What Can You Get With Monthly Graphic Design Services?

Looking for reliable monthly graphic design services at a fair price? Learn what you can get with our unlimited design subscription - for under $550 a month!

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June 3, 2024

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Graphic Design Subscription

One-stop for all your designs. Flat monthly price, unlimited requests and revisions.

Every business needs design, but not everyone can afford to hire a designer full-time. So, are freelancers your only option? Absolutely not! Learn about our monthly graphic design services that you can get for just $549 a month!  

As a non designer, you shouldn't have to worry about how to price graphic design work. You should also be able to plan your work with reliable turnaround time, and assurance that your designer is available whenever you need them.

Monthly graphic design services are a way to get all your graphics at a fixed price. Graphic designer companies that offer such services are called unlimited design companies, and include big firms like Design Pickle, Penji and, of course, ManyPixels!

Our most affordable monthly plan called the Advanced plan costs just $549! But let’s not get caught up in the graphic design fees alone. Keep reading to learn exactly what you can get with this plan. 

What can you get with our $549 monthly graphic design service

Considering that graphic design cost per hour ranges from $25 to $50, it’s clear to see how a single design project can cost several hundred dollars

So, what can you get for virtually the same amount with a flat-rate graphic design service? Here’s a list of services that you can access with our Advanced plan.


Logos & branding

There’s no single piece of graphic design as significant as a logo. It’s the most recognizable aspect of your brand and vital for building customer loyalty.

Ordinarily, a logo design costs between $300 and $1,000 (although traditional design agencies often charge well over that). With ManyPixels, you can get a professional and entire brand identity design (a visual style guide) for just $549! Talk about a bargain!

mp logo graphics
mp brand guide graphics

Landing pages & simple web design

This is another type of project that can be very expensive elsewhere, making our $549 monthly design service really worth it.

We don’t do complex web design, and you’ll have to take care of web development yourself. However, if you already have a concept we can work with or want some basic designs to build on, this is a terrific way to go!

You can also get as many landing pages as you need. Improve your campaigns with custom landing pages, run A/B tests, and optimize your homepage for maximum conversions!

mp blog graphics

Blog graphics

If you’ve done your homework, you know a long-form blog article does well within search results. However, dense text doesn’t, so you’ll need to break up the article with a graphic now and then.

mp blog graphics

Book covers

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest here: we all do. Trying to sell your recipes in a cookbook with a bland, ugly cover just isn’t going to work.

mp book cover

With a unique and striking cover, you’ll give potential buyers that final little nudge to purchase. 

Brochures and booklets

A brochure or a booklet can hold a lot of information about your business and is easily distributed.

mp brochure

Place a brochure with a bespoke graphic design in a strategic place, and all of a sudden, you have a much wider reach.


Business cards

Ever gone through the awkward moment of trying to give someone your number by putting it directly into their phone? Then you know the importance of a business card.

mp business card

These handy little cards can effectively remind your contacts to reach out to them. If designed well, that is.

Business reports

Filled with hard facts and a lot of data, business reports can be tough to excite people with. But they are a way of showing off what your company has accomplished, which you want people to see.

mp report

Professional design will make all the difference in the world. Suddenly, your quarterly numbers are easy on the eye and understandable to everyone.

Presentation Design

Boring presentations? Not anymore! Elevate your pitch with striking visuals, and impress potential clients, business partners or investors!

Get them in your preferred format (PowerPoint, Google Slides or PDF). And don’t forget: our unlimited design subscription allows you to request as many slide decks as you want.


Digital ads

Advertisement is a big part of your business, and the digital possibilities are sky-high. But with all of your competitors competing for attention, too, your ads must look their absolute best.

mp ads

This takes a particular skill since a Facebook ad is completely different from an Instagram one. Therefore, leaving it up to professionals is a wise decision.


An e-book consists of long-form text that could become dull quickly. But curating it to become a powerful asset to your business can turn your e-book into a great way to generate leads.

mp ebook

Email graphics

Email campaigns are often at the center of digital marketing strategies. Receiving a ‘thank you’ email after your purchase, a newsletter from a brand you’re interested in, the scoop about a sale, etc.

mp email

Striking visuals can make them that much more engaging, leading to higher conversion rates.


If you need an affordable and cost-effective marketing tool, look no further than the flyer. You can use them to your advantage if designed well.

mp flyer

The flyer's design should be striking enough to grab attention but simple enough to see what the message is instantly. A designer can help you achieve this. 


With limited space on social media and a decreasing attention span, icons are your best friend. They can help quickly and effectively show your message to your audience. You can request custom icons, or even get some free designs from our icons library.

mp icon

Posters, billboards, and banners

Do you need something big to grab your audience's attention? How about a billboard or a banner? You can immediately show your brand to a large group of people.

mp billboard

Due to the size, designing one that keeps things simple but enticing is a highly-skilled job. But if done correctly, it could lead to a peak in your recognizability.  

Social media graphics

Posting consistent, striking graphics on your social channels is essential to engage with your audience. But between all the platforms available, things can get overwhelming quickly, with each having its own sizing options etc.

mp social media

Stationery designs

The key to successful branding is consistency. If you have a gorgeous website but present letters and invoices with a simple Word file, that detracts from your brand.

mp stationery

Stationery design is the graphic design service that can sort you right out. By instantly showing that you’re the sender, you boast consistency and recognizability for your brand.

Custom illustrations

It’s one of our most popular design requests, and for a good reason. While plenty of free illustrations are available online, getting something unique and custom can be pretty expensive.

We have many talented illustrators on our team, ready to create beautiful designs for you to use. Add them to infographics and blog posts, or use them in social media posts. You could even get an illustration of yourself to add that personal touch to your business and connect with potential customers. The possibilities are endless!

mp illustration

How does flat-rate graphic design work?

As you can see our graphic design flat-rate pricing model allows you to get dozens of different design projects at one fixed monthly price.

But how does it all work, exactly? Here’s a quick rundown. 

  1. You submit a request through our custom app. You can also create separate brand profiles, in case you run an agency and need designs for your clients.
  2. We assign your request to a designer. We’ll make sure the person with the best skill set and experience is on it. You can also request to work with a specific person on our design team.
  3. Communicate with the designer. You’ll get initial feedback in 24 hours, and the first draft in just 1-2 business days (for most projects). Request as many revisions as you want, at no extra cost. Our dedicated project managers can also help make the design processes run smoothly.
  4. You get the designs. Also included are source files, so that you can reuse and adjust the designs however you like.

Who is our Advanced plan for?

Nearly every business can use our design services to their advantage. ManyPixels is an excellent fit for anyone who needs high-quality graphic design work regularly but doesn’t want to hire a full-time designer.

Our most affordable plan is especially suitable for entrepreneurs and small businesses owners. The flat-rate graphic design pricing model means you can get all your designs at one affordable price and you can always stay within your budget. 

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