7 Brilliant Login & Registration Forms Designs to Learn From

Build visually engaging registration forms to encourage more people to sign up. Here are 7 online registration forms with creative designs for inspiration.

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June 5, 2023

Registration forms designs can make or break the success of your online forms. Here are 7 brilliant examples to spark new ideas and help you understand the basic principles of designing login and registration forms.

Online business forms are crucial in converting qualified leads to the website. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys filling out an online registration form. According to FinancesOnline, most people abandon or completely avoid online forms, in general, because of security-related reasons.

Its overall design is also a huge contributing factor. But there's nothing to worry about because there are plenty of effective ways to create high-converting login and registration forms.

Pre-made templates by professional designers are often the go-to solution for a stress-free creation experience. Do you only need some inspiration to overcome creative blocks? If so, here are 7 login and registration forms designs from brands that have done the job right.

All the designs are on-point, inviting, and intuitive. We also included some of the industry's best practices to ensure you will produce optimal results. Let's start.

7 Creative Login & Registration Forms Designs For Inspirations

Make beautiful and engaging login and registration forms effortlessly. Below are some excellent design examples and practical tips to ensure you're doing it right.

1. ATH Sport Login & Registration Forms Designs

Convenience is vital in encouraging people to sign up with your online registration form. Provide them with easy options to register and submit the required information immediately. This is exactly what ATH Sport delivered on their signup forms.

ath form.jpg

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Their registration form (Figure 1) gives users 4 options to sign up. The standard option is to manually encode the user's information in the form field, including email address and password. Once you finish, you can click the Create button. Other options available require you to register using your account in:

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  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Facebook

Assuming you successfully registered, you will be redirected to your profile page. It will display the information you've encoded, including your earned points.

The login form (Figure 2) offers the same options except for the standard option. You only need to type in your email address and password. Here's the best part: the login form is also available in the checkout form.

It's intentional because some people forget to log into their accounts when shopping online. The process is made simple. Purchase any of their natural-flavored protein supplements and click the checkout button. They will then be redirected to the checkout form and log into their account.

ATH Sport also ensures that their customers will unlikely abandon their carts. One reason is they offer two more options to complete the checkout form. The first option is to encode your email address and checkout as a guest.

While the other option is to checkout using your digital wallet account. If the total price reaches $99, they offer free shipping. Two more freebies are available when their bill reaches $150 and $200.

Regarding visual design, ATH Sport focuses on simplicity. It's an excellent move because it has less distraction. Each sign-up option also features a relevant, striking color for quick identification.

Key Takeaway: Provide Better Customer Service & Security

For the eCommerce industry, online registration forms are an excellent opportunity to build a unique shopping experience and faster checkout. But the most beneficial to consumers is improving customer service and security.

Registered shoppers will constantly receive a notification about the order status. Most eCommerce stores also provide a link where customers can access the order history, shipping tracking, and delivery progress. The best part is that all information is private and available 24/7.

Some companies also listed their phone and email details on the registration form. Whenever a problem arises, customers can contact the dedicated customer service agent available. Others offer live chat for a quick resolution. If you're using the latter, ensure to implement the industry's live chat best practices, not only to improve your response time but also to maximize your ROI.

2. Estuary Login & Registration Forms Designs

The social channels you can add on the sign-up option vary on the type of product/services the business offers. If they offer SaaS products/services, GitHub and other online collaboration platforms are recommended to add as options. Estuary Flow which works on future-proof data pipeline architecture sets an excellent example for two reasons.

estuary form.jpg

The first reason is it allows the users to register using their GitHub account. It's a code hosting platform for developers and engineers, which is Estuary's primary target group.

Estuary understands that only a few people are comfortable linking their social profiles. For this reason, it offers the use of magic links. It's a type of passwordless login that allows users to log into an account using one-time link access.

How does it work? Input your email address in the text box provided, and they will send the link there.

Key Takeaway: Easy Sign-In

A complicated login process can force people to abandon the online form. So, make the form as easy as possible for users to fill out. It's a big plus that providing users with a quick alternative to register can increase your conversion rate.

3. Snappet Login Form Design

Like your company website, the login and registration forms designs must reflect your brand personality and purpose. It's an effective way to attract the right audience and stand out from competitors.

There are various techniques to build a powerful brand design, and consistency is the primary key to success. Ensure all official form designs use the same fonts, colors, and images across the company website. Snappet is one brand that delivers this technique right.

snappet form.jpg

All the colors it uses for the login form match the brand's logo. Snappet also incorporates the services they offer into the design, which is the K-5 math programs. Therefore, it uses fun illustrations that visually appeal to students.

The login form only requires potential users to input their password and username. It's intentional to make it easier for 5th graders to log in on their respective accounts.

