The Best Canva Creators to Follow

We’ve hand-picked 8 incredible Canva creators whose work you should keep an eye out for.

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Canva is the best known DIY design platform. Along with awesome features, its incredible templates library is certainly one of its biggest advantages. Discover 10 incredible Canva artists whose work you can get on the platform!

What is the Canva creator program?

Where would Canva be without its stunning templates? 

Canva Creator Program is an initiative by Canva that enables designers and content creators to contribute to Canva's content library. 


Through this program, creators can design and upload various templates, elements, and other design assets that Canva users can utilize in their projects.

To join the Canva Creator Program, interested designers typically need to apply through Canva’s website, providing samples of their work and demonstrating their design capabilities. Canva reviews all the submissions. So, Canva templates are very good quality.

Does Canva pay creators? The answer is yes. Every time someone downloads one of their templates, or uses one of the elements available with Canva pro. 

Best Canva creators to follow

1. Socially Sorted

Donna Moritz is an experienced graphic designer with over 22k followers on her Canva profile and over 14 million template downloads. She’s created close to 3,000 templates that you can choose from.

Although they come in a variety of styles, this Canva creator has a recognizable hip style, so her work could be a great choice for social media graphics.

2. My Social Designer

Roger Coles is definitely one of the best known Canva creators (his voice was also used in recent Canva ads). 

As his name suggests, this designer specializes in social media graphics. Another striking characteristic of his is very cool typography and font pairings.

3. Ronbaaz

If you appreciate a more traditional, corporate style this Canva creator’s work is definitely worth checking out. He has 14k followers and over 800 awesome templates to choose from.

4. Aida

Aida is an experienced Canva creator with 3.5k followers. Her templates demonstrate a keen sense of brand identity. So, do follow her work if you want beautiful branded graphics or any occasion. If you're thinking about creating a Canva logo, her work is a great place to start.

5. Mooko Design

Need an illustrator? Deborah Parker is a skilled illustrator and canva content creator you need to follow. There are many beautiful elements to explore, perfect for giving templates a more custom and unique look.

6. Yulia Nikonchuk

For a different illustration style, check out this Canva artist’s work. Yulia creates beautiful watercolor illustrations that are also perfectly incorporated into templates for social media, print designs, and more.

7. Freya Saad

If you haven’t added infographics to your content marketing strategy, it’s high time to do it. Canva creators like Freya Saad make creating infographics so much easier, with gorgeous templates for just about any layout or topic you can imagine. 

8. Rizelle Anne Galvez

Here’s another Canva content creator whose profile you should bookmark if you need social media graphics. From YouTube thumbnails to professional Instagram reels, her library of over 4,500 templates will help you find everything you need!

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