7 Brilliant Login & Registration Forms Designs to Learn From

Build visually engaging registration forms to encourage more people to sign up. Here are 7 online registration forms with creative designs for inspiration.

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June 5, 2023

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Registration forms designs can make or break the success of your online forms. Here are 7 brilliant examples to spark new ideas and help you understand the basic principles of designing login and registration forms

What’s the difference between a website visitor and a qualified lead? Usually, a simple web form.

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys filling out an online registration form. According to FinancesOnline, most people abandon or completely avoid online forms, in general. The top reasons for that include security, complexity of forms and technical issues.

Here are 8 login and registration forms designs from brands that have done the job right.


8 Creative login & registration form designs 

How to create a registration form? One of the most effective tactics is to look at some of the best registration forms and learn from them.

1. Vyond Weekly Webinar Registration Page

Event registration pages are a great idea for promoting events, especially if they happen on a regular basis.

This page from Vyond is one of the best registration form examples to learn from for several reasons. Instead of just plastering a blank form on it, this page provides vital information about the event. With a short video introduction, and a “What You’ll Learn” section, it gives just enough information to get people interested, without giving away too much.

There’s also a great feature to watch the webinar on demand, if you’re unable to be one of the live event attendees.

Key takeaway: create a great value proposition

The point of any web form, whether it’s an event registration form or a free trial sign up, is to convince people that completing the form is worth their time and effort.

Use text and other types of content (videos, images, as well as your event registration form design) to explain how completing the form will benefit the user. 

2. Estuary Login & Registration Forms Designs

The social channels you can add on the sign-up option vary on the type of product/services the business offers.

If they offer SaaS products/services, GitHub and other online collaboration platforms are recommended to add as options. Estuary Flow which works on future-proof data pipeline architecture sets an excellent example for two reasons.

Registration Forms Designs: Estuary Sample

Image Source

The first reason is it allows the users to register using their GitHub account. It's a code hosting platform for developers and engineers, which is Estuary's primary target group.

Estuary understands that few people are comfortable linking their social media profiles. For this reason, it offers the use of magic links. It's a type of passwordless login that allows users to log into an account using one-time link access.

How does it work? Input your email address in the text box provided, and they will send the link there. This method saves time for users, but also protects their privacy.

Key Takeaway: easy sign-in

A complicated login process can force people to abandon the online form. So, make the form as easy as possible for users to fill out. It's a big plus that providing users with a quick alternative to register can increase your conversion rate.

3. Snappet Login Form Design

Like your company website, the login and registration forms designs must reflect your brand personality and purpose. It's an effective way to attract the right audience and stand out from competitors.

There are various techniques to build a powerful brand design, and consistency is the primary key to success. Ensure all official form designs use the same fonts, colors, and images across the company website. Snappet is one brand that delivers this technique right.

Registration Forms Designs: Snappet Login Form

Image Source

All the colors match the brand's logo. Snappet also incorporates the services they offer into the design, which is the K-5 math programs. Therefore, it uses fun illustrations that visually appeal to students.

The login form only requires potential users to input their password and username. It's intentional to make it easier for 5th graders to log in on their respective accounts.

Key Takeaway: Be Unique & Memorable

People fill out online forms daily. So, you need to set your brand apart to get ahead of the competition. Incorporating your brand personality into your login and registration forms design is an excellent technique. It allows you to uphold your authenticity and be memorable.

4. Salesforce Login & Registration Forms Design

Like Snappet, Salesforce only uses illustrations and color themes relevant to its brand identity. They also use strong call-to-action phrases to pique people's interest and encourage them to take the next steps.

Registration Forms Designs: Salesforce Login Form

Image Source

Salesforce understands that people use different devices to fill out online forms. That's why they make their login and registration forms easy to fill out on mobile and desktop devices. The screenshot below shows you what it looks like on a mobile device.

Registration Forms Designs: Salesforce Registration Form in Mobile

Key Takeaway: Mobile-Optimized Responsive Registration Form

Whether or not you expect most website traffic to come from mobile devices, a mobile-optimized website is a must.

Of course, this includes web forms. If you opt to use an online registration form template, be sure to pick one that has both a mobile and desktop version. 

5. Jemi Signup Form

Good login and registration forms design combine functionality and visual appeal. One effective way to deliver it is to redirect the users to your landing pages after completing the registration.

This tactic is exactly what Jemi delivers with its signup form. The main form design contains a classic layout paired with a fun font style. 

