Tips for Successful Company Rebranding

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5 Questions to Drive a Successful Rebrand


5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Rebranding

September 24, 2021
6 minutes


Many entrepreneurs have a hard time deciding whether or not they want to rebrand their company. Are you in this position? Maybe you’ve felt that your brand no longer correctly identifies what you represent.

Perhaps you’ve thought you want to change your business name, or you may want a complete brand overhaul. Whatever you’re feeling, you need to take some time before making such a big decision.

Before you go through the rebranding process, always ask yourself the following five questions to see if it’s the right thing for you and your business:

  • Do I have the resources for a rebrand?
  • Is this the right time for a business rebrand?
  • What outcome are you hoping for with your rebrand?
  • Have you done a brand audit?
  • Have you polled your current customers?

Think these things through before you decide to rebrand your company, because you want to fully invest in the project and make a decision that will make the most sense for building your business in the best way possible.

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Do you have the resources for a rebrand?

There is a lot of work involved in rebranding your company. First, you have to decide if you have the resources you need for this project. If you don’t, you probably shouldn’t go through with it until you do. Some businesses aren’t prepared for what’s ahead, and they’re left feeling frustrated and even broke.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t necessarily rebrand your company just yet, but you should have some plan to get everything you need. It will save you from potential problems down the road if you do research now and figure out how much money you’ll need for things like new office furniture, graphics design services, website redesign, etc., before embarking on such a significant endeavor.

If you don’t think you’ll have the time you need for a rebrand, you shouldn’t start it until you’re sure you can complete the whole process successfully. Likewise, if you don’t think you can give your full attention to this project, you should wait to do it later. Also, consider how much you will dedicate to your business in general before starting a new brand overhaul.

For example, suppose you are launching a new product soon and want to use your old brand image on the packaging. In that case, you may not want to change your company’s name or logo yet because once people see that new packaging with a different name and logo, they might get confused about who made it or what company they are getting their product from.

Is this the right time for a rebrand?

If you’re thinking about rebranding your company, you should only do it if you feel you can commit fully to the process. Whether you like your old brand or you don’t want to invest in a new one, you need to do some soul searching before you decide, and the time you take will be worth it in the end.

While you’re going through this self-reflection period, you should also consider when would be the right time for a rebrand. You may not always have control over this. Still, if something specific about your business shows it’s time for a change (for example, maybe you are launching a new product), then rebranding might be easier because of these circumstances.

But if you aren’t ready to make a change, you shouldn’t force your business. It may take some time, but you will know when it is the right time for you and your company to rebrand.

If you are only mildly upset about your current brand, you don’t have to rush into doing something drastic just yet. Instead, you might want to consider making a few small changes first before you do anything drastic, such as changing everything overnight.

Small changes can lead you towards bigger ones down the road if you decide that’s what you want from your old brand once you see how positively or negatively it affects your business.

What outcome are you hoping for with your rebrand?

Before deciding on a new company name or logo, you should consider what you’re hoping the outcome will be. You need to know precisely what you want from the rebrand, and you should make a list of all your desires. This way, you’ll give yourself a clear understanding of why you are doing this in the first place, and you won’t second guess yourself later.

Once you’ve made your list, you can proceed with determining if you want to change your company’s name or logo completely, just slightly, or not at all. If you decide there is nothing wrong with your current brand, you may only want to change some of its features.

For example, maybe you are tired of your old color scheme, so you might start by choosing a new color for your logo, and then you can decide to change your website’s color scheme.

On the other hand, if you want to go more drastic, you may only want to completely rehaul your company image, and you might decide you don’t want anything changed on your website at all. Be sure when you’re making these decisions, you take into account any possible plans you might have so you don’t get stuck with something you’ll later regret.

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Have you done a brand audit?

Before you decide you want to rebrand your company, you should consider redesigning your website and any of your other branding practices. Do a brand audit to see what you like about your current company name, logo image, and marketing strategies so you can figure out the best way forward.

If you haven’t done this before, then you might need some help from a professional or at least a knowledgeable friend who has experience with branding, so you know exactly where you stand before deciding on whether or not you want to change anything else. You don’t want to start over entirely if all that is wrong with your current brand is its color scheme or something similar.

Have you polled your current customers?

Do you have any current customers that won’t approve of this transition process?

Before you make any decisions, you might want to ask your current customers what they think of your branding and whether or not you should try to rebrand.

If you have never done this before, you may find out that you have been completely wrong about your brand so far because you had no idea how it was affecting some of your current customers. Some companies choose to do this by email, but you can also create a simple online poll in polling services such as SurveyMonkey.

This way, you can create a poll that you think your customers will be most interested in, and you can get all the information you need to make the right choice.

Wrap up

If you answer all these questions before you start the rebranding process, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on one of the most significant decisions you will ever have to make as a company owner: whether you want or need to rebrand your business.

If you do decide to rebrand, then you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into and how you’re going to go about it so that you won’t regret anything later on. You’ll then be able to focus exclusively on building your business, knowing that you’ve done the right thing.

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Guest Writer: Romy Catauta

September 24, 2021

Romy Catauta works in the marketing field and is passionate about writing on web design, business, interior design and psychology.