How Agencies Outsource Marketing Design With ManyPixels

Are you a small creative agency looking to outsource marketing design? We can help! Discover how ManyPixels helps agencies with their design needs.

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May 31, 2024

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Is design causing a bottleneck in your creative agency? Discover how to boost your marketing team’s productivity by outsourcing graphic design with ManyPixels!

Hi there! Let’s kick things off with a quick intro. 

We’re ManyPixels, a top-quality unlimited graphic design service. That means you can make as many design requests as you want, while paying the same flat monthly fee. 

Many people consider flat-rate monthly design services an effective design solution for small businesses (primarily because of affordability). However, few know what a great choice unlimited design can be for creative agencies.

Today we’ll explain how we work with creative agencies on their marketing graphic design needs! But first, let’s explain why outsource marketing design.


Why do agencies outsource marketing design?

If it’s literally your job to know how to design a marketing campaign, why let someone else do it?

There’s more than one reason.

1. It saves time.

You may know exactly how to design a marketing campaign, and may even have the right team to do it. However, as you know better than anyone, this is no small task. Having an entire design team on hand means you can simply provide creative briefs and get results much quicker.

2. It saves money.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a freelance designer on board to help out during busy periods. However, for a marketing and design agency this can happen almost regularly. As a result, overhead costs skyrocket, while you may be left stressed and uncertain about freelancers’ quality and reliability.

Our affordable fees allow you to get all your marketing graphic design done for just a few hundred dollars a month. That’s basically what you’d pay an experienced freelancer for for 1-2 bigger projects!

3. It allows you to expand your offer.

It can be challenging for one agency to cover everything related to marketing graphic design. That’s where we step in! We have a truly vast scope of services including everything from logos and branding, to illustrations, marketing collateral, websites, even motion graphics and video editing!

Graphic design outsourcing with ManyPixels allows you to offer more to your clients without increasing your overhead costs (our flat monthly fee is typically smaller than a few billable hours from a mid-sized creative agency).

4. We do the grunt work, you focus on the important stuff.

Creativity isn’t something you can plan. However, you can ensure everything else is running smoothly, so that you can focus on brainstorming the most inventive ideas for your clients. Many agencies that work with us allow us to handle the day-to-day of marketing graphic design, giving them time to develop art direction, marketing strategies, and build rapport with their clients. 

How agencies outsource marketing design needs with Manypixels

Now that you know about the benefits of outsourcing your marketing design needs, let’s see how to outsource marketing design with ManyPixels. 

Here are just some of the agencies that work with us, and some design project ideas to get you thinking.

Social media graphics

Michael Quinn is the owner of an SEO agency that used our services to create social media graphics for his company. This type of digital marketing design needs to correspond to the latest social media trends and capture people’s attention even in an oversaturated newsfeed.

That’s why our designers used bright colors and a fun combination of fonts that gets the message across. Since it’s also vital to build brand recognition for My Site Ranked, they incorporated a photo of Michael as a way of helping potential clients remember the brand (face) better.


Display ads

Codeless is a content production agency, and one of ManyPixels’ long-term clients. When they outsource marketing design needs to us, these content experts can focus on what they do best: create engaging and original content for themselves and their clients.

Here are just a few of simple display ads created in different formats that Codelss can use across the board to drive clicks and conversions.

6_-Web V2-_CT06.jpg

Web design

Web design is one of the most complex and often the most expensive design projects you can request. Luckily, our service provides a much more affordable outsourcing solution for high-quality website design.

Here’s a fun example of our work created for a marketing agency that caters to law firms. The focus of this task was to find the right balance between our client’s industry (marketing) and their target audience (law firms).

The user firendly web design suits the creativity of the marketing industry, with fluid forms and illustrations. However, it also maintains a more serious, professional tone befitting legal professionals through color and minimal fonts.


Logo and branding

Even if your agency constantly works on developing successful brands, there usually comes a time when your own look needs a bit of makeover. Branding design is the most vital form of graphic design in marketing, so it’s worth putting extra effort into it. 

On the other hand, there are also many agencies that hire our service to create a unique brand identity for themselves in case they’re only starting. Whether it’s just a logo design, or an entire brand identity, including a color palette, typography and other design elements - we can handle it!

Here’s an example of our team's brand guide for a marketing agency. The unique look will appeal to a specific target audience and help a brand stand out from its competitors.


Landing pages

How are graphics and design programs used in marketing? One of the most striking examples are certainly landing pages. Creating effective landing pages requires extensive design knowledge and expertise. On the other hand, marketers need landing pages regularly, since many campaigns often have designated landing pages.

So, you can imagine that paying a freelancer every time you need one can be expensive and time-consuming.

Our online design service can create dozens of unique landing pages at a fixed monthly rate. Here’s an example of our design created for Rontar, an advertising solutions provider.


Email marketing graphics

Here’s another day-to-day task that can take a lot of time and mess up your campaign calendar.

