10 Hotel Ad Examples to Inspire Marketers

Whether it’s Google ads, web banners, or social media posts, we have you covered for hotel web advertising with these diverse and inspiring examples.

November 3, 2020

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Explore some great ideas that you can use for your hotel’s ad campaign. From luxury hotels to small modern hotels, our list has something for everyone!

The hotel and travel industry are ones that have been severely affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Many had to redirect their hotel marketing strategies towards locals rather than tourists, or even reshape their offer to include different experiences rather than just a place to stay.

When it comes to hotel advertising, there are a few main channels that you should be using. You can opt for paid ads on platforms such as Tripadvisor or, although these won’t allow you much space for creativity. Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) will help you rank better in Google search, although if you take this route, make sure that your website is search engine optimized first (using the right keywords, user-friendly interface etc.).

Finally, social media is a powerful marketing tool that you can utilize to connect with potential audiences, but also build a new following in these unusual times.

We’re looking at different ad types and examples that you can copy for your next marketing campaign!


Video ads that highlight experiences

There is so much more to hotels than a simple hotel room. They often have great restaurants or might provide a venue for celebrations. But the list doesn’t stop there. Take a look at some hotel ads that attract attention by telling unique stories through these video ads.

1. The Scott Resort and Spa

This awesome video found on the hotel website is an amazing ad example for the current moment. It shows a couple of hip photographers who are used to traveling all over the world, enjoying a moment to “reconnect” in their native Arizona.

It’s truly fantastic for a number of reasons. One, it has a very strong sense of aesthetic and showcases the hotel’s gorgeous interior design. But more importantly, it shows that a hotel experience can be much more than a place to stay.

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We hope these creative examples have given you plenty of food for thought for creating an ad for your new hotel. Of course, there are a number of technical considerations to bear in mind, and they will differ depending on whether you’re looking to increase your social media following or rank better in Google search.


By Join the Dots, Sayan Chandra and Argha Das via Behance

By özlem bilge kurtoglu via Behance

The Scott Resort & Spa - Film from Arizona Grand Resort & Spa on Vimeo.

2. Belmond

Many large hotel chains create really good video ads that take a different approach by focusing on brand philosophy or the wider view of the world. But this ad by the Belmond Hotels is next level.

Yes, it looks exactly like a trailer for a Wes Anderson movie, and it’s so perfectly delightful you can’t stop watching. You’re introduced to quirky guests and cinematic locations. It’s only fitting since the Belmond covers a range of different services including train rides and cruises. And instead of flashy luxury hotel ads, they opted for this classy quirky style that induces a sense of nostalgia and makes you want to check in right away!

3. Loews Hotel

The title of this ad campaign is “A Wonderful Place to Wander” and it’s truly a great example of hotel advertising. Instead of focusing solely on the usual parts of a hotel stay, this marketing campaign highlights the experience of being in a different place: whether it’s the hotel space or the new city around it.

It’s another ad that inspires a sense of adventure, rather than the more traditional comfort or luxury.

Clever social media ads

Marketers know that creating the perfect Instagram or Facebook ad campaign is a lot more than the actual design of the ads. You have to know a lot about your audience demographics and use detailed targeting options to reach those people that are likely to be interested in your offer. It’s precisely the targeting options that make this ad type so effective: 52% of new brand discoveries happen over social feeds.

We can’t help you with the targeting and metrics part of your ad campaign, but if you’ve got the data and a clear marketing goal in mind, here are some creative ad design ideas that can help you take your ad campaign to the next level!

4. Refinery Hotel

Most people have already heard the news: social media isn’t real. We’re so used to seeing photoshopped pictures and many businesses like to use their Instagram to create a visually impressive page, with carefully curated posts and the all-important sense of “aesthetic”.

So, what makes Refinery Hotel’s Instagram profile unique is that it’s an eclectic mix of things: posts from guests including influencers, their own professional photos of the hotel rooms and other amenities, but also down-to-earth selfies of people just having fun in this luxury hotel.

Most importantly, even in these trying times, they’re keeping their social media relevant and current: from thanking the first responders to a new offer they call the “Staycation package”, this hotel marketing strategy is on point!

refinery hotel social ad 1.jpg
refinery hotel social ad 2.jpg

5. The Public Hotel

Photos alone might not be enough to help your hotel business stand out on social media, but pairing high-quality photos with custom illustrations shows that you have a serious hotel brand image and a talented graphic designer that helps you deliver your vision.

These awesome visuals were created for the Public Hotel in Istanbul and they present a blend of old and new: the historic building and the modern interior design.

6. The Mandaville

These elegant social media posts were created for a boutique hotel in Kolkata, India. They reflect the gorgeous vintage style of this hotel and make great use of design elements like illustrations and typography.

Of course, this visual format makes them ideal for use on Instagram, but since they also include interesting trivia about the hotel and the city, they’re awesome to use on other platforms including Facebook and even LinkedIn. If your social media posts reflect the brand identity so well, then sharing on LinkedIn is a great way to boost brand awareness. Of course, make sure to include your hotel logo on all marketing materials.

the mandeville social ads.jpg

7. Onuku Farm Hostel

It’s not easy standing out on social media these days. Almost anyone with a smartphone can create really awesome photos. So if you want to be different, you need to remember your core value proposition.

As a hostel, you can often boast about having the lowest prices and this is definitely something that would appeal to your target audiences. But try to get more creative than that! Instead of just highlighting pricing and the “casual” experience, this New Zealand farm hostel takes it all up a notch by highlighting the benefits of this low-cost option: great atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and of course, fun.

Creative hotel advertising

Whatever type of ad you decide to go with, whether it’s a social or Google ad, or web banner, a nice looking photo probably won’t be enough; remember, most people have access to high-quality photos by now.

Creative ad copy can do a lot to boost your ads’ visibility, but usually, it comes paired with good design and an ad strategy that’s well thought out. Here are some very cool and creative examples to learn from!

8. Melia Hotel and Resorts

It’s not all about catchy slogans or artistic video production. This creative hotel advertising campaign focuses on something that’s an integral part of any hotel business: its staff.

Instead of the usual portraits of smiling people doing their job, this hotel created ads that reimagine hotel staff such as waiters, bartenders and maids as flamenco dancers. It was a way to show how each member of the team takes pride and passion in their work, and of course, this makes for a memorable experience for this hotel’s guests. The ad design is also stunning: the elegant black and white photos help the beauty of the movement and human expression shine through and create a very classy ad campaign.

9. Oregon Tourism Commission

Ok, so this isn’t technically a hotel but the idea behind this campaign is certainly something you should take away. It’s a specifically useful example of how to advertise locally in the current during the covid crises.

By pairing the funny, down-to-earth copy with the stunning image, the marketers manage to subvert expectations and spark an interest with potential visitors. So many of your competitors will try to sell an experience that’s above the ordinary, often even “the best”. However, this can have the opposite effect on clients and cause distrust. Try being honest and humorous and you might just see a boost in those ad metrics!

10. Westin Grand

You’d expect a large hotel chain to focus their ads around images of hotel rooms amenities, so this campaign from Westin hotels is a brilliant example of taking a different approach.

These beautifully designed ads give just a taste of the experience at Westin (which is actually a part of the Marriott Hotel group). And they don’t have to say that the service is high class either; it’s evident from this high-quality design.

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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