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Are you a beginner in the world of illustration? Or looking to get some illustration work, but don’t know what you want? This list of the most vital styles of illustration is a good place to start.

February 23, 2024

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Illustrations can be a great design asset. But you don’t need to waste hours looking for something to suit your needs. Check out one of these awesome AI illustration generators and get amazing illustrations for every occasion.

Whether you like it or not, AI is here to stay. Even if it can’t replace the extent of human creativity just yet, AI-powevered digital art software get ideas and elements for your creative projects.

AI image generators allow you to get custom images based on text prompts. Usually, the more detailed the prompt the better the results. So, if you’re planning to use one of these tools, be sure to specify things like style, color scheme, layout, file size, etc., as well as the subject matter.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best paid and free AI illustration generators you can use right now!

Dalle 3

Dalle 3 is the latest a text-to-image system from the makers of ChatGPT. It’s currently available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users. However, their website says API users (free plan) will get access to it this fall.

On their website you can get a good idea of how this AI-powered generator works. You can see an example of a rather complex illustration, with specific prompts provided to the tool. As you can see the text-to-image AI is able to add all the specific details. Thanks to ChatGPT’s refined machine learning algorithm, the tool is even able to pick up complex prompts such as “a bustling city street” and “signature velvet cloak”.

Dalle 2

A slightly older version of Dalle, this a good place to start with AI generated artwork. You’ll need a ChatGPT login for it.

 You’ll need to buy credits for each piece of AI generated art and 115 credits costs $15. One credit is good for one prompt and 4 AI photo variations. 

Adobe Firefly

Most people are familiar with this design software. So, it’s no surprise that the question “does Illustrator have generative AI” is a common query. And the answer is, yes, it’s possible to create AI generated art in Adobe Illustrator.

However, being the design software leader that it is, Adobe also has a separate artificial intelligence image generator called Adobe Firefly. And while most Adobe software can be quite costly compared to the rest, Firefly is a free AI illustration generator.

For the purpose of this article, I provided a prompt similar to the ones found on Dalle 3 website. As you can see the AI art generator app provided 4 options to choose from. Some of the finer details are a bit rough around the edges, but the different layouts and ideas are truly impressive (my prompt about who’s talking on an old-timey phone was a bit mixed up though).

The great thing about this free AI illustration generator is that you can easily edit the pictures, and even choose which elements to exclude by providing a simple text prompt.

Dall E Mini

This is another AI art generator free for use (it's the oldest version of the Dall E software). To test it out, I’ve used a similar prompt with the moonlit street, cloaked girl and old-timey vendor.  

As you can see the results are a lot less polished than some of the newer AI models. However, this is one of the reasons why Dall E mini is still so popular. If this kind of weid, impressionistic illustration style fits your needs, there are few other AI image generators that can provide the same.


Crayon is the updated version of Dall E mini. As you can see while the Ai generation model is refined, it’s still nowhere near some of the newer competitors. My prompt got all mixed up, so the girl ended up with a moustache in some of the variations. Also, none of the options actually includes all the elements of the text prompt.

This could be a good tool to use to generate simple images, for example for social media use. But if you want more intricate art scenes, there are much better options out there.

Hotpot AI

You can try out Hotpot for free for one image. After that you must purchase credits, which will also cover commercial use and advanced editing options. 

I tested it out with the same prompt as before. As you can see, while the illustration itself is very beautiful, the AI misunderstood parts of my text prompt. Nevertheless, with a simpler prompt this AI generator could be a pretty useful one to bookmark. Since the quality is pretty good, you could even use these AI images on your website.

Like most AI generators, Hotpot works best with simple prompts.

Open Art

This is a freeAI image generator  that allows you to create images using a stable diffusion AI (for photorealistic images) or Dalle 2 (for illustrations). The free plan is limited to 100 image generations and Image sizes up to to 512x512 (so it’s not ideal for high-quality social media AI image generation).

The free trial also comes with 50 credits, which allows you to use some of the premium features, such as inpating, image upscaling, face enhancement, and more.

I tested it out with the same prompt as before and these are the results. I like the style of this illustration, however the quality is not that great. As you can see lots of the finer details are blurred out, which is a common telltale of AI generated images.

Night Cafe 

This is definitely one of my favourite free AI illustration generators. There are a few Pro plans with advanced features (most importantly more variations). But truth be told, you can get a lot out of this tool without paying anything.

Aside from pretty decent illustrations (as with the rest, the prompt was a little too complicated), it also has a couple of cool features. For example, you can easily change aspect ratios and seeds, which are random numbers that affect the composition. It’s a great little feature to play around with if you want to get ideas for generating AI art!


We hope this list helps you get a few ideas on where to make AI art. As you can see, when you generate art with AI, the results can be quite unpredictable. You might get lucky and get something that perfectly fits your style and prompt. On the other hand, illustration generator AI technology is still in its early stages. So, it still can’t replace the expertise and craft of a human designer.

You might be looking at AI generated illustrations to avoid the cost of professional design. And yes, working with traditional design agencies and experienced freelance illustrators can be pretty costly.

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