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Dental Website Design: Useful Tips and Examples to Learn From

Best Dental Websites: Tips and Examples

November 19, 2020
Danica Popovic


If your dental practice needs a stunning new website that will attract clients, check out the following examples for ideas on how to make your website stand out.

When you’re having a dental emergency, chances are that you’re just going to search for a dental office nearest to you. On the other hand, if you’re looking to do a complicated aesthetic procedure like veneers or dental implants, you’ll likely do a bit more research into finding the dental practice that best suits your needs.

Either way, a great dental website can help you assure new patients of the quality of your service but also provide all the key information that they might find useful. Finally, good web design also concerns how your website looks: an ugly, outdated website won’t exactly inspire confidence with potential patients.

Here are some wonderful examples of dental websites that you should learn from.

Provide new patients with key information

Of course, the dental industry isn’t the flashiest or most creative field to excel in digital marketing. The truth is that you’ll probably be able to create a fairly successful website with a simple website builder like Wix or Shopify, or even by customizing a WordPress theme.

That said, a simple website design doesn’t mean ignoring important aspects like search engine optimization (using the right keywords and technical optimizations that help your website rank well). This also means organizing the information on your website clearly and accessible, with the end-user in mind.

1. Bates Dental

If a dental emergency ever forced you into a dodgy-looking dental office, then you can certainly appreciate the appeal of a professional-looking dental practice. This Washington-based dental office’s homepage includes a full-page photo of their reception and waiting room, which immediately signals a sense of professionalism. They also feature their dental logo quite prominently, which creates a stronger brand image.

Scrolling down you can discover more about the head DDS, and the types of procedures that you can do here, including root canals and same day crowns. This WordPress website menu is very easy to navigate and includes useful information like patient education articles. On the other hand, they also have a simple and straightforward online payment and appointment gateway that’s visibility placed, so that website visitors can easily make appointments.

bates dental website.png

2. Lake Bluff Dental

If you need a brief guide on what sort of information your dental website should include and how you might want to group it, the following website is a great example to look at.

Landing on their homepage, website visitors are first drawn in by high-quality photos and quickly provided with the key information they should know about this practice. Their scope of service is presented in a user-friendly way (e.g. instead of writing just “implant dentistry” this area is presented with the buyer persona’s pain point: “I’m missing a tooth.”). At the end of the page, they also included some patient reviews, which are extremely important for dental marketing; there are other services you might be willing to give the benefit of the doubt, but word of mouth is absolutely critical for healthcare professionals.

lake bluff dental website.jpg

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Videos for more engaging dental practice websites

Going to the dentist can be scary. While you want to assure potential patients that they will get the best care possible, a great dental website can also relieve some of the anxiety around a visit to the dentist, by providing a more fun website experience. Here are a couple of examples that do just that.

3. Tend

The tagline of this New York dental practice is “Look Forward to the Dentist” and it’s certainly a great first impression to make. The homepage shows a short clip of a man brushing his teeth and then confidently stepping into the dental office and taking a seat in the chair. You even see a snippet of work being done (my non-expert opinion is that it’s a simple cleaning procedure), with the guy looking equally comfortable.

Overall the design team behind this website did a brilliant job: the web design is clean and modern and the images are fun and unique (they certainly don’t feel like boring stock photos you’ve seen a thousand times). The marketing services behind the copy found on this website also deserve props. It’s fun, unique and speaks to potential customers in an accessible, friendly way.

tend dental website.png

4. Jackson Family Dental

You’d expect a family dentistry to greet you with smiling photos of a couple of generations of dentists—which is exactly how this great dental website delivers a fun twist. The first thing you see is a very futuristic video of dental services utilizing cutting edge technology (e.g. laser). A more personal note is delivered by smiling people interacting with the friendly dental staff.

