20 Cool and Urban Streetwear Logos

Need a cool logo for your new streetwear brand? Take a look at these awesome examples to get your creative gears turning.

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October 3, 2023

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Need a cool logo for your new streetwear brand? Take a look at these awesome examples to get your creative gears turning.

To many young people across the globe, streetwear is the highest form of fashion and a status symbol. Gen Z, for example, loves the baggy and urban look, especially because streetwear is most commonly genderless, comfortable and what their idols are wearing. Think of Rihanna, Kanye West and Billie Eilish. To my millennial mind used to seeing Paris Hilton having a Louis Vuitton bag for her chihuahua, that’s a whole other world.

But, be it the gender-unassuming look, Supreme’s supreme rule in youth fashion, or the many collaborations stars have done with sports brands, streetwear is here to stay, and it seems it’s the best time to launch your own line.

Before you start developing your streetwear brand, take a look at these logos and marks from a global community of designers and creators. After all, your logo is going to be the main thing on most of the clothing and accessories you’re going to sell, so it needs to be perfect.


Think a simple logotype is not enough? Just remember how effective and good looking Supreme logo is. Here are some smaller, younger brands that employed this tactic and created versatile wordmarks.

1. 223

Latin or Roman numerals? Why not both? This youthful streetwear brand created a logotype that combines both numerals and a barcode look, to refer to the name 223.]

2. Concreted

Concreted Clothing is a streetwear brand and company of surfers, skaters and riders. The wordmark written in the AlphaHealine and Muller font families reflects the ideology of street movements, and their ideas of freedom, openness and independence.

The wordmark is applied in multiple forms and variations, such as an abbreviation, monocolor or multiple color versions.

3. Robak Red One®

This logo designed for a brand collaboration has a strong visual identity and distinctive features. Robak means bug, and bugs are a continuous symbol that is illustrated on these streetwear and graffiti spray can products. The font and logomark are organic, raw and very much alike insects in their forms.

4. Decente™

Similar to the Supreme logo, Decente has a slightly italicized, bold sans serif font that is applicable to anything. For extra versatility, they are using it in multiple versions.

5. Futura/Futuro

By using a geometric font, this brand created a cool wordmark that expresses the gender-neutral fashion they created. Futura and Futuro, in male and female nouns, are meant to express genderlessness in fashion in the future.

6. Jun Usama

Usually, sans serif fonts rule the streetwear logos, since they are more youthful and approachable-looking, unlike the traditional and reliable look of serifs. However, this streetwear brand went with a classy gothic serif, that looks quite well in this emblem.

7. Illicit

And yet, here is another serif font logotype, that, combined with the black, white and red color palette, has a strong and piercing look.
Cameron Simms

8. Astro Nuts

This concept that is a play on words, has an astronaut helmet infused in the wordmark, which makes it a visually rich and somewhat funny example.

9. Blank Round

Blank Round, an Aussie brand, wants its customers to feel like they are the art piece. That is why their minimalist logo is a frame that people can add their own art to, or simply leave it empty so that the focus is put on them.


Illustrations have always been an integral part of street fashion and culture, from graffiti art to stickers, custom-made skateboards and tattoos. Some streetwear brands created custom illustrated logos to represent their brand image and values, and of course, apply them on their apparel.

10. Black Rabbit

This dark, distorted, and hyperbolically scary cartoon character is a fitting look for a hi and youthful streetwear brand.

11. Toxic Lemon

This European fashion brand has carefully sourced fabrics and great treatment of their employees, and unlike their name, they’re far from toxic. The logo they have, however, is a cartoon illustration that is a quirky and applicable look that looks amazing on their products.

12. Race to Death

This concept for a streetwear logo is perfect for biker’s jackets, vinyl stickers and helmets. The pink illustration fits perfectly in the black and white combination and sans serif wordmark.

13. The Anonymous Project

Although not a fashion logo, but a one-time project by an organization, this design is effective, unique and socially inspired. It was designed for a fashion apparel for the foundation Anonymous Project, that helps homeless people in the US. The idea behind this apparel collection “is the spotlight on the anonymous, the scream of the voiceless”.

14. Strategic Apparel

This badge logo design concept is very hip and contemporary, and the pink and black palette is quite unusual in streetwear brands, which mostly opt for striking red or neon colors.

15. Ignite Clan

This cool logo meant for apparel and stickers was inspired by the 30s cartoons and comic styles, and found its place in contemporary use on hip clothing.

Brand marks and monograms

A small and memorable mark makes all the difference in brand memorability. Think of Nike’s checkmark or the Tommy Hilfiger flag. Here are some streetwear brands that added a graphic mark to their wordmarks, or simply created a monogram of the brand’s initials.

16. Longtree

This extremely minimalist logo belongs to Longtree, a New York high street apparel brand that carries “a mysterious and exclusive essence”. Its products, as the designers say, are always black and white and its customers are looking for exclusivity, minimalism, elegance and boldness, which are translated to the design of the brand and its clothes.

17. Pinctada

Pinctada Apparel comes from Western Australia, Broome, which is a small town famous for its pearling history. This logo aims to capture that history and the sense of exploration, adventure, nature, community, style & purpose. It is itself based on the copper helmet that pearl divers would wear when diving into the deep sea to collect and farm pearls.

18. Hypetify

This online streetwear garage opted for a bold, minimalist and geometric brandmark, that resembles old-school graffiti styles.

19. Alternate Future

This logo redesign belongs to a Latvian streetwear brand, and merges the letters A and F into a sleek, minimalist monogram.

20. Revolution Streetwear

The last example in our selection uses the most famous symbol of revolution: a tightened first, as their mark.

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