The simplicity of the login form extends to the forget password page design. The only contact detail they need to fill up is the email address. The cancel and submit buttons also feature different colors for quick identification.

Key Takeaway: Be Unique & Memorable

The competition in the e-Learning market is incredibly competitive. You need to set your brand apart to get ahead of the competition. Incorporating your brand personality into your login and registration forms design is an excellent technique. It allows you to uphold your authenticity and be memorable.

4. Salesforce Login & Registration Forms Design

Salesforce is a popular household name for its customer relationship management software and applications. It is also one of the most creative brands today. You can immediately notice their superb creativity on ad campaigns, websites, and social channels.

So, you can expect an incredible design for their login and registration forms. Like Snappet, Salesforce only uses illustrations and color themes relevant to its brand identity. They also use strong call-to-action phrases to pique people's interest and encourage them to take the next steps.

salesforce form.jpg

The form's design changes every time you encode the wrong password or username. The design varies on the information being presented. It can range from new product features to a series of events (live and on-demand).

The registration form of Salesforce is a bit longer compared to others. Longer forms may take longer to complete but the company ensures that it won't because they divided it into three short sections:

  • First name, last name, and job title
  • Number of employees, company name, and country/region
  • Primary contact details (phone number and email address)

The last part includes the links to the privacy statement, main services agreement, and action button. Do you have questions? You can reach out to a Salesforce expert through their toll-free phone number (included in the form).

Key Takeaway: Mobile-Optimized Responsive Registration Form

Salesforce understands that people use different devices to fill out online forms. That's why they make their login and registration forms easy to fill out on mobile and desktop devices. The screenshot below shows you what it looks like on a mobile device.

salesforce mobile form.jpg

Jemi Signup FormGood login and registration forms design combine functionality and visual appeal. One effective way to deliver it is to redirect the users to your landing pages after completing the registration.

This tactic is exactly what Jemi delivers for its signup form. The main form design contains a classic layout paired with a fun font style. They also use purple and pink combinations to emphasize the form's power words.

jemi form 1.jpg

The icons have a simple but recognizable design for quick identification. Its signup options are similar to ATH Sport. It provides multiple options to register your account: manually or link your social profiles (Google, Twitter, or Facebook).

You will be redirected to Jemi's onboarding page after completing the registration. The brand's product is a no-code site builder. So, the onboarding page has options available on what type of website you want to build.

jemi form 2.jpg

Key Takeaway: Smooth & Efficient Registration Process

Redirecting your users to other sections of your website after registration is a great way to increase the site’s traffic. Also, ensure to provide an efficient and faster registration process to improve the overall user experience.

6. Stripe & Zirtual Registration Forms Designs

stripe form.jpg

From the examples above, we understand that a creative design isn't only about striking and grand design. You also need to apply practical solutions for utmost convenience.

Stripe, a popular payment gateway provider, delivers that by showcasing a straightforward form design. It includes a drop shadow around the form's background so that you can distinguish the form and the bulleted information. The information on bullet points is a quick summary of what the users can expect after signing up.

Stripe also includes a password requirement for added security. It should have at least 10 characters with a combination of words and phrases. Since it doesn't include a restriction, you can also apply the typical password requirement, which includes the following:

  • One number
  • One or more special characters
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters

Another approach to this design is separating the form and information with columns. Take the Zirtual dedicated virtual assistant registration form design, for example.

zitural form.jpg

The left side is dedicated to the information on the pricing plan you select. It's shaded with a calm blue color to highlight the information. On the other side, you will see the form fields you need to fill in.

Key Takeaway: Ensure The Accuracy Of Data

A mistake is inevitable when filling out online forms. Stripe includes additional field form validation to ensure you won't submit the form with mistakes. A form field error message will be shown in red text when you fill in the wrong information.

Zirtual also implements this validation feature for the same reason. But also to ensure your dedicated virtual assistant will meet your business requirements.

7. Joffrey Ballet School Registration Form Design

Persuading your audience to sign up for an account on your website can be a challenging task. Though you can implement many persuasion techniques, you still need to plan and execute a solid marketing campaign.

Video is one of the most high-performing forms of content. The reason is simple: the audience can connect with it more emotionally. Therefore, it would take less effort for the audience to click and watch video content.

Joffrey Ballet School understands the power of video content in improving the customer experience. That's why they (the admin/marketing team) strategically include it on every prominent product page to serve as an explainer video. They also place it above the registration button so the audience can take action immediately.

joffrey ballet form.jpg

Since the primary point of video content is storytelling, they craft a relatable story that their audience will surely love. The video content in the screenshot is a sample of their Level 1A and Level 1B ballet programs. Here, they focus more on giving the audience a glimpse of their program's classroom experience.

