumbing logos.

1. Capital Plumbing Contractors

Making your logo design impressive can be as simple as adding a little bit of perspective and experimenting with fonts. This dripping faucet is a sleek illustration, and the two modern sans serif fonts pair very well. From house plumbing to large corporate tasks, this professional logo indeed suggests a service you can rely on.

capital plumbing logo
Design by Nick Tuma

2. Plumbwizard

Instead of merely placing plumbing tools next to the company name, this design uses the negative space brilliantly to outline the all-mighty plunger clearly. The design is especially useful as you get a perfect social media icon out of the letter P.

plumb wizard plumbing logo

3. Ark Plumbing

This example makes a great design template for anyone looking to put a more creative twist on common plumbing logos. It's also a perfect source of inspiration. It demonstrates how well simple geometric shapes can be combined to create something truly unique.

ark plumbing logo
Design by llsix_O

4. 1 SanRu

This logo concept for a plumbing company uses water pipes to create a beautiful arabesque-like ornament. The graphic designer also decided to include shading, which works well as it gives the overall concept an appropriately fluid feel.

1sanru plumbing logo
Design by Gulnar Gurbanova

Creative water logos

Plumbing inevitably revolves around water, which is incidentally one of the inexhaustible sources of design inspiration. Whether you go for delicate water drops, powerful waves, or take inspiration from this element to create something more abstract, water is a design element you should be thinking about.

5. Logo for a plumber concept

This modern plumber logo is very versatile and could be a great investment for any small business. It's elegant and quite simple, which makes it timeless.

water drop plumbing logo
Design by Adam Goldman

6. Marcone Plumbing

Plumbing pipes are another extremely popular design element in HVAC logos (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). In this case, the water pipes aren't "too obvious" but instead make up an elegant company initial inside a water droplet. This dark teal is also a great branding choice in an industry that's a little flooded by blue.

7. Brighton Plumbing and Bathrooms

The three simple water droplets on this letter logo make for fantastic branding. Using just two would make the symbol seem like a simple, stylized letter B, but with three, it's clear that water is the inspiration behind this logo.

brighton plumbing logo
Design by Peter King

Wordmarks and lettermarks for professional plumbing service logos

Although it's important to stand out visually, an elegant wordmark can be an excellent choice for a plumbing company logo. Add some visual interest by mixing fonts or adding ornaments or simple plumbing icons.

Here are some great examples to inspire you.

8. Jeff Foster Plumbing

Strictly speaking, this may not count as a wordmark, since the letters are completely stylized to resemble plumbing pipes. Nevertheless, this plumber logo is essentially the plumber's initial. This monogram can serve as a terrific plumbing logo design template since you can easily see how pipes can be used to transform any letter into a fitting logo.

jeff foster plumbing logo

9. Jando

This plumbing company's name is a shortened version of the owner's name: Jim Ando. It's another great example of a plumbing design, as the dot after J is replaced with a water drop. It conveys the message of plumbing repair very well without being overpowering or cartoonish.

jando plumbing logo
Design by Nick Haas

10. Blue Plumbing

Simplicity done right is often what makes a difference between free logo templates you can get with online plumbing logo makers, and the work of a talented graphic designer. This logo is extremely simple, yet unmistakably custom-made, as it perfectly incorporates the company name with the industry's design elements.

blue plumbing logo
Design by Caleb Jacob

11. Edmondson Plumbing and Heating

This lettermark puts a twist on all wrench logos with excellent use of color contrast. The red shading into blue makes a strong identity for a plumbing and heating company. The wrench symbol at the end ties the concept together nicely. Otherwise, this sleek letter E could just as easily fit a fintech company!

edmonson plumbing logo
Design by Daniel McKenna

12. Hepco Heating and Plumbing

This awesome universal repair logo comes neatly packaged in a slick emblem. It's fairly colorful with four colors and shades that tie together well as a whole. Simple plumbing pipes and water symbols are used well as a frame for the business name.

Handyman logos

A character logo is a great way to give your plumbing business a bit of personality. The best way to go about it is undoubtedly hiring a graphic designer to create a character based on yourself.

Custom illustrations aren’t something you’ll find with logo vectors readily available online or plumbing logo templates.However, they’re really worth the extra effort and money as they can help give your business a unique, personalized brand.

13. Logo for a plumber

A fun mascot can help customers relate to your business and give your branding a unique perspective. Intricate and unique vector illustrations can be quite impressive, but this very simple isometric illustration is a great modern choice. It would look good on business cards as well as branded merch like t-shirts, overalls or hats.

plumber plumbing logo
Design by Yuri Karatashev

14. QuickFix

This dapper handyman makes a terrific logo mascot. Wrenches are universal handyman tools, so they are a particularly good design element for HVAC logos (if you don't want to focus on plumbing alone).

quick fix plumbing logo
Design by Suhandi

15. Engraved style portraits

Pencil illustrations can be a great way to give your plumbing business a more retro look and a sense of tradition. Throw in a few overalls in the mix to make sure it's clear that you deal with home repairs or plumbing. You can be sure that your loyal customers will love coming back to a business with a logo this recognizable.  

engraved portrait plumbing logo
Design by Jeffrey Devey

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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