12 Best Form Builders to Use in 2023

Looking for some of the best form builders to design your web forms? We can help! Here’s an unlimited selection of some of the best free & paid form creators.

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December 15, 2022

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We’ve done the research for you and compiled the very best form builders to use to achieve your marketing goals in 2023!

There are many reasons why modern businesses use web forms. However, they are sometimes overlooked in the initial web design and development project. This is where online form builders come in handy.

Moreover, forms are rarely a one-time thing. Whether you need registration and login forms for your app, or are conducting a customer survey, online forms are a continuos part of modern marketing strategies.

Sometimes they’re part of larger project management or content management software. However, many easy modern solutions allow you to create and publish forms on your site in minutes.

Depending on your needs and budget, here’s a carefully selected list of the 12 best form builders to meet your needs.


Google Forms

We have to start with the obvious choice, which is Google Forms. This is Google’s free online form builder, although the free version has some limitations.

You’re limited to sending 20 forms daily (which means 20 email recipients). If you want to embed a form on your website, you can do it fairly easily. Still, the design is quite barebones, so these forms are better suited to email surveys rather than taking up a prominent place on your website (e.g., lead generation campaigns).

The design editor is also one of the best for beginners, with easy customization options for changing the basic elements of the form (layout, color, theme, fonts, etc.)

It’s really one of the best online form builders for beginners, as it allows you to test the waters and see exactly what types of forms are most effective.

If you’re new to building forms, give Wufoo a try. The simple dashboard is a godsend for beginners. You can also start creating forms without any sign-up or registration needed. It’s a great way to get your head in the game and understand what makes a good form.

There is a free plan, but you’re limited to 100 API requests (submissions), and there’s no file storage. The Professional plan at $29 per month is the first one that allows you to accept payments.

Microsoft Forms

Speaking of other big names, we have to mention Microsoft’s solution as one of the best free form builders. Did I say free? Well, sort of. You can only use it for free if you have a Microsoft account, and with some limitations (certain features are only available for Microsoft 365 Family or Microsoft 365 Personal subscribers). With the free plan, you’re also limited to 100 questions per form, which we’d say is more than enough for most.

Now that we have the pricing question out of the way, what types of functionalities does this program offer?

In terms of features, Microsoft Forms is similar to Google’s version, with perhaps a few more customization options. Data analysis also might be a tad easier with this option, as you can export your data into an Excel spreadsheet, which allows for a much more detailed analysis than Google sheets.

There’s no direct integration with a CRM system, so it’s best used for email campaigns or surveys.

microsfot forms.png


Regarding the ratio between form design and ease of use, few options can compete with this one. Typeform is one of the most popular and best form builders. There are 3 pricing options:

  • Free plan: limited to 10 responses per month; integrations with Zapier, Google Sheets, Slack, Mailchimp, and Airtable; access to design templates library; unlimited typeforms;
  • Basic ($25 per month): 100 responses per month; payment questions (connect forms to a Stripe account);
  • Plus ($50 per month): 1,000 responses per month; team collaboration; form branding (replace Typeform branding with your own); customized previews for social sharing; premium themes (templates)
  • Business ($83 per month): 10,000 responses per month; drop-off rates and conversion tracking.

As you can see, Typeform is a comprehensive tool for those who want to get serious about this aspect. It’s definitely one of the best free form builders for testing out features (there are truly many). However, the limited number of responses may mean purchasing a subscription will be necessary.



You’re probably familiar with Hubspot, as one of the most famous CRM systems. Or if not, you probably know about their stellar content marketing and insightful articles on pretty much every topic in the world of digital marketing.

Another great thing they can offer? One of the best free form builders on the market.

The form’s drag-and-drop dashboard is easy to use and comes with unlimited forms, fields, and submissions. Of course, the full scope of this tool is best used together with Hubspot’s CRM. Although there is a free version, features such as automation, custom reports, and removing Hubspot branding require a monthly subscription (which averages at a few hundred dollars per month). So, you may want to consider that when deciding whether this is the best form maker for your business.



