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10 Most Popular ManyPixels Design Requests

10 Most Popular Design Requests on ManyPixels

Apr 2, 2019
4 minutes


Wondering what to order on ManyPixels?

Here are 10 popular requests you can order today.

1. Sales decks

Let’s face it, in business you constantly need to sell (at one point or another, your job mostly is about selling, in the words of Sam Altman)

So how do you sell?

  • You need to pursade
  • You do so with a great presentation or in other terms, a sales deck

Manypixels sales deck 1

Manypixels sales deck 2

Manypixels sales deck 3

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At ManyPixels we use sales deck a lot. When we reach out to a prospective company, we follow up with a customised sales deck. It speaks to them, it shows we understand their problem, and we try to book a call with them.

Here is what goes into a great sales deck:

  • What problem you’re working on for them (your customers)
  • What solution you and why your solution is perfect for them (why they should care)
  • Reference of past clients (clients won’t take your words, let your work speaks for it)
  • Pricing
  • Contact details

Tip: Also add “Services/Product for…” to make it personal!

Here is an example of another sales deck:

Sales deck example design

2. Logo design with mascot

Logo designs with mascot make your brand really unique. In addition to making your brand unique, it also gives you to opportunity to have a logo with multiple use cases (with or without mascot)

Here are some logos that our designers have created:

Harvy logo

Bearly logo on coffee cup

Happier pets logo

3. Infographic design

Infographics are a great way to repurpose content. As attention-span is now hugely limited, you have to find another way to capture attention.

Here are some examples on how you can use infographics to market your business:

  • Use them as Facebook Ads to drive traffic to one of your ebook or blog posts.
  • Use them in your presentations
  • Use them as social media posts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook
  • Use them to illustrate your blog posts

Here are some examples of infographics our team has designed:

infographic showcase

weight loss infographic

8 tips to nail your facebook ad campaign infographic

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4. Display ads

Advertising, whether through prospection or retargeting can be an incredibly effective way to generate traffic and leads, build your brand, or even directly drive direct sales to your website.

Here are some examples of ads you can request that your team has produced:

Rontar referral program design

Hypergiant marketing agency design

Free proposal accounting design

5. Reports, manuals, and company culture books

Another idea to request is to create reports or manual: Present information beautifully so people actually want to consume it.

Tip: You can actually put these reports in powerpoint format and put them on Google Slides to share them internally with your coworkers or with your investors.

Investor reports design

6. Landing pages

Landing pages design is a very popular design request on ManyPixels.

Designing a landing page is usually better to go into redesigning a full website for several reasons:

  • A landing page gets the visitor to do a single action: Usually booking a call or leaving their email address, downloading an Ebook, etc. They are a great marketing way to capture the attention to a visitor towards a single objective.

Here are some examples of landing pages you can request:

  • General landing pages
  • Book a demo landing pages
  • Referral page landing pages
  • Contest landing pages
  • Coming soon landing pages

Here are some examples of landing pages that our team created:

Harvy landing page

Deewala landing page

Chaire landing page

7. Email and newsletter designs

Building your email list is like having your own little piece of Internet real estate, where your subscribers are your tenants. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, email is still a strong and independent way to reach out customers. Building your email list is thus hugely important!

Once you’ve built your list, having compelling emails.

Here are some examples of email designs you can request on our platform:

Here’s an example of an email design from you team:

Harvy email newsletter design

8. Custom made illustrations and icons

Illustrations are one of our most popular services as well. They have multiple uses cases:

  • Make a powerpoint presentation look nicer or unique
  • Help create social media graphics
  • Help create landing pages

Here are some example of illustrations

Video marketing agency design

Marketing agency scope of services graphic

Or for branding purposes. This e-bike app decided to create a lot of illustrations to help with their branding:

E-bike app illustration girl pointing at planet earth E-bike app illustration boy with e-scooter in front of church E-bike app illustration girl riding e-bike in nature

9. Facebook page branding

Another popular example of request is redesigning your Facebook page / Messenger bot.

Facebook page branding

10. Pitch deck redesign

So you’re planning to raise your seed or series A round? Well, a better pitch deck will definitely impress your potential investors.

Here are some screens of a pitch deck we’ve recently redesigned.

Stressed man sitting in chair Infographic of yearly cost of stress-related diseases Stressed boy standing on rocks next to waves Objectifying stress management infographic

Feedback messages Patient occupation pie chart Progressive high-margin business model infographic

Where our customers come from graphic chart ![Stress quote graphic]](https://media.graphcms.com/W08GCDXNQW3I7D3wi88B) Economic cost of stress-related insufficient sleep around the world

That’s it! We will regularly be posting more popular example of design requests.

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