The 14 Best Design Marketplaces to Buy Creative Assets

Looking to buy creative assets or sell your design work? Here are 18 best design marketplaces you need to check out!

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May 17, 2024

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Freelancers of all skill sets utilize design marketplaces to sell ready-made designs. In many cases, you can even hire these freelancers to create custom graphics. 

Although this isn’t always the best way of getting your hands on professional graphics (skip to the end to discover the most efficient way), these marketplaces are certainly one of the most viable options on the design market today.

So if you’re looking to up your creative asset arsenal, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected 14 of the biggest, best, and most well-known graphic design marketplaces to help you find whatever type of graphic you need.

1. EnvatoMarket

EvantoMarket is part of a larger product line from Evanto that aims to provide digital assets for any project. In addition to templates of all kinds, users can download illustrations, backgrounds, sound effects, and a lot more.

The biggest drawback to this approach is that there’s not much of an option for working with a designer for custom designs. Prices for access to these pre-designed assets start at 14.50€/month.

2. Etsy

Among the millions of other gadgets, gifts, and items that can be found on Etsy, it also serves as a fairly reliable freelance design marketplace. It’s not necessarily a designer-for-hire service like some of the other options on this list provide, but it is a decent option for quick creative assets and downloads.

Due to the nature of Etsy as a creative design market, prices vary. There are some digital designs for as little as a couple of cents, but they can go up to several hundred depending on the project.

3. Canva

At this point, you’re probably already familiar with Canva. Truthfully, there’s no such thing as a Canva marketplace, but it’s still a good playground for designing your own graphics. Nonetheless, it’s still a great option for anyone feeling a little creative and looking to save a buck when it comes to creating infographics, presentations, and other simple assets.

Canva offers a free plan, but it is highly limited. Paid plans start at $120/year for a single person and $100/year per person for teams of three or more. Both plans offer more assets and features than the free version.

4. Freepik

Freepik is much like Canva in the sense that it gives the user the ability to create images on their own. But, what Freepik offers is a little more sophisticated, as it mainly focuses on downloadable assets. Users can utilize an extensive library of images, videos, textures, and more to create something truly unique. 

As the name suggests, Freepik does offer a free version, but it is limited to only 10 downloads per day. Premium plans start at 9€/month if paid yearly.

5. Pixels Market

Pixels Market is a massive design marketplace where users can download over 10,000 illustrations for free. Users can search through dozens of different styles and categories to find the perfect fit for their project.

What’s more, users can request custom illustrations through a quick and simple board. If that’s still not enough, there’s also a way to hire a designer through ManyPixels built directly into Pixels Market.

6. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a well-known stock image marketplace that offers a huge variety of creative images, vectors, photos, AI images, and more. It’s not necessarily a graphic design marketplace, but the assets it offers could certainly be used in a number of designs and creative projects.

Prices at Shutterstock start at 11€, but that only covers 2 images. The subscription-based pricing starts at 2.90€/month if you opt for the annual plan.

7. Designcrowd 

Designcrowd is a freelance design marketplace where users can select a designer based on a huge list of criteria. Filter through designers based on country, city, specialties, and more. It’s a great avenue for those looking for logo, business card, letterhead, and even menu designs.

Designcrowd is a bit cryptic with pricing. They don’t seem to have any specific details on the cost, but they do mention that it starts at $99.

8. Design Cuts

Design Cuts is a premium graphic design marketplace where users can filter through and pinpoint the perfect creative asset for their project. You can find fonts, templates, graphics, and even toolkit bundles with holiday themes.

Design Cuts works on a per-project pricing model, which means each graphic will be differently priced from the last. Just to give a little insight, there are graphics as low as $1.

9. Behance

Behance is one of the world’s leading design marketplaces where users can hire freelancers based on their specific skill set or purchase ready-made designs. Categories include graphic design, illustration, photography, UX/UI, and more. 

Prices vary based on the individual designers, but the designers themselves can pay for Behance Pro, which supplies better tools for showcasing their works for 12.72€/month.

10. Dribbble

Dribbble is another massive design marketplace designated to help pair users with the right designers or purchase designs. The layout is very similar to many of the mentions on this list, showcasing designers based on their work in a grid layout.

Dribbble is completely free to use, with the only fees tied to the designer, not the platform. Like Behance, designers can pay for a pro version of Dribbble, giving them access to better sales and engagement tools. Dribbble Pro is $8/month, but only if billed annually.

11. Redbubble 

Redbubble is a design marketplace specifically for products like T-shirts, phone cases, wall art, and more. These aren’t digital designs that can be downloaded but are instead physical products that can be ordered directly to your door. Think of it like Etsy, but for design only.

There are a huge number of designs you can choose, from, all filtered by the product they go on. Speaking of filters, you can also sort products based on your budget, ranging from just a couple of dollars, all the way up to over a hundred dollars.

12. Creative Market

Creative Market is a massive design marketplace where users can sort through and pick from thousands of illustration styles, typographies, creative concepts, and more. What’s particularly unique about this platform is that it offers stock video designs, too. 

Creative Market offers some free downloads, but they are limited to only a handful. Aside from that, each project is priced individually. For example, fonts and typography range from roughly $10 to several hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you want the full bundle.

13. Graphic Mama

Graphic Mama is unique on this list because of the niche that it serves, offering cartoon characters as one of their main products. These characters make great digital assets for company mascots or other interesting content mediums.

Graphic Mama’s pricing works on a credit system, assigning a certain number of credits to each design. Individual credits can be purchased for as little as $3.98, but the real value comes from the bundles. Bundles start at $4.49 for 16 credits, and go all the way up to $198 for 250 credits. Keep in mind, though, that some designs can cost as much as 20 or more credits.

14. Vecteezy

Last on this list, Vecteezy is a design marketplace where users can choose from a selection of vectors, photos, videos, templates, and more to add a little extra flare to their project. 

Vecteezy has a few options for free downloads, but it’s nothing to shake a stick at. The full utilization of the platform is unlocked through their pro subscription, which starts at 8.99€/month if opting for yearly billing.


There are many design marketplaces out there to choose from. However, these marketplaces are no substitute for a professional designer. You might need to spend hours scouring different marketplaces. Ultimately, you have to waste more time adapting the visuals to fit your needs.

The most efficient way to get your hands on professional graphics is to use a service like ManyPixels. 

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