20 Eye-Catching Decal Fonts for Stickers

The choice of decal font can make or break sticker design. Need ideas on which ones to use? Here are some options for anything from phone cases to car stickers!

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May 27, 2024

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Many people with or without design knowledge sell stickers online. Stunning typography can easily make any design unique and popular, so it's handy to know how to get cool fonts for vinyl decals. We're here to help with a list of 20 eye-catching decal fonts!.

While some may think stickers are just a notebook decoration for kids in school, the use of stickers goes far beyond. From a bumper sticker to laptop decals, the possibilities are endless.

And because of their versatility, many people also earn extra money selling custom stickers online. Luckily, a text sticker doesn’t necessarily require heaps of design experience: a powerful message written in an eye-catching font can make for a trendy sticker design!

You might be tempted to create DIY lettering if you have some design expertise. But if selling stickers is just a side gig, this might not always be worth the hassle. Want to know how to get cool fonts for vinyl decals at an affordable price or completely free?

Check out this list!


Serif fonts

Serif fonts sport decorative strokes at the ends of each letter, which helps add character and personality to the text. These fonts are great for monograms, as the letters have enough of a presence on their own.

Serif fonts are also frequently used in logos or labels, as they convey quality, class, and history. With this in mind, you might want to opt for this font family when making business stickers or labels.

1. Cooper Becker Black Outline P Regular

This bold and bubbly font has a playful and informal vibe. It could definitely add a pop of character to your personal belongings, such as a water bottle, a laptop, or a phone case. The font also has enough character for a sticker where the text itself is the design. A perfect hip choice for your quirky self!  

Design by Call Me Creed

This design goes one step further by utilizing three different fonts: script, sans serif and hand-drawn. This interaction between the different font styles gives the sticker weight and depth, making it a beautiful personalization design item. So don’t hold back, go bold and mix and match the fonts you like to create some amazing sticker designs!

Design by Ciaran Brandin

Design by Firzha Arienda

Design by StickyLickyStudio

Design by Designs111

Design by MyPetiteFleur

Design by Designs111

Design by Leonit Gashi, Gin Büro and Kulturë Type

Design by Harry Dinh

Design by Deborah Ranzetta

Design by Katerina Korolevtseva

Design by Ale Paul and Vastago Studio

Design by Designs111

Design by VITAxART

Design by Bagerich Type Foundry

Design by Pixel Surplus and Viaction Type Co.

Design by JimmysBook

Design by Lexie Pitzen


2. Goudy Heavyface

This bold font features a good amount of space between the letters, making it an excellent choice for decals, particularly for outdoor usage where getting the message across needs to be done quickly—such as a bumper sticker.

3. Undergrad Exscribed Bold

This slab serif font is perfect if you feel nostalgic about your university days. Or if you’re still at university and wish to represent your alma mater.

Reminiscent of a university or a varsity team font, this font style is highly versatile and great to use as a car decal font or for laptops, phone covers, water bottles, and all kinds of vinyl stickers.

4. Okie Doko

Maybe it’s my love of all things retro, but I find this decal font stunning. It’s inspired by old Western slab serifs, with a more modern, simpler twist. You do need to purchase it, but the pack includes a few different widths, so you could use it for various purposes.  

okie doko font

5. Epicgant

You may not think this classy serif is one the best fonts for decals at first glance, but remember that stickers come in all shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of contexts. For example, a beauty brand might wish to create cute freebies for loyal customers. A simple message written in this gorgeous typeface will do the trick.

epicgant sticker font

6. Voneto

This stunning font inspired by Roman letters would make a great water bottle sticker or a nice branded sticker for a fashion company. The ancient feel of the letters pairs well with modern, cute illustrations to create a striking contrast.

And if you want a cute and free illustration to pair with this typeface, check out our free illustration library!  

voneto sticker font

7.  Chuten

Another bold retro contender, Chuten, would make a stunning font for decals. The style mixes Art Nouveau and 1960s psychedelia, and this quirky font marries the two perfectly.

chuten sticker font

Sans serif fonts

Sans serif fonts are in high demand for many reasons, but one of the main ones is high readability (Arial being one of the most widely used fonts, for that matter). This makes them the perfect choice for font stickers, particularly for more practical than stylistic purposes.

For example, bumper stickers need to be legible, as the driver behind you will not have time to decode a cursive font to figure out there is a baby in the backseat.

If you find yourself googling “How big do fonts need to be for printing decals,” then readability is likely a significant factor in the design. Opting for a san serif font will help ensure that your message comes across.  

