All You Need to Know About Placing an Order on Fiverr

Learn all about how Fiverr works in a few easy steps: how to find the best professionals, place an order, and understand how Fiverr payment works.

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July 22, 2020

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Learn all about placing an order on Fiverr and finding the best professionals, in a few simple steps.

If you’re a business owner in need of a freelancer, chances are you’ve turned to Fiverr to find the right fit. Making a buyer request on this platform might seem a bit complicated at first, but it’s actually easy. Here’s how to get that Fiverr gig.


Register an account

This is pretty obvious, but before you make your first order, you need to set up a Fiverr account.

The process is quite straightforward, you register with your email address and get a verification link to activate the account. You can then set up your name, bio and other details. Important tip: you can’t change the name on your Fiverr profile, so make sure you have no spelling mistakes or use the company name, in case you want to set up more accounts. use the right one.

Make use of the Fiverr search tools

Once you open the Fiverr website, you can see that it directly takes you to gigs, or offers Fiverr Sellers have made. Fiverr refers to freelancers who offer their services as “sellers”, and companies and individuals who order them as “buyers”.

The design is quite simple and easy to navigate, so you can see different offers, their price, rating and gig title (such as “I will be your SEO website content writer, article and blog writer”). You can sort the Fiverr gigs by either Relevance, Best Selling, or Newest Arrivals.

If you’re looking for the best possible quality of work, we advise using the Best Selling search filter, since those are sellers with many recommendations and proven quality work and timely delivery. If your budget, however, is smaller, you can try with Newest Arrivals, because new sellers usually have a lower rate. The Relevance search filter is pretty self-explanatory, and you should use it when you have a specific buyer request.

Fiverr goes above and beyond to help buyers find the right gig they need, so their filters are very accurate. There are plenty of other search tools that will make it easier for you to find a freelancer in many areas (digital marketing, social media management, logo design, WordPress maintenance, SEO and content writing, etc.)

A useful tip is to use the “Save” feature, so you can easily return to a seller’s profile without having to search for them all over again.

You can search by:

  1. Category (from Article Writing to Coding)
  2. Service Options (Topic, Language, What to include…)
  3. Seller Details (which Seller Level they are at, are they a Top Seller, languages they are fluent in…)
  4. Budget (setting a price range)
  5. Delivery time (from express 24-hour delivery, to anytime)

If this segmentation system isn’t enough, you can also choose to turn on three other helpful features: Pro Services (that come at a higher price), Local Sellers (sellers from your country, which can be helpful to eliminate language barriers), and Online Sellers (sellers who are online at the moment, and you can immediately step in contact with).

fiverr 1.png

Finding the right Fiverr gig

Now that you’ve used the great search engine this platform has, select a seller whose gig description and other details fit.

On a seller’s profile, you can see all the possible details that will help you make up your mind: gig description, rating, how many orders they have in queue, their level and service fee.

Most sellers have different rates for three different packages: Basic, Standard and Premium. The difference between the packages is the time of delivery, workload, scope, and number of revisions.

You can also check out reviews by previous buyers, a longer description of the gig, comparison of packages and more about the seller.

Assuming that you found the right gig and seller, let’s move onto the technical aspect of placing your Fiverr order.

Placing the order

After you’ve selected which plan works best for you, click on the “Continue” button.

That will take you to the “Customize your order” page, where you can see a summary of the quantity and workload the seller will do for you.

Make sure to add any extras if you have them now because otherwise, you’ll have to wait for 12 hours after making your order to add extra services.

fiverr 2.png

Select all the possible extra services you might need, and click on the “Order Now” button.

A very important tip: always contact your seller before buying. Fiverr allows you to message the sellers beforehand, and this will allow you to learn more about them, their work process, and finally, it will help you make sure it’s not a scam. You can learn other ways of avoiding Fiverr scams in our list of red flags to keep an eye on.

Also, if it’s your first time buying a service on Fiverr, do a test run. Order a smaller, cheaper project, and if it all goes smoothly, you can take onto bigger and more expensive requests.

Paying for your buyer request

There are a few options for paying for the freelancing gig of your choosing.

The first option is to use the money you might have in your Fiverr balance, but assuming this is the first time you’re placing an order, you most likely don’t have money there. Just in case you do, it has to be equal or greater than the amount of your order.

If your Fiverr balance is empty or your order is exceeding your balance situation, there are two options: PayPal or credit card.

For paying with PayPal, click continue and fill out your personal information and account details. When you’re done reviewing your order, click “Agree and Continue”

For paying with your credit card, it’s pretty much the same: fill out your details and click “Confirm & Pay”.

fiverr 3.png

What happens after paying?

Now that you’ve made your Fiverr order, make sure to fill out all the required information that your seller needs so they can start working.

Give them a short and detailed description of the project, brief them on anything extremely important, and attach files if needed. For example, if they’re working on a new logo, attach a mood board or branding guide. If they’re writing for your blog, attach a link so they can study tone of voice and previous work.

After you’re all set, you can click “Start Order”, and your Fiverr seller can start with their work.

For any other questions, you can try to find an answer on the Fiverr customer support page. Or read more about Fiverr and its main competitor Upwork in our comprehensive guide.

We hope this helped and that you’ll easily find the right freelancer for your project!

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