Formsite offers a free 14-day trial, and after that, it has 5 different pricing plans (the most popular plan is $34 per month).

One of Formsite’s greatest strengths is security. It allows you to encrypt information on selected input fields (e.g., password and confidential personal data). So, if this is a big concern for you or your visitors, Formsite is a good option.

With an array of customization options tailored to different industries, Formsite is a perfect complex form builder. They also have a vast library of nearly 300 templates with 15 color schemes. It also integrates with over 5000 apps, such as Slack, Google Drive, PayPal, Stripe, and many more.



Paperform is a powerful form builder with some of the best design features. It isn’t free but comes with a 14-day free trial. After that, you’ll need to purchase a subscription: $40 per month gets you 10,000 submissions. Although small businesses and entrepreneurs might be happy with the lowest-tier plan, which costs just $20 per month for 1,000 submissions.

You can embed forms on your website or share them with a personalized URL. Paperform is also a fantastic solution for creating order forms, as it has comprehensive ecommerce possibilities: integration with all major platforms such as Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, coupon support, and more.



If you happen to have a site created with Elementor, this might be the best form creator for you.

You can create an unlimited number of forms and design them 100% to your liking. There are extensive integrations and customization options. You can also stay in full control of the process by deciding what happens once the form has been created. The only major feature missing from this free form maker is conditional logic.

They also have a handy video tutorial on using this tool, so if you’re interested in learning more, check it out!



Wufuoo is one of the best form builders on the market, created by digital form veterans: Survey Monkey.

It integrates with most popular digital marketing apps, including e-payment solutions. You also can create automated workflows and set your own branching and logic for a completely personalized experience for your visitors and quality data for you.

www.wufoo.com_ (1).png


Moosend is an email marketing tool, so it makes sense it’s one of the best online form builders for lead generation forms. You can create inline forms, floating bars, standard pop-ups, or full-page forms for any campaign you may have going.

Moosend scores high for user-friendliness thanks to a simple drag-and-drop interface and many customization options.


They offer a free 30-day trial. After that, your subscription rate will vary based on the number of subscribers; however, the tool is fairly affordable (e.g., you’d pay $24 per month for 2,000 subscribers).

Gravity Forms

This form builder is a WordPress-powered plugin, so if you have a WordPress website, definitely check it out! As you might expect from a WordPress product, it’s very easy to use with many great features, including conditional logic, workflows, secure data collection, and more.

Gravity Forms isn’t free, but it does include unlimited forms, which is not a feature some of the best free form builders have. However, the basic plan is quite affordable at just $59 per year. It will probably be a good choice for any small business.

The more expensive plan allows you to use Gravity Forms on multiple websites, so these are probably only useful for marketing agencies or large companies.


Ninja Forms

One of the best forms software from WordPress, Ninja Forms, allows you to create great forms in seconds, even without coding or design knowledge.

The great thing about Ninja Forms is that you can customize the subscription to your needs. You can purchase different subscription plans or pick and choose exactly the add-ons that are relevant to you (e.g., conditional logic, Slack integration, multiple-step forms, etc.)



If you find yourself googling “what are the best free form builders,” chances are you’ll stumble upon Jotform. This great tool has an incredibly generous free plan (up to 1000 monthly views, 10 payment submissions, 100 fields per form), so many businesses will be content with that. Should you need more, the subscription rates are still quite affordable and average around $39 per month.

Regarding functionalities, Jotform’s biggest draw is a vast library with tens of thousands of free form templates. Truth be told, not all of them are exactly cutting-edge designs; still, if it’s a wealth of choice you want, Jotform has you covered.



These are some of the best form creation software, so whichever you opt for, you’ll be able to create plenty of stunning forms to suit virtually any need.

If you want more tips on how to create the best forms, be sure to check out our actionable guide!

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