Famous Fashion Logos That Will Help You Tailor Your Own

Learn what makes a fashion logo iconic and tailor your own design, inspired by our list of clothing, luxury, and shoe brands.

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October 3, 2023

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From vintage, extravagant, and ever-green, to modern and urban, fashion logos should reflect the finesse and quality of the designs they represent. Take a look at some of the most famous and best fashion logos we’ve seen, and learn about what makes them good.

Fashion brands, in a way, have a responsibility to have good logos. As people who dictate and reinvent the way we dress, fashion designers are expected to present themselves in the best way possible. Fashion reflects our culture, geography, heritage, and economic well-being. It is much more than a garment, and the logo design and branding of a fashion house should stand the test of time and… stay in fashion.

Signature as the logo

When it comes to fashion labels, we often buy the product because of the person who created it. So, if you’re a famous designer, it makes sense to use your own signature as the logo. Here are some creators whose signature makes their own logo.

1.Oscar De La Renta

The Dominican designer who is best known for dressing Jacqueline Kennedy had a prolific career, from building up his own brand to working for high-end fashion brands like Lanvin and Balmain. He was famous for his knack to combine old-world craftsmanship with the modern, and just like his designs, for his logo he opted for a simple, but modern solution: a plain calligraphy signature.

oscar de la renta

2.Christian Louboutin

The creator of the revered high heels with signature red soles also uses his paraph as his logo. The first name is added above the surname written in his handwriting, with the curve of the “L” serving as a “C”. The whole composition oddly resembles an arch of a high heel.

christian louboutin

3.Giuseppe Zanotti

Zanotti is an Italian luxury footwear designer, whose designs are often unapologetic, cool, and statement-making. His signature logo, quite similarly, is simple but in-your-face.

giuseppe zanotti


Stüssy is diametrically different than the other brands in this category: it’s a streetwear brand highly adopted in the hip hop and skateboarding cultures. The company founder and main creator Shawn Stussy used his handwriting as a logo in 1980, and it’s been on so many t-shirts, sneakers, and hoodies ever since.


Vintage and iconic

Many fashion labels have an unapologetic and brave aesthetic, which is the exact reason why they became household names and rulers of the haute couture industry. Their logos are equally iconic and have been around for so long, that they are vintage now.


When Gianni Versace founded his fashion empire in 1978, he wanted the logo to immediately lure people in and let them know they’ll fall in love when they see his clothes. That’s why he used Medusa, a character from Greek mythology who stoned men with her gaze. In a late version of this myth, according to the poet Ovid, she caused men to fall in eternal love with her. This vintage logo consists of a portrait of Medusa in a Greek marble sculpture style, and Greek keys framing her. The company name (and surname of the designer) is below in serif letters.



The original Givenchy mark consists of quadruple “G”s forming a square, which is a Celtic motif. It has been in use since the French designer Hubert de Givenchy started the fashion house in 1952. However, in 2003 the fashion brand hired graphic designer Paul Barnes to create the wordmark in a serif typeface.


7.Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli’s logo features a crest of a Gryphon and a tower. This heraldic sign represents the town of Solomeo in Umbria, which has a lot of importance for the designer. The Gryphon represents perfection and power in Greek mythology, and the tower represents Solomeo. Solomeo, according to the creator’s website, lies deep in Brunello’s heart as it represents the core of his family, business, and spiritual life.

brunello cucinelli

8.The Vampire’s Wife

This brand is one of the newer ones on this list, even though the crest might make you think otherwise. The designer Susie Cave turned to design clothing pieces as a way to cope with grief but accidentally created a global phenomenon. Her clothes are modest, yet bursting with femininity and fine detail. The crest is reminiscent of her homeland’s traditional emblems (she’s English), but the floral pattern and tiny black bird stuck inside the two-headed eagle are details that reflect her designs.

the vampire-s wife

9.Ralph Lauren

Featuring a Roman-style font and an engraved polo horseman, the Ralph Lauren emblem is one that stood the test of time. It is applied to clothes produced by the fashion brand, and it mostly serves as a word and symbol game, since the brand started producing polo shirts in the 1970s and made them a thing.

ralph lauren


This American brand specializes in luxury goods and accessories, mostly handbags. It was founded in 1941 in Manhattan and has been producing fine products with the same logo encrusted on them since. Similarly to the Ralph Lauren logo, it is a wordplay: the carriage is also called a coach. Underneath it, the business name is written in a custom serif typeface, bold and attractive.



Fashion plays with form and flow, and luxury brands do everything by hand. It’s suitable for them to use a handwritten font as a logotype. Here are some of the best of them.


Ray-Ban, named for the main function of sunglasses—banning rays from the sun—is the epitome of coolness for many generations. Their Wayfarer and Aviator sunglasses were mostly bought by the US military, but after Top Gun came out, everyone wanted to be cool like Tom Cruise.