8. Sequel Sans Black Body Text

Among the more popular fonts, this next entry is a simple sans serif font, perhaps so simple that it can come off as bland. But that’s where the message comes in.

As the font seems very clean and professional, writing a witty or cynical message can give the sticker a satirical factor. Slightly reminiscent of the Off-White company’s logo and colors, its class and simplicity make this font versatile for various purposes.

9. DK Lemon Yellow Sun

This playful and jolly font is free for personal use and great for adding a personal and casual touch to any sticker design. The font name is indicative of its quality, giving off a positive and innocent feeling.

Each letter has a slightly deformed appearance, giving it a handwritten font look. This makes it perfect for custom text decals—getting your convictions or viewpoints out on a sticky surface for everyone to see.

10. Savior Sans

If you need something that would work equally well as a water bottle or car decal font, this might be it. With 9 different weights and 3 widths, this sticker pack is pretty versatile. It’s definitely worth the purchase for anyone looking to make it big in selling custom stickers!

savior sans

11. Misto Font

This funky font is free for personal and commercial use and makes a fantastic font for decals. It’s also one of the few fonts available that have the Cyrillic alphabet included.

misto sticker font

12. Tanga

Let’s switch gears a bit with a display font that’s very futuristic and exciting. It’s not an ideal car decal font since it’s not very legible.

But for a custom initials sticker or a funky addition to your water bottle, it’s a smashing option. It’s virtually free for personal use: at $4, it costs less than an elaborate Starbucks drink.

tanga sticker font

13. Street Sign Sans

Here’s another bold sans serif type, perfect for text stickers that seek to grab your attention. It has much better legibility than the previous one but still delivers a powerful impact (reminds me of iconic Tarantino movie posters).

street sign sticker font

14. Gin & Jus

This is one of the more versatile fonts for decals on the list. The crisp lettering design can look both cute and edgy, depending on the rest of the design. It’s undoubtedly a valuable asset if you want to build your online sticker shop.

gin and jus sticker font

Script fonts

Script and cursive fonts are made to resemble handwriting or calligraphy. They add a breath of creativity to any text. Their dynamic and fluid nature, as opposed to the static quality of sans serif typefaces, helps capture attention and give text cohesion, an artistic vibe, and elegance.

15. Winter Day Script Streak

This beautifully textured script font appears to be written with brush streaks (indicative of the name). It's a captivating font, perfect for simpler sticker designs, such as name decals. The individual letters are also interesting enough to be used for monograms,  labeling your personal belongings, or in the form of a signature for your business.

16. Prague Metronome Hairline

A calligraphy-style font, this next entry is a personal yet elegant choice for business card stickers, quotation kiss-cut decals, wedding invitation stickers, and many more.

The frilly and long tails at the beginning and end of the letters on each line give it a beautiful decorative look and the appearance of being written by hand.

17. Hey Beibeh

Perhaps the best font for celebratory events, this cursive typeface will work perfectly for vinyl decals (stickers that can be used on various surfaces). Given the font's character (suitable for special occasions and decoration purposes), it is an excellent choice for using a metallic material.

18. Her Name is Rie

Not every decal font needs to be super intricate and decorative. Like this cute free font, a simpler alternative is ideal for creating stickers with a meaningful message that needs to be legible. It has a human feel, so even the simplest stickers will look custom-made.

her name is rie

19.  Klostro

Klostro is a blackletter font that would fit perfectly as a car decal font or, even better, on a motorcycle. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea (I’m having flashbacks of pretentious goth kids from my high school). Still, for a select audience, it could be the perfect match!

klostro sticker font

20. Wild Youth

This lovely script looks perfect for stickers with motivational (or, dare I say, basic) quotes. Like it or not, it is a popular type of sticker design, and this font is versatile enough to work with just about any design or background. The commercial license is a bargain at just $16!

wild youth sticker font

Tip: Mix and match!

Now that you have a compilation of fonts to use in your next sticker design, here’s one more tip before you go: try combining them to create an even more mesmerizing design!

This following design by Designs111 features a sans serif and script fonts together, adding dimension and stylistic value to the sticker design.

Further reading

Now that you know where you can find cool sticker fonts, it’s time for some further design tips.

What are some popular sticker shapes and sizes? How big do fonts need to be for printing decals? Make sure to check out our Sticker Shapes and Sizes Guide.

For more ideas and inspiration for sticker designs, check out our article Best Sticker Ideas.

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