Registration Forms Designs: Jemi.So Signup Form
Image Source

You will be redirected to Jemi's onboarding page after completing the registration. The brand's product is a no-code site builder. So, the onboarding page has options available on what type of website you want to build.

Registration Forms Designs: Jemi.So Signup Onboarding Page

Key Takeaway: Smooth & Efficient Registration Process

Redirecting your users to other sections of your website after registration is a great way to increase the site’s traffic. Also, ensure to provide an efficient and faster registration process to improve the overall user experience.

Of course if you get someone to complete the initial step (sign up or registration form), make sure the rest of the onboarding is equally smooth and user-specific. 

6. Stripe Registration Forms Designs

The registration form examples above show that effective registration form design doesn’t always mean grand design. The goal is to apply practical solutions for utmost convenience.

Stripe, a popular payment gateway provider, delivers that by showcasing a straightforward form design. It includes a drop shadow around the form's background so that you can distinguish the form and the bulleted information.

Registration Forms Designs: Stripe Registration Form
Image Source

Stripe also includes a password requirement for added security. People might roll their eyes about it in other instances. But, security is always the primary concern when payments are involved. 

Key takeaway: Ensure the accuracy of data & security

A mistake is inevitable when filling out online forms. A form field error message will be shown in red text when you fill in the wrong information. However, don’t display data back to the user, as this will help prevent XSS attacks.

7. Joffrey Ballet School Registration Form Design

Joffrey Ballet School understands the power of video content in improving the customer experience. That's why they strategically include it on every prominent product page to serve as an explainer video. They also place it above the registration CTA button, so audiences have all the necessary information to take action.

Registration Forms Designs: Joffrey Ballet School Sample

Image Source

Key Takeaway: Create A Killer Video Content Strategy

Although forms usually require simple visuals, a video can significantly boost your form completion rates. Of course it can be difficult to add them to small pop up forms, but if you have a registration or sign-up page consider enhancing the user experience with an explainer video.

8. Fresh Egg Digital Marketing Webinar

This page for free online seminars makes things simple and straightforward. Along with basic information about the webinar, and  links to previous webinars it only includes a simple form. The form requires only basic contact information and one optional field. 

Key Takeaway: Minimize the number of form fields

While you should definitely use as few form fields as possible, don’t miss out on the chance to collect information useful for you. In this case the field job title is optional, as the webinars are free for anyone to attend.

However, it’s potentially a valuable piece of information for a company that provides marketing services. So, they left open the option to find out more about potential leads. 

4 Login & Registration Forms Design Best Practices

Want to know how to create an online registration form? Here are 4 simple rules to follow

I. Shorter Is Better

People prefer online forms that require less effort to complete.Nowadays you will rarely need people’s phone numbers and they will, rightfully so, be reluctant to provide them to you. Stick to the basics: name, email and job title are usually enough in any sort of professional context. 

If you have more questions to ask, you can always ask afterwards. Another way to do this is to create optional fields. This could help you segment your target audience properly. 

II. Transparency

Having customers entrust you with their personal information is terrific. To ensure it stays that way, you need to stay honest and transparent. You can present them with detailed terms and condition agreement (consent terms) stating the following:

  • How you will use their personal data
  • Copyright and intellectual property protection
  • Rules and guidelines when accessing your website or app

Place the terms and condition agreement in a prominent location. Some companies even make it a necessary action to ensure users will read it before completing the registration form.

Registration Forms Designs: Sample Form With Terms & Condition Agreement

Image Source

III. Choose The Right Types Of Sign-Up Forms

Login and registration forms are not limited to account signup. There are several purposes you can implement it into, and here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Email subscription form
  • Job application form
  • Early access registration form
  • Event registration forms

IV. Get the best registration form design

Login and registration forms are incredibly simple. That’s why it’s so hard to design them well. When you’re working with such a limited space, every design decision counts. From the wording and color of your CTA buttons to the layout of your form fields.

Sure, you can grab one of many registration templates available from form builder sites, like Google forms (which come with some added benefits, such as connecting it to Google sheets where you can analyze the collected responses). Website builders also have plenty of templates you can use.

However, nothing beats custom design. It might seem simple enough, but remember that form design can make or break the success of your web forms. 

Of course, hiring a web designer to start from scratch and design a single form might seem silly. So how about an affordable flat-rate monthly service for all your graphic design needs!

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