21 Modern Serif Fonts to Help You Impress Your Audience

Use these modern serif fonts to give a recognizable, unique twist to your graphic design.

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June 20, 2024

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Looking for a modern serif font for your design project? Here are 21 gorgeous fonts to choose from!

What is a serif font again? Unlike sans serif fonts, serif typefaces have small strokes at the edge of a large stroke. Some well known serif fonts are Times New Roman, Baskerville, Bodoni, and Garamond.

Serif typefaces are known for their stylishness, class and the traditional, dependable character they infuse in designs. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t modern fonts in the serif style!

Whether you want one for body text, headlines, or as a web font, this selection will offer you plenty of options.


1. Valky Modern (purchase only)

Valky is a stylish and vintage serif typeface with a retro vibe, and beautiful ligatures. Additionally, it has plenty of glyphs, ornaments and multilingual support. It would make a great font for posters, beauty packaging and fashion branding.


2. Grandeur (purchase only)

True to its name, this stylized and highly detailed font is quirky and slightly psychedelic, but mainly based on the baroque aesthetic.


3. Moustique (free for personal use)

This elegant font is inspired by luxury design and is characterized by the high contrast between thick and thin lines.


4. Bosch (free for personal use)

This quirky and unusual display font is inspired by Hieronymus Bosch, a Dutch 15th-century painter and one of the most prominent artists of the Northern Renaissance. It is available in the Greek and Latin alphabet, and its unusual forms are inspired by religious scripts.


5. Style Clubs (purchase only)

Style Clubs is closer to a classic serif in its aesthetic, but the simplicity and casual look make it a modern solution. It comes in only one weight, and it’s slightly Italic.

style clubs.jpg

6. Astoria (purchase only)

This gorgeous and unusual font created by the TanType studio is groovy and decorative, and a strong base to design a creative poster, packaging, or branding identity.


7. Bright (purchase only)

If you’re a fan of the 60s and 70s type design, this is the font for you. Its stylish and retro look will make any design charming and hip.


8. Branic (free for commercial use)

Luxury in the form of letters. Inspired by Art Deco, very classic and modern, this serif font is the ideal choice for fashion branding and packaging.


9. Finches (free for personal use)

This gorgeous italic serif font has sleek and thin ligatures, as well as organic curvatures in the letters. It’s perfect for website design, as it’s legible and not too decorative.


10. Stigma (purchase only)

Stigma typeface is a versatile, modern and classy serif font, perfect for displays, headlines and big titles.


11. Grange (purchase only)

This premium serif has super-thin lines and curved ligatures, as well as additional ornaments that make it utterly charming.


12. Klose (purchase only)

This cartoonish and funky font family is a slab serif font that will add some pizzazz to a retro design and can be used in 75 languages and scripts.


13. Becoming (purchase only)

Becoming is a transitional serif typeface whose most noticeable trait is a contrast of bold curves and sharp straight lines.


14. Elika Gorica (purchase only)

This luscious, well-designed and legible font comes with a vast number of alternate glyphs and ligatures, so it’s the perfect modern sans serif typeface if you need more than just Latin lettering.

elika gorica.jpg

15. Qaligo (free for personal use)

Sweet, decorative and feminine, are three things that Qaligo definitely is. The cute ornamental stars come in small sizes, so they won’t overpower the balance of this well-designed typeface.


16. Aremia (purchase only)

Aremia is a neo-grotesque serif typeface inspired by the late Renaissance-era type and balanced with a contemporary, future-facing tone.


17. Blake (purchase only)

Rarely will you find a display font as unique as Blake. It’s very visually dynamic and impressive, but clear and legible.


18. Kindred (purchase only)

Kindred is a reverse-contrast display type. Personally, it reminds me of the Summer of Love, hippie aesthetic and the reoccurring retro look we see become popular now and again.


19. Milk and Balls (free for personal use)

Cute, legible, a little bit cartoonish. This font is perfect for youthful packaging and a vibrant look of any design you are creating.

milk and balls.jfif.jpg

20. Beale (purchase only)

How about a 70s game-show vibe? Beale is inspired by the lettering on blues and rock n roll records from studios like Sun Stax Records. It is in all uppercase letters.


21. Cinema Paradiso (purchase only)

Maybe it’s the fact that this font carries the name of one of my favorite films, but it looks gorgeous and fitting for any type of design. It carries some inspiration from the Art Nouveau art wave.

cinema paradiso.jpg

We hope this list of modern serif fonts helps you find the perfect choice for your project. Don’t forget that ManyPixels is a one-stop shop for all your graphic design needs: from fonts and branding to websites and illustrations! 

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