Their customer testimonials section is also great. Apart from the conventional quotes from happy clients, they also included a video of a client talking about how the service handled her son’s dental emergency. Creating testimonial videos is a great thing to add to your marketing strategy, as this helps to tell a more personalized story about your patients’ experience and further assure prospective patients of the quality of your service.

jackson family dental website.jpg

Show a personalized approach to dental care

Whether you use cutting-edge technology in your procedures or provide a very personalized experience for each new client, a custom dental website design can show prospective patients that you have a unique offer. When you first go about planning your new website, this is where you might want to use the help of a branding or marketing agency, to help you pinpoint the more specific aspects of your offer, or what makes you different from your competitors.

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Here are a few dental websites with a custom design that’s very memorable.

5. Grand Street Dental

Landing on this website’s homepage, you might at first wonder whether you’ve accidentally stumbled upon a digital marketing company website. It’s incredibly modern, creative and effortlessly cool. Luckily, you don’t have to be in the dark for too long because their value proposition: “Dentistry Redesigned” is featured prominently.

The landing page is straightforward: it contains a list of services and some patient reviews that belong to a few world-famous companies. The rest of the web design is simple yet stunning with high-quality photos and an impeccable color palette enforcing the trendy brand image.

Of course, you’d expect a business like this one to have a strong social media presence, and they don’t disappoint. Their Instagram profile is linked to the website and it contains a range of fun posts: from dental before and afters to beautiful interior photos, smiling staff and even some illustrations and artwork. They keep their social media relevant in covid times too: for example, there are snippets of the founder Jennifer Plotnick DMD, talking about how to cope with the risks of this profession during the pandemic.

grand street dental website.png

6. Smile Spot

Without ever checking their contact information, you’ll immediately know this website design belongs to a dental office in California. Instead of the usal imagery, this laid back hippy van and surrounding palm trees certainly inspire a sense of relaxation you don’t really expect to find with most dental websites.

All of the design elements on this website complete this fun and youthful brand image: from the quirky typography to the fresh blue and orange color palette, this website is certainly geared towards making a strong first impression. They also have a cool special offer for new patients ($60 for a comprehensive dental exam, X-ray and cleaning), which is a cool way to get potential patients on board.

smile spot dental website.jpg

Target locally for better SEO

Local SEO is essential for brick and mortar businesses since people who search for a nearby business are more likely to visit (than those just typing in a random keyword and looking for matching search results). In fact, Google research shows that 76% of people who conduct a local mobile search visit the business within 24 hours.

So what does that mean for your dental website? Two key takeaways: make sure that your website is search engine optimized for local results; and secondly, create a mobile version of your website.

7. Downtown Dental

If you search for “dentist Chicago” this website will likely be one of the first to pop up in your search results. And when you click on the website, you can immediately see why this is such a great example of Internet marketing.

Their landing page contains a photo of the Chicago skyline and the heading: “Modern Dentistry in the Heart of Chicago”. They also have the phone numbers of the two offices easily visible, so that anyone looking to make a quick appointment can do so in a hassle-free way. Including their company name, this business maintains a strong online presence by making their physical location the focal point of their marketing strategy: they’re located downtown and have two offices, making a perfect choice for business people who haven’t got much time on their hands for a visit to the dentist.

downtown dental website.jpg

8. Greater Boston Orthodontics

Another way to make your online marketing more effective is to focus on a specific practice area. These Boston orthodontists have a lovely website that provides a unique website experience and caters to a specific set of patients.

Simple motion design makes website visitors want to stick around on their homepage long enough to see impressive before and after photos of their orthodontics patients. Although the photos aren’t high quality, they have a genuine feel which works well, paired with the professionally done photos of their head DMDs and offices. To add to the “local flavor” of this business, they even displayed tha the office is the recipient of Top Dentist Awards, which are awarded by a local Boston magazine.

greater boston orthodontics dental website.jpg

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Check out what you can
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Download our design library to see our latests
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Download our design library to see our latests creations: illustrations, brand guides, ads, logos and much more!


Danica Popovic

November 19, 2020

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.