Best Sizes for Popular Sticker Designs

Learn everything you need to know about popular sticker shapes and sizes: from phone case sticker packs to bumper stickers.

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May 12, 2024

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Are you looking to make extra money online selling custom stickers? Or wondering what size stickers to get for yourself? We’re here to help you pick the best sticker size for each type of design.

Custom die-cut stickers are extremely popular these days: from water bottles to bumper stickers, there are tons of great sticker ideas, for both independent artists and those who want to decorate their gadgets and personal objects.

But how to choose the best size for your custom decal?  

Firstly, always bear in mind the placement of your stickers and choose the size accordingly—if you want to create a cute decal for a phone case, make sure it’s not too big for most standard phones. Also, remember to take into account the intended use—opt for durable vinyl stickers over those printed on sticker paper if you want them to be waterproof.

Below, we’ll look at some of the most popular sticker sizes and what type of stickers they are most suitable for.

custom sticker size comparison.jpg


Small circle stickers—1-2″

Smaller size stickers which are 1-2 inches big are great for phone case sticker packs, tablets and laptops. They can be glossy or matte, and look best in brighter colors so that they are easily noticeable.

The relatively small size allows for sticker printing in bulk, so you can create a themed sticker sheet with several different die-cut stickers that match a popular theme like summer, VSCO, or cute animals. Another budget-friendly idea for sticker printing is roll stickers which can be good for adding a seasonal decoration for your product packaging or greeting cards.  

As a size reference, a 1-inch circle sticker is about the size of a quarter, while a 2-inch sticker is about the size of an Oreo cookie.

sticker size graphic 1.png

Business card rectangular stickers—3.5x2″

A standard business card is 3.5x2 inches (8.9x5 cm), but this is also one of the most popular custom sticker sizes.

These rectangle stickers can be good for wordmark logo stickers that you can use as custom labels on shopping bags, or greeting cards for your customers. Because of their association with business cards, this sticker size is perfect for easily applicable name tags.

If you want to give out brochures and flyers with answers to FAQs about your business, it’s a great idea to create your own sticker business card. This way people don’t have to worry about losing your contact details and can always get in touch.

sticker size graphic 2.png

Square stickers—3x3”, 5x5”

This type of sticker is great for photo stickers or artwork as the details will be clearly visible.

Sticker printing in bulk can also be a good choice here, or you can print them separately to create nice giveaways for your customers.

The bigger size stickers are great for laptops, while smaller square stickers (e.g. 3 inches) are perfect for reusable water bottles or hydro flasks.

sticker size graphic 3.png

Big circle stickers—3-5”

Bigger round stickers are similarly eye-catching like square stickers in the same size, however because of their dynamic shape they have an even wider range of possible uses.

This bold decal will look great on a motorcycle helmet or as car stickers, but will also make very cute giveaways (think something universal like an emoji sticker). This type of decal is also wonderful for decorating notebooks and yearbooks.

This custom size is great for white vinyl stickers, which are used for decorating home appliances such as fridges, watching machines etc. Remember that vinyl stickers are more durable than ones printed on sticker paper so are good for use outdoors or on surfaces that you may want to wash or clean.

sticker size graphic 4.png

Custom labels—3x2”, 4x3”

Label sizes vary quite a bit depending on the type of product, but there are a few custom sizes that will be fitting for most product labels.

The 3x2 and 4x3  inches labels are great for most types of product packaging such as jars, bottles, bags and boxes.

They can also be used as wine labels in which case you can print pairs of sticker sheets: one label for the front and the other for the backside, where you can note down product information or your business story.

sticker size graphic 5.png

Oval stickers—1.5x2”

Oval stickers are another great idea for product packaging, and they’re most commonly found on paper coffee cups. They are also great for use on different types of food packaging, for example, transparent cellophane. Small oval stickers are also the perfect way to decorate free samples of your product, as they will look good on most types of packaging.

The best way to print this type of sticker is a roll label, which can contain up to a couple of hundred stickers.

The most popular oval sticker sizes are 1.5x2 and 2x3 inches.

sticker size graphic 6.png

Bumper stickers—11.5x3”

A car decal is quite versatile, however, there’s no doubt that funny one-liners, quotes or political messages are the most popular sticker design. This means it’s even more important to pick the best custom size: make it too big and the sticker might not fit on the car; too small and people won’t be able to read your message.

It’s also really important to choose the right font for this type of stickers; it’s ok to be creative but not at the cost of legibility.

The most common bumper sticker size is 11.5x3  inches. There are a few more popular sizes, however, bear in mind that when it comes to shapes, a rectangle sticker will probably be the best fit on most car makes and models (some of which may have narrow bumper space). If you’d like a custom shape, make sure it’s cut to size that will fit on most car makes and models.

sticker size graphic 7.png

Need more sticker guidance?

This list includes the best sticker sizes for some common sticker designs which many independent artists design and sell online.

If you’re not sure what would look good, I recommend you download one of the sticker templates and play around with your ideas.

If you’re after something a little more complicated like a laptop skin or large car decal, don’t forget that our team of designers is here to help! Turnaround time is just 1-2 business days, so if you want completely custom stickers made from scratch just for you, make sure to check out how it works.

Learn everything you need to know about popular sticker shapes and sizes: from phone case sticker packs to bumper stickers.

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