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AnnaJul 29, 2020

12 Coffee Shop Fonts for Brewing the Best Logo

A good typeface is essential for capturing the crispiness and bitterness of your delicious coffee. Here are 12 great free fonts to do justice to your chic coffee shop and make it look even cooler.

The font and typography you choose will send a message to your customers about how they should feel about your coffee shop, as the font directly relays the personality of the business. Is your coffee shop the newest hip spot round the block? Do you wish to emphasize the cozy atmosphere of the interior or the superb quality of your coffee blend? If you have not yet decided what you want your coffee shop to stand for, the font options below may just put you on the right track.

Script fonts

Script fonts are made to resemble handwriting and give a more creative, fun and casual vibe. Fluid in their nature, they give a more personal and inviting feeling to the text. If that is the impression you wish to give off for your coffee shop, this typeface is the way to go!

1. Oleo Script (Free)

This flowy handwritten font that gives the appearance of being written with a brush is perfect for spelling out the name of your coffee shop as it is easily eligible. Its informal, quaint and upbeat nature will make all customers feel welcomed.

Oleo Script

2. About Love (Free for personal use)

Although this font is free only for personal use, it is sure to turn your coffee shop into a romantic couples’ hub. The lovely and cute calligraphy typeface is perfect to reel in customers for a selection of cute cupcakes or a slice of red velvet cake, as well as provide a unique warm ambiance to your establishment.

About love

3. Lily Script One (Free)

A more playful cousin of the #1 entry on the list, Lily Script One is a playful, bold font that is soft yet clear, ideal for logo design. Embellished with details and intricacies, it is perfect for adding charm to a coffee shop of any size.

Lily script one

4. Asthenia (Free for personal use)

A perfect start to the day with a warm cup of coffee is a magical experience in itself. Highlight this aspect of the coffee experience with this fairytale-like font. It packs a punch and is versatile enough to be used in various sizes for a wide range of graphic design needs. Its middle-eastern/Greek undertone also makes it a wonderful font for a coffee shop specializing in Turkish or Arabic coffee.


Sans serif fonts

A font family which is characterized by straight lines and a lack of strokes is used frequently in the professional context as it is generally more legible. Sans serif fonts convey cleanliness, minimalism and modernity. Some of the most widely used examples are Arial, Helvetica, Calibri and Roboto. The following options are a selection of sans serif fonts with an extra spark to give pizazz to your coffee shop.

5. Kirvy (Free)

Sometimes less is more, and that is exactly the case with this entry. This typeface that comes with a free download is a steal as it comes in four different font styles—thin, light, regular and bold. It is simple and elegant, perfect to go along with your classy coffeehouse.


6. Santana (Free)

This fun typeface comes in six different variations, allowing for great variety. It also features a quirky and fun element—a dot in the center of the letter “O”. This font is sure to give lots of personality to your coffee shop, if a playful and relaxed vibe is what you are going for.


7. Prosto (Free)

Translated as “simply” from Russian, this font lives up to its name. Its clean and robust nature, as well as the larger spaces between letters, make it a perfect font for both large and smaller texts. This will allow your coffee shop logo to be put on anything from business cards to t-shirts. (Bonus: the lowercase “u” in this font resembles a coffee cup, which allows for many fun design options).


8. Steelfish rounded (Free)

This compact and elongated font helps to save space in the case that the name of your coffee shop is on the longer side. The compressed nature of the font gives a chic look while the round edges convey softness and comfort—characteristics that are certainly good to be associated with in the eyes of the coffee shop goers.

Steelfish rounded

Serif fonts

As a more established and older font family, serif fonts are characterized by little lines attached to the letters, improving the ability of the human eye to read the text faster—perfect for advertisements of your coffee shop in smaller sizes. Some classic fonts in this category include Times New Roman, Baskerville and Garamond. Although often used to signify something classic, formal and elegant, there is also a wide selection of modern fonts that can give your coffee shop some personality and an exciting spin.

9. Braga (Free for personal use)

This font gives off an elegant, almost regal feel that will perfectly mirror the class and high quality of your coffee shop. Perfect for fancying up any logo or menu, this typeface is perfect if the location of your coffeehouse or your coffee hold a historical connotation.

Braga serif

10. Averia Serif Libre (Free)

This typeface has an interesting origin story, as the font was created by blending all fonts present on the computer of its creator. This makes it slightly difficult to classify the font under one specific typeface family. The visual outcome of the font, however, is stunning. Due to the blending the font appears to have a slightly blurry and airy quality to it, which is a perfect fit to illustrate the incredible cloud-like nature of your cappuccino foam.

Averia serif libre


Retro fonts are nostalgic in their nature and are typically used to bring the audience back to the past. Evoking that feeling of nostalgia or bringing your customers back to the fond memories or recreating the pleasant atmosphere of the past can be a great way to find the way into the public’s hearts. And if used right, it can breathe personality and edginess into your text.

11. Westmeath (Free)

This art-deco-inspired font is both classic and modern at the same time. The bold and bottom-heavy quality gives this font personality and transmits the feeling of confidence and stability—let your customers know how confident you are about the quality of your coffee!


12. Pettinghill CF (Free)

This retro frilly bold font has an elegant and regal, yet modern vibe. The separate letters have interesting elements, which helps attract the eye. The word “coffee” looks particularly interesting in this font, adding personality to your logo.

Pettingill CF
Once you have found the perfect font match for your coffee shop, make sure to check the following article for inspiration for your coffee shop logo!

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