We create plenty of email marketing graphic designs which help our agency clients run campaigns more efficiently. You can even request a marketing graphics pack with everything you need, from email banners to custom email templates that you can reuse.

What types of agencies can outsource graphic design?

Is graphic design part of marketing? Absolutely. Does that mean every agency has a graphic designer on their team? Definitely not.

We know this better than most, as our client list includes agencies and modern marketing companies of different sizes and an array of approaches.

Our comprehensive services and flexible business model means we can cater to different teams and meet various design needs.

Here are some kinds of agencies we work with.

One-person agencies

Some people like to call themselves marketing consultants; others establish an agency from the get-go (usually hoping to grow in time). It goes without saying that in this case, one person can hardly focus on design, as well as find clients, develop strategies, and build client relationships.

That’s where we step in.

The most significant benefit we bring to the table for these micro agencies is cost-effectiveness. A full-time hire would cost thousands of dollars, and freelancer rates are unpredictable and can pile up quickly.

With our service, agency owners can outsource all their graphic design needs and pay the same flat rate. 

One such agency is called Moxie Marketing. CEO Jeanette Knutti didn’t have an in-house designer when she started it, so she resorted to DYI programs like Canva. But, of course, she soon realized that it was a waste of resources for her to spend so much time trying to design her own marketing materials.

One such agency is called Moxie Marketing. CEO Jeanette Knutti didn’t have an in-house designer when she started it, so she resorted to DYI programs like Canva. But, of course, she soon realized that it was a waste of resources for her to spend so much time trying to design her own marketing materials.

After signing up with ManyPixels, Jeanette and her team requested lots of different marketing graphics, YouTube thumbnails, and Instagram posts. ManyPixels helped these marketers build a stronger online presence by pairing their quality content with quality design.

Agencies without a design team

As we said, there are many types of marketing agencies out there. Some offer SEO or content writing services, and they aren't ones to create branding designs or very elaborate marketing campaigns. So, where do we come in?

Well, marketing graphic design and content go hand in hand. Whether a social media post or an infographic for a blog entry, marketing graphics improve readability and boost engagement. And marketers know this.

One of our long-term customers, Codeless, is a content production company. Before ManyPixels, they used to work with designers on a one-off basis which proved expensive and ineffective.

After weighing the pros and cons, a design subscription seemed like a no brainer. They can get different types of designs and multiple variations for their clients. Since they also produce landing pages, we can provide draft versions of UI/UX design that help speed up the development process.

Agencies with a design team

So-called full-service agencies are usually large creative companies that offer clients an array of services, from copywriting to web development. These agencies often have larger budgets (and client fees) and a much more comprehensive range of projects they work on.

An unlimited design service like ours is an effective white-label solution for these agencies. That means we handle smaller, day-to-day projects. Their team then can focus on ideation, providing art direction to their clients, and developing the thinking behind each piece of design.

Of course, it's also a way for big agencies to provide more to their clients while cutting costs. With our designers creating speedy variations of a specific design, there's no need to hire extra team members. At the same time, their clients get more options to boost their marketing efforts.

One such agency is the web design and development agency called Codelation. With ManyPixels’ they can get early-stage designs fast, and provide more options for their clients. Thanks to our affordable rates, this also means they can offer free initial designs to prospective clients, which in turn helps them secure the gig.

Why choose ManyPixels?

Marketing and design go hand in hand. So, having a reliable design partner by your side can really help grow your agency and get more clients.

Still, there are dozens of awesome unlimited design companies out there. So, why choose ManyPixels?

We’re industry veterans.

Although this business model is relatively new, we’re one of the most experienced unlimited design companies on the market. We’ve been around since 2018 and have over 150,000 projects under our belt. We’ve worked with over 3k clients, including small businesses, startups, creative agencies, and even large corporations!

We work fast.

When you work with a single designer, no matter how talented, turnaround time can vary quite a bit. In contrast, our designers are used to working on multiple projects every day, which is why we deliver most designs in just 1-2 business days!

Not only do you get your graphics quicker, but it also means you can plan better, and implement marketing strategies without hold-ups or late deadlines.

Quality is a big deal for us.

So, if it’s fast and affordable, it’s got to be bad, right? Definitely not. Our team of designers consists of only the top 2% of applicants. Each client is also assigned a dedicated project manager, in charge of checking the quality of the work even before it’s submitted to the client for review. They also ensure the design process runs smoothly, and there aren’t any miscommunication issues.

Flexible pricing

We’ve already mentioned that unlimited graphic design is one of the most affordable ways to outsource your marketing design needs. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth if you need projects done regularly, which is usually the case with digital marketing design. 

However, it’s not just about paying as little as you can for top quality. We appreciate that agency work varies, and our flexible pricing is designed to follow suit. You can scale up or down as you go, add additional designers, even pause your subscription at any time without any additional costs!

Want to write your success story with us?

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Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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