25 Creative and Cute Bakery Logo Design Ideas

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25 Modern and Inviting Bakery Logo Designs

25 Trendy and Creative Bakery Logo Ideas

Find inspiration in our selection of 25 of the best bakery logos from all over the world, sorted into 5 categories.

June 29, 2020
8 minutes


If you are a bakery owner and need to create a brand identity as delightful as your pastries, we’re here to help. Check out this selection of 25 logos of bakeries all over the world to find inspiration to cook up your own.

Bakeries are often family-owned, small, and charming businesses** that bring joy to their customers. Whether it’s a croissant with your coffee in the morning, a good bagel, or a lavish wedding cake, bakers bring a smile to our face and make our lives better, one pastry at a time.

The delicacy and craftiness of this joyful business have to be shown through the identity of bakeries too, firstly through their logos. Here are some great examples of lovely and well-designed bakery logos, compiled in categories characterized by the most prominent element connected to the industry.

Wheat themed logos

Gluten-free supporters might hate me for this, but a good pastry needs flour. And flour comes from wheat. The beautiful and elegant golden wheat strands are the most elementary symbol of baking, often showing up on both packaging of pastry products and logos.

1.Mousiou Bakeries

Like a baking good, there are many layers in this bakery logo design. There is a single strand of wheat in the middle, and a drop of water, the second most important ingredient in baking. You can also see the letter M, for the surname of the bakers and owners, Mousiou. The concentric circles form a loaf of bread, and the year 1969 is added to let the customers know that it is an old, established family-owned bakery.


2.Mara Carnielli

From a design perspective, this logo design is quite simple. But from a marketing point of view, it’s a simple and effective solution that includes the core value proposition: Mara Carnielli produces artisanal pastries. This monochromatic emblem logo uses an elegant typeface, a subtle wheat strand, and explains the product in a very simplistic manner. And the bakery adds a small business card to the wrapping, which is a genius move.

mara carnieri

3.Louise Boulangerie et Pâtisserie

This french pastry and sweets shop uses a playful and feminine script font in which the name of the baker and eponymous shop is written, and a tasteful combination of gold and black. A single strand of wheat gives some structure and backstory, making it much different than something out of a logo creator that provides logos for free, and the circle shape of the logo makes it very suitable for packaging.


4.No. 10 Bakery

No. 10, a relatively new bakery in Turkey, has a more modern and minimalistic approach. The wheat strand and brand name are incorporated into a two-dimensional, Art Deco style frame, with a muted gold color. The whole brand identity and packaging of the bakery, that produces organic and gourmet delicacies like croissants and sourdough bread, is quite simple and elegant.

no 10 bakery

5.Boulangerie de Paris

This traditional French boulangerie (or bake shop), has a far more different color palette than other pastry shops, using a coral pink and navy blue theme. The logo is created by combining the letter B and a wheat strand, and inscription of the business name below.

boulangerie de paris

Logos with whisks and rolling pins

A business logo often includes the tool the craftsman uses. In the case of pastry shops, what is more representative than a rolling pin and whisk? Here are some good examples of graphic design incorporating relevant tools into the baking logo.

11.Merit Art Bake

A triumphantly elevated whisk in the baker’s hand, and a lovely color palette, make this a cute and sophisticated emblem logo. The graphic designer provided additional icons for use in web design and social media marketing, making this a complete and well thought out branding idea.


12.São Matheus Doces e Experiências

This emblem logo depicts the “weapon of choice” of both the baker and the person who’ll enjoy their products. By a crossed whisk and spoon, framed inside a circle with what strands, it successfully manages to provide a backstory for the business.

sao matheus

13. Sweeth Guloseimas

Another tool for making delicious pastries is a piping bag, and this business created a high-quality logo by placing this common object into the whole composition. Combined with a charming color combination and a simple script font, it is a promising image for customers with a sweet tooth (as the wordgame in the name suggests).

sweeth By Carol Azevedo

14.The Baker Chef

This bakery obviously knows its worth, because the look of the logo is almost royal. The designer created a banner by combining a chef’s hat, a rolling pin, a strand of wheat and bread. It is a different approach, and that is exactly what makes it unique.

the baker chef


Another classy and simple logo design that uses a whisk as the core element. There are two versions of this design: the official and the simplified one. The font has a light and unpretentious feel, and the strong yellow color is often used in color psychology to appetize and welcome us to food.


Logos inspired by the business name

These pastry shops decided to create an illustration or an icon depicting the name of the brand, creating an intricate visual that presents their business well.

16.Bagel O Bagel

This brilliant logo for a bagel and coffee shop is a brilliant play on the name. The coffee cup in the middle also creates a bagel out of the outside space, and the whole composition is O-shaped.

bagel o bagel


The Cabinet Bakery used the look of their interior as the logo. Depicting a cozy atmosphere with a small library, pasties, and a cup of coffee put into a message bubble, it promises a pleasant experience and a nice chat with a friend, that you would expect from a bakery.


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18.Yum Yum

In this cool design, the business name serves as the frosting on a very appetizing cupcake. Cute, fun, and full of taste: isn’t that what cupcakes are too?

yum yum


This might be the simplest and fanciest example on this list, that hits the spot perfectly for lovers of minimalism. It has a classy sans serif inscription of the name of the cafe and a flipped B that looks like two pasties next to each other.


20.Chez Nana

This cute logo with an even cuter backstory is the perfect recipe! It combines a cake, a house (in the missing piece you can see a roof), and a heart, symbolizing love. It shares the message that we often associate cakes with important days and occasions in our life. Wedding cake, birthday cake… It means home and happiness.

chez nana

Mascot logos

If your logo is focused on a certain character, that character can be the mascot of your pastry shop. And it’s a smart move because customers will have a face and a personality in mind when they think of your business. Here are some good examples of this tactic.

21.Dona Vilma

Who should we trust more about making tasty pastries than the baker themselves? Dona Vilma, the baker in charge of making artisan bread and sandwiches, is also the mascot of this business. It is a simple depiction in a monochrome, cute logo, and a friendly serif font that completes the whole composition well.

dona vilma

22.Mi Tlali Dessertery

Another cute concept that honestly deserves a bakery to represent. The combination of a sans serif and an elegant script font, four different colors that form a welcoming and warm palette, and the cute character make this a great logo for a pastry and dessert shop.

mi tlali

23.Pavlin Bakery

This elegant linework of a peacock makes for a stylish and fancy logo. You wouldn’t expect a peacock to represent a bakery, but since it’s a creature we associate with finesse, beauty, and the ability to show off, it can be a good choice of a mascot, since we often want desserts to be the same.


24.Dedis Puri

This cute linework logo for a bakery in Riga depicts a woman in traditional Latvian garment that holds a loaf of bread. In the frame, you can see subtle strands of wheat, and a pattern that resembles art in Baltic folklore.

dedis puri

25.Goose Bakery

Goose Bakery opted for an almost comical and cool logo. Using the name as an inspiration, the mascot is a goose in whose negative space you see a loaf of bread. The Os in the wordmark also have stripes to form little loaves of bread.

goose bakery

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Stefanija Tenekedjieva

June 29, 2020

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.