Naturally, their logo design is as effortlessly cool as their products: just a cursive, bold wordmark with a handwritten feel. It is originally designed to be red, but it’s used in other colors and variations as well.

ray ban


This French manufacturer of luxury jewelry and watches is known for the extravagant and classy diamond necklaces, earrings, and watches we see at every Oscars red carpet. It’s only fitting that its logo is in beautiful cursive handwriting.


13.Salvatore Ferragamo

This fashion logo design is based on the signature of the designer but has a refined typeface created around the original. It’s both a signature-turned-logo and a cursive typeface, but since the last redesign in 1982, it strayed away from being just a signature. The logo is used in both a monochrome variation or a red and white alternative.

salvatore ferragamo


The Swiss watch and jewelry manufacturer has a playful and elegant logo: the company name in elegant handwriting. The C and H with extra swooshes and hoops make it organic and flowing easily.



This American athletic wear brand sports an iconic C with the colors of the flag and custom cursive typeface. The “big C” as a logomark is engraved on the left sleeve or legging of the products.



Although many fashion houses opt for sans serif fonts since they are cleaner and more elegant, some designers have a more organic and playful signature style. So they make sure the logos reflect that too.

16.Alexander McQueen

This famous British designer made a noticeable icon out of two letters of his surname. The letter C inside the letter Q is now the variation of the wordmark, used on some of his products. The font is a standard serif with a lot of space between the letters, that makes it playful, but tidy.

Alexander McQueen

17. Cacharel

This Parisian women’s boutique turned into global clothing and perfume line has a logo that’s the definition of serif. The logo uses a didone font, which is a genre of serif fonts, characteristic for the dramatic contrast between the thin and thick lines.


Sans serif

Sans serif fonts have a professional, elite and serious character. But some fashion brands managed to give their own feel to these fonts and combine that professionalism with artistry.

18.Miu Miu

Miu Miu is a subsidiary brand owned by Prada, Italian-born and based in France. Since it was founded, Miuccia Prada wanted to make it distinctive from the mother brand, so it had to have a brave and provocative visual identity, even for a high fashion industry member.

The typeface of its wordmark has bold and smooth lines, and it’s all lowercase. The letters are very thick, with rounded angles. The letters M and U have a line through them. Even though it’s a whimsical and in-your-face, the typeface uses no serifs.

miu miu


Pandora is a world-favorite brand that brings authenticity to the table, but at a more affordable price than other jewelry brands. Their logo includes a font that some might not agree is sans serif—it has extremely subtle curvatures in the ends of the letters. Before the last redesign in 2019, the brand used the Optima typeface but changed it for a custom one. The small crown over the letter “O” is a cute little accessory (just like their most famous products!) and used as an icon in packaging and engraving.


20.Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs uses the Engravers Gothic Bold font, which on itself feels very generic. But the brand slightly customized it, putting more space between the letters. The fashion house decided on this simple emblem because the trends are easily changeable and ready to wear fashion has to look good no matter what.

marc jacobs


This logo tells a story: the founder of the Italian luxury brand was a Greek refugee who came to Naples after regular clashes between the Turkish and Greek armies in his home country. He changed his original name, Sotiris Boulgaris, into Sotirio Bulgari, and gave his jewelry boutique the same name. He chose a lapidary antique font that merges both his heritage and the heritage of the country he inhabited, infusing some ancient Greek and Roman characteristics, such as the “U” written as a “V”.



This English brand is proud of its place of origin, so they added “London, England” beneath the brand name. In 2018, the logo was redesigned by Peter Saville, art director and logo designer best known for the iconic cover of Joy Division’s album, “Unknown Pleasures”. He made a huge difference in the redesign: the wordmark used to be cursive with both uppercase and lowercase letters. Now, it’s all uppercase, sans serif and plain.



Designers also often used their initials to form a unique monogram or emblem. Some of them also make iconic patterns that elevate their designs and give them a breath of uniqueness.

23. Louis Vuitton

The interlocking “L” and “V” make this monogram, which is probably the most popular one in the world. The brand that started as a luggage business, started using this monogram in 1896, when George Vuitton, Louis’s son, created it. More than a hundred years later, it’s the most counterfeited logo in history.

louis vuitton


Another classic monogram that is versatile and unique, is the Chanel logo. The two interlocking, back to back “C” letters are the initials of the designer and brand founder Coco Chanel.



Whether or not Guccio Gucci was inspired by the Chanel logo when he formed his brand 11 years later than Coco, no one is sure. But he has the same concept: opposite facing Gs for his initials. This logo, however, is perfectly symmetrical.


26.Victoria’s Secret

This lingerie high-fashion brand has a mystical and playful emblem, combined with a serif all-caps wordmark. The S is wrapped around the V, like a vine around a tree. The reason for this illusion is not exactly known, so I guess you could say they kept their secret.

victoria-s secret


This interesting monogram is not the combination of two initials, but the two Fendi creators: husband and wife Edoardo and Adele. They both had a career as designers before marrying but established their fashion house together in 1925. Apart from the emblem with two Fs, the brand name is written in the simple Helvetica font, in all capital letters.