Providing a solution to a problem is another excellent way to use video content. For example, you offer comprehensive hands-on support and admission consulting for MBAs. One issue that may arise is that students need help determining the best online MBA program for them. You can offer video content featuring each MBA program as a solution.

Like Joffrey Ballet School, you can highlight the program's classroom experience and the details of the practical hands-on. Other essential information to include is the following:

  • MBA cost
  • Admission Policies
  • Curriculum and schedules
  • Program's reputation based on employment outcomes

It isn't necessary to include all these details in the video. Some universities have a downloadable guide, which students can access upon registration. To further improve your customer experience, you can add these educational videos to the FAQ section or help center.

Key Takeaway: Create A Killer Video Content Strategy

Video content is undeniably a significant asset for the business. Crafting a good story is important, but you should create an effective video content strategy. It will help you maximize your conversion and engagement rates.

You can measure your video's engagement rate per social channel using a simple formula. Divide the total engagement by your follower count, then multiply by 100. You can also use an online engagement calculator to get a quick answer. If it doesn’t meet your goal, it’s best to change your strategy.

4 Login & Registration Forms Design Best Practices

Not all login and registration forms must have a creative design. What matters most is producing an intuitive form experience so they can complete it quickly without confusion. Here are 4 best practices to observe when creating a form design.

I. Add The Necessary Attributes

There are several attributes you can add to your form. But the most important is the input fields. You need to include one for every detail you want the users to provide. Name, email, and password fields are the standard. If you need to capture more information, you can add optional fields for any of the following information:

  • Job title
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • Company name

We recommend including a field requirement for the password. It will reduce the chance of users getting their passwords compromised. A password strength best practice is to use 12 to 14 characters (minimum requirement), with a combination of:

  • Numbers
  • Special characters
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters

Ensure to include all the password requirements below the password's input field. It will serve as a guide for users when they are creating passwords. A password confirmation also comes in handy to ensure the password they enter matches the current password. Take a look at the Colorlib registration form to give you an idea.

music form.jpg

II. Shorter Is Better

People prefer online forms that require less effort to complete. That's why it has become a rule of thumb to make it as short as possible. If you have more crucial questions to ask, you can ask them afterward.

One way to do it is by asking only for what you need. You can always start with the basic details. Let them encode their preferred username (or email address) and password during registration. Since the standard number of fields per registration form ranges from 3 to 7, you can also ask for the following details:

  • Location
  • Birth date
  • First name
  • Last name

When you finalize the information or questions you want to ask, ensure to arrange them logically. It will make your registration organized and pleasing to the eye.

III. Transparency

Having lots of customers entrusting you with their personal information is terrific. To ensure it will stay that way, you need to stay honest and transparent. You can present them with detailed terms and condition agreement (consent terms) stating the following:

  • How you will use their personal data
  • Copyright and intellectual property protection
  • Rules and guidelines when accessing your website or app

Place the terms and condition agreement in a prominent location. Some companies even make it a necessary action to ensure users will read it before completing the registration form. This is exactly what Salesforce delivers.

salesforce cloud form.jpg

IV. Choose The Right Types Of Sign-Up Forms

Login and registration forms are not limited to account signup. There are several purposes you can implement it into, and the 2 most popular are listed as follows:

IV.I. Email Subscription Form

Email marketing remains the best way to connect with your target audience. It's private communication so you can approach your customers directly and personally without losing your purpose.

People usually ignore marketing emails. One way to change their mind is to provide an irresistible offer. The offer must solve your target audience's pain points or have practical applications to make their life or job easier. Take a look at PresetLove's email subscription white form offer.

email form.jpg

The brand's primary product is Lightroom presets for mobile and desktop. They entice their target audience to sign up by offering them a free-to-download Lightroom preset of their choice. It may seem a simple offer, but it's an effective tactic to allow users to explore their product's quality risk-free.

IV.II. Early Access Registration Form

early registration form.jpg

If you have upcoming games or tools to release, you can entice your target audience with early access. Use your registration form as an application form to save them a slot. No matter how simple your game or tool is, ensure to include all the necessary details. Your audience deserves to know what they are signing up for.


Convenience, speed, functionality, and SEO are the essential elements a registration form should have. But since humans are visual, it becomes necessary to give your login and registration forms design a vibrant and memorable appearance.

The examples above give you an idea of what currently works for most brands. You can implement the same design approach to secure engagement. But don't forget to provide your personal touch to make it stand out. If you want a much easier creation process, you can use a signup form template (free or paid) availalbe with the best form builders.

It already includes a professional graphic design and proper layout. All you need to do is input your content and other important information. If you're in doubt, you can always check guides on properly using these templates and where to find them.

Login and registration forms provide many benefits. But what matters most to business and the public is safety. It provides greater protection for the business content and the users' private information. Ensure to implement them right.

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