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Top 11 SaaS Tools for Business Growth

11 Best SaaS Tools to Grow Your Small Business

June 16, 2021
6 minutes


You have already taken the big step: starting a business. Now it’s time to grow it. Apart from the right strategies, you’ll need the best tools that help boost productivity, improve workflows, and are scalable. That’s where SaaS tools come in!

SaaS tools help reduce operational costs and offer better security, scalability, and flexibility than on-premise software.

As per a recent survey, 73% of organizations will be using all or mostly SaaS solutions this year. The same research found that 85% of small companies have already invested in SaaS products.

Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming, you too, want to adopt SaaS software for your business. But with so many tools out there, choosing the best ones can be challenging and time-consuming.

To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of the best SaaS tools that serve different purposes and can help grow your startup faster. Let’s get started!

Notion for Tasks Management

Notion lets you plan, track, and do all your work in one place. You can create to-do lists and share them with your team. It also provides a birds-eye view of the progress of each task and who’s working on them. Image Credit: Notion

Notion helps ensure you don’t forget any task while providing a space for your team to collaborate for work-related tasks. In addition, its real-time collaboration feature enables you to work on the same page simultaneously with multiple teammates.

Intercom for Web Support

With customers becoming more tech-savvy every day, offering web support has become more important than ever. Intercom is a business messenger that enables you to offer personalized customer service over the web.

Intercom lets you manage and reply to conversations across channels, including your website, product, email, and social media. You can even route and prioritize conversations that need your attention with assignment rules, ticketing workflows, SLAs, and more.

It also lets you offer self-serve support with custom bots that share relevant articles to customers based on their queries.

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CallHippo for Phone Support and Sales

A virtual phone number is a must for every growing business. It allows you to make and receive calls at a much affordable price compared to traditional phone systems. CallHippo is a leading VoIP system that your team can use to reach prospects and handle incoming calls.

CallHippo offers advanced features like a smart switch, call conferencing, power dialer, call transfer, call conference, call barging, on-hold music, analytics, and more. These features enable you to improve your team’s performance and offer the best possible experience to each customer.

cllhippo.jpg Image Credit: CallHippo

Plus, CallHippo allows you to buy local numbers in 50+ countries that can help establish a robust local presence in your area of operation.

Slack for Internal Communication

Irrespective of the number of employees you have, having an internal communication tool that brings your whole team together is vital. Slack is a team collaboration platform that eliminates the back-and-forth emails for day-to-day activities and enables you to share files with your team effortlessly.

You can even collaborate with your team via audio and video calls via Slack. It also allows you to organize central spaces for conversations, files, tools, and people. Besides, it integrates with over 2000+ apps.

HubSpot for Customer Relationship Management

A CRM is a central hub for all your customer information, including their interactions. HubSpot CRM allows businesses to manage their sales pipeline with total visibility. You can sort deals based on won & lost, appointments scheduled, contracts sent over, and track performance against sales quotas.

HubSpot CRM tracks customer interactions automatically from all the channels, including social media, email, and phone calls. With detailed customer information organized in one place, you can better meet your customers’ needs and expectations. The best part is HubSpot CRM is free to use.

HubSpot for Creating Landing Pages

Again HubSpot! It has a free landing page builder that helps you build professional, good-looking websites without coding. You can choose a template from their built-in library or build pages from scratch. It also allows you to preview your landing page on different devices before publishing.

You can dynamically show personalized content to individual visitors based on their location, source, device, lifecycle stage, or other contact information stored in your CRM, thereby providing the best experience possible to each customer.

hubspot 1.jpg Image Credit: HubSpot

Mailchimp for Marketing

Mailchimp is one of the most popular end-to-end marketing tools for small businesses. It supports email marketing, digital ads, and social media management. Its audience management tool helps you better understand your customers and tailor your messaging accordingly.

You can use their pre-built templates to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right moment. You can also set up automation to trigger emails based on the customer behavior on your website to increase engagement.

Freshbooks for Accounting

Freshbooks is online accounting software for small businesses. It allows you to manage your expenses, track time, get paid faster (with its payment gateway), and ensure compliance.

Freshworks integrates with over 100 apps, enabling you to streamline your business and automate tedious tasks. Its mobile app keeps you updated about your company’s finances on the go.

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SE Ranking for SEO

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO software that makes it easier to optimize your website and boost its ranking. You can monitor where you stand in the search results, the keywords you rank for, and study your competitors. SE Ranking performs an in-depth audit to identify errors and bottlenecks in your website’s SEO.

With its backlink checker, you can get a complete list of sites linking to you and monitor if anything happens. It also helps find the top keywords that your potential clients search for and adds them to your content to enhance search visibility.

RecurPost for Social Media Management

RecurPost is a social media scheduler that allows you to automatically share your posts on social platforms. It also lets you read and reply to the incoming messages, mentions, comments, and conversations across channels.

recurpost.jpg Image Credit: RecurPost

Its AI determines the best time to post your updates on each channel and publishes them, thereby saving you countless hours while increasing engagement. You can collaborate and create content for your business without sharing the credentials of your social profiles.

Wordable for Publishing Content

Wordable is a content publishing platform that enables you to export your content to any website within minutes. It allows you to import documents within seconds and optimize them for SEO (using Alt Text, meta tags, etc.).

As of writing this article, Wordable allows you to publish content only on three platforms (WordPress, HubSpot, and Medium), you can expect more CMS in the coming months (Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, CraftCMS, and more).

Vihar Naik loves to write about Virtual phone numbers, communication skills, SaaS, and more. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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Guest Writer: CallHippo

June 16, 2021

Vihar Naik loves to write about virtual phone numbers, communication skills, SaaS, and more.