28.Jimmy Choo

This high-end British shoe brand has a unique monogram and a custom typeface to accompany it. The J curls up inside the C, giving a feel of motion to the monogram. The O’s in the wordmark is perfectly circular and wider than the other letters, giving it a gracious feel.

jimmy choo


Okay, this is not a monogram, but more of a pictogram. It features the letter V inside an elliptical enclosure and a wordmark with a very elegant serif font with classic proportions.


Symbols and icons

Fashion houses also accompany their wordmarks with symbols or icons that explain their brand story better. Here are some good examples of this strategy.

30. Adidas

Adidas is sporting the iconic three stripes designed by the founder Adi Dassler for decades now. They represent a mountain, or a challenge yet to be conquered. They are combined with rounded, bold typography to create an even more striking effect.

They have a second logo, the trefoil, that they use only on their traditional, best-selling vintage products.



The Swiss luxury watchmakers Wilsdorf and Davis created the logo their company uses to this day in 1925. It features a five-pointed golden crown above the brand name in green text. It is symbolic of their slogan, “A Crown for Every Achievement”. They chose the colors to symbolize their excellence in watchmaking (gold) and prosperity (green).


32 & 33.Quiksilver and Roxy

Quiksilver is a favorite amongst adventure sports fans and surfers, so I guess you could say it’s the underdog of the fashion business. The Australian brand has a logo with a cresting wave and snow-capped mountains, symbolizing excellence and authenticity. It is directly inspired by “The Wave of Kanagawa”, a famous Japanese woodcut.


After they launched Roxy, a female sportswear brand, they made its logo a heart from two mirroring Quiksilver logos.



The Nike swoosh is more than just a simple checkmark. It echoes the brand’s slogan: “Just do it”, and represents movement, determination, simplicity, affirmation.


Contemporary and clean

Some brands like to have cleaner and more modern logos, that will reverberate better with current audiences. Here are some of the better examples of this approach.


This brand is best known for the Chuck Taylor All Star retro shoes that never went out of trend. It’s a favorite for alt-rock lovers, skaters, and other hip subcultures. They redesigned their wordmark with a star in the “O” in 2017, and now have a logo that features the star against a chevron, which is a design element often used in their shoes.



This curated and luxurious online fashion store has a very minimalistic business logo. It is a rather small and emerging brand, with a sleek logo design. It is less known than other names on the list but has a modern and beautiful logo.


37.The North Face

The North Face is famous for its outdoor clothing and is said to be inspired by mountaineers. The company logo has a hidden meaning. It is inspired by the “Half Dome” peak in Yosemite National Park, which has one side of a sheer granite face, and other three sides that are smooth and round. That makes it look like a dome cut in half. The North Face logo, created by graphic designer David Alcorn in 1971, features a quarter-circle representing The Half Dome, and the brand name in the Helvetica Bold typeface.

the north face


The Spanish fashion brand with a knack for youthful and colorful designs used to have a simple logo with a flipped S. But in 2019, they made it even more unordinary and brave, when they mirrored the whole logo and added a dot. Desigual in Spanish means “not the same”, so it’s perfectly fitting for their vision.



Some brand logos do their best to show the potential customer the origin of the products. Switzerland is the motherland of luxurious watches, and Italy is well known for fine works and luxury fashion goods. So often brands play with the flags as well.


Tissot watches are luxurious, fashionable, and, well, made in Switzerland. That’s why the logo of this company consists of a small Swiss flag icon and the letter T.



Swatch did the same thing as Tissot, adding the Swiss flag in their logo. Even the name is a coin of “Swiss watch”, so it’s very self-explanatory.


41.Tommy Hilfiger

This premium clothing company and its eponymous designer are proud of the heritage and culture that inspires the clothes, so he infused the colors of the American flag in his logo. It’s a clothing logo you’ll find embedded in all their products.

tommy hilfiger


Some clothing brands, mostly retail and affordable ones, go for a colorful option instead of the monochromatic, elegant look. Here are some of them to offer you different logo ideas.


Levi’s is the world’s most famous jeans manufacturer, known for the quality, endurance, and cultural relevance of its products. Their logo is originally in dark red and white, which is a statement on itself. Levi’s is the oldest clothing brand in the US, founded by Levi Strauss in 1872.



Supreme really has a supreme way of dealing with their brand and marketing. They’re the most famous streetwear brand in the world, dropping new collections at random and making fans anticipate their new items and wondering where to get them. They are everywhere on social media, and the cool kids have always been fans. Apart from being a marketing phenomenon, this brand is a favorite amongst youth. That is exactly why their red and white logo is so unapologetic and simple.



H&M is a very affordable and omnipresent brand. You probably have at least one of their items on a hanger in your wardrobe. They took the initials of both founders, Hennes and Mauritz, and added an ampersand between them. Using a bright red color and a texture that almost feels like it’s written with a marker makes it more distinctive.



Benetton has its own typeface, the Benetton sans, and has an interesting logo. It has the slogan “United Colors of Benetton” as the logo itself. The slogan used to be “All the colors of the world”, but after changing it, the clothing brand applied it to the logo.


Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.

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