30+ Websites With Open-Source Illustrations

Are you a beginner in the world of illustration? Or looking to get some illustration work, but don’t know what you want? This list of the most vital styles of illustration is a good place to start.

February 28, 2024

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Are you looking for some open-source illustrations to make your project more engaging?

Open-source illustrations are free illustrations that come with an open-source license, meaning you can use the illustrations in any creative or commercial project without attribution or any costs.

You might be a  startup or a small business with a shoestring budget or a student who is looking for an open-source illustrations library for a project. Then, these 30+ websites will be really helpful to you.

Also, if you are a content creator, a designer, a developer, or a freelancer, then these free illustration websites can help you save time and resources. 

30+ open-source illustration libraries

Most of these websites offer royalty-free illustrations that you can download and use right away in your commercial and personal projects. Alternatively, you can customize them with your brand colors in a tool like Adobe Illustrator.

🔔 Some websites offer a combination of free and paid vector illustrations. Others make it mandatory for you to attribute the designer. So, check the license for each illustration before using it in your projects.

1. ManyPixels

ManyPixels offers a wide free illustrations library, including premium options. Useful for web design, social media marketing materials, and presentations, you can download the free illustrations in PNG or SVG format, as per your needs.

The illustrations are royalty-free, so you can download them and use them for any personal or commercial project.

2. Pixabay

Pixabay offers free illustrations, stock images, and vector icons. All content is released under Creative Commons, making it suitable for commercial purposes, print, and digital projects.

Pixabay offers free illustrations, stock images, and vector icons. All content is released under Creative Commons, making it suitable for commercial purposes, print, and digital projects.

3. Freepik

Freepik provides a mix of free and premium illustrations. While the premium content requires attribution, the free sectOpen-source illustrations are free to use in any project. They can be used for creative or commercial purposes without requiring credit or payment.ion offers a wide variety of illustrations for personal and commercial use.

Freepik also offers an AI illustrations generator that you can use to create custom illustrations or mix and match some of your favorite ones.

4. SVGRepo

SVGRepo specializes in scalable vector graphics (SVG) that are free to download and use. Ideal for web development, app design, and presentations. If you are a novice designer just starting to learn digital painting, then such free SVGs can be really helpful.

5. Open Peeps

Open Peeps offers hand-drawn, customizable illustrations for free. Perfect for adding a human touch to your digital projects, presentations, or social media posts. This website is great for free open-source illustrations that you can mix and match. For example, make a male bald, or add a beard.

6. DrawKit

DrawKit provides a library of free, customizable vector illustrations. Ideal for web design, app development, and presentations.

7. Blush

Blush offers customizable illustrations that are free to use. Great for adding unique, artistic elements to your websites, apps, and design projects.

8. Icons8

Icons8 provides a variety of themed illustrations available for free with attribution. Suitable for websites, presentations, and print materials. Just follow the icon trends and choose the one that suits your brand design.

9. IRA Design

IRA Design provides a collection of free illustrations for personal and commercial use. The illustrations are modern and diverse, suitable for web design, presentations, and marketing materials.

10. Humaaans

Humaaans provides mix-and-match illustrations of humans, allowing you to create custom scenes. The illustrations are free and suitable for web design, presentations, and more.

11. Reshot

Reshot offers free illustrations, videos, and music for commercial use. The illustrations cover various themes and are suitable for diverse creative projects.

12. Inkscape

Inkscape is a gallery of vector illustrations created with Inkscape. The illustrations are free to use and can be customized for web design, branding, and presentations.

13. SVGBackgrounds

SVGBackgrounds offers a variety of SVG-based background illustrations that are free to use. Ideal for enhancing the visual appeal of websites and presentations.

14. Iconduck

Iconduck offers a collection of free, quirky illustrations for commercial and personal use. The illustrations are unique and can add a playful touch to your projects.


Lapa provides a curated collection of free illustrations for commercial use. I really like their Transhumans and the hand-drawn Sad Snowman illustrations pack.

16. Designify

Designify offers a library of free illustrations, including vector graphics and icons. The illustrations are suitable for web design, social media, and app development.

17. Illlustrations

Illlustrations provides a curated collection of free illustrations for commercial use. The illustrations cover different themes, making them versatile for various projects.

18. unDraw

Browse on unDraw and find the images that fit your needs. Download and use the on-the-fly color image generation to match your brand identity.

19. Skribbl

Skribble offers the whole open-source illustrations kit. You get human-made, high-quality, royalty-free illustrations that you can use for any commercial or personal project. You get free SVG and PNG format.

20. Illustrations by Absurd

Illustrations by Absurd provides a unique selection of quirky and abstract illustrations that are free to download and use. Suitable for adding a creative flair to your projects.

21. Delesign

Delesign offers a free illustration library, providing diverse graphics for personal and commercial use. You can download them in various formats. 

22. 404 Illustrations

404 Illustrations specializes in page-not-found (404 error) illustrations, offering a variety of creative and humorous designs. It’s a great free reseource to bookmark if you’re making a website.

23. ISO Republic

ISO Republic provides a collection of free graphic illustrations and stock photos. The illustrations cover various categories and can be used for websites, presentations, and more.

24. Free Illustrations

Free Illustrations provides a growing repository of open-source illustrations for both personal and commercial use. The platform supports designers and developers by providing an open-source illustration kit, a constructor, and design tools.

25. IconScout

IconScout offers a set of simple and clean illustrations that are free to use. The illustrations are versatile and can be incorporated into various design projects.

26. Good Stuff No Nonsense

Good Stuff No Nonsense provides illustrations without the nonsense. The collection includes free hand-drawn illustrations for commercial use, making them practical for different projects.

27. Toools Design 

Toools Design offers a collection of websites that offer free and open-source illustrations with a focus on simplicity and diversity. The illustrations cover various themes and can be used for both personal and commercial projects.

28. Open Doodles 

Open Doodles offers a unique set of hand-drawn, customizable illustrations. Created by designer Pablo Stanley, these open-source doodles are perfect for adding a playful touch to your digital creations.

29. Shapefest

Shapefest offers a curated collection of open-source 3D illustrations focusing on geometric shapes and patterns. After all, 3D illustrations are one of the most popular illustration styles right now. 

30. Smash Illustrations 

Smash Illustrations features a growing collection of open-source illustrations for diverse themes. The illustrations are downloadable in multiple formats, catering to different design needs.

31. Isometric Love 

Isometric Love specializes in isometric-style open-source illustrations. Isometric style illustrations are predominantly used in digital design, notably in digital marketing for banners and social media, website design for enhanced user interfaces, and mobile app interfaces for engaging designs.

32. Vecteezy

Vecteezy provides a library of open-source illustrations in PSD, SVG and PNG files. Most of the illustrations are free but some require you to pay for a subscription.

33. Storyset

Storyset offers various colorful open-source illustrations inspired by people and their actions. These illustrations, available for free, can add a unique and recognizable element to your design work.

34. Big Heads

Big Heads lets you generate random characters for your apps and games. You can combine expressions, hairstyles, clothes, and colors and create many unique characters. 

You can embed them on your website as they are, or import them into your favorite digital art software and customize them further.

35. Scribbles

If you need a free open-source illustrations library that consists only of hand-drawn graphics, then ain’t no place better than Scribbles. Simply copy the illustration and paste it onto your website or social media graphics. 

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