16 Electrician Logo Examples That Will Enlighten Your Design

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The 16 Best Electrician Logo Designs to Ignite Your Creativity

16 Electrician Logos That Will Enlighten You

If you’re working on a logo design for an electrician or electrical company, check these 4 logo categories: Wordmarks, Icon design, Symbols, and Retro.

November 12, 2020
6 minutes


If you’re working on an electrician logo design for your brand, check out this list of curated company logos that will help you brainstorm and light up that lightbulb over your head.

If you’re working on the branding and visual identity of your electrical company, the basis of the whole concept should be your logo. Naturally, as a small business owner, you presumably don’t know too much about graphic design and branding, but we’re here to help.

Some of the options that you have are either using a design template, a vector from a logo maker or making your custom business logo. Before you hire the services of a designer, you should have an idea of what your branding should look like. Here are some logo ideas that might help you decide on a design for your electric company logo.

Lightning bolts for an energetic design idea

It is fairly common in the services industry to use a symbol, tool, or element that is immediately recognizable and associated with the field of business. If you’re offering electrical services, you’re not exempt. A common strategy would be to use a lightning bolt, lightbulb, fuse, and other objects and symbols that are easily recognizable in this field.

1. Pilko

This simple and modern solution for an electric logo combines the first letter of the business name with a lightning bolt. The color palette is very contemporary and industrial, although commonly used among electrician service companies.

The monogram is easily applicable in both digital and print assets, such as business cards and stationery.

oh.my Design by Hamza

2. Rian Bueno

This cool logotype with a lightning bolt separating the two words consisting of the business name in a 3D manner makes for a very professional and modern logo design. The font used is a sans serif one, that usually gives a sense of seriousness and professionalism to graphic design, contrary to serif fonts that are playful and more charming.

oh.my Design by Raul Carvalho

3. Leib Electric

This techy and modern-looking logo belongs to a three-generation father and son electrical company that’s been around since 1985. Recently, they wanted a new and contemporary branding look. The product that came out of it is a logotype in the Novecento font, with the letter L customized to have a sharp and pointy end. The bolt was derived from the low-poly design technique that the graphic designer was experimenting with.

oh.my Design by Rommer Borras

4. Connor Electrical

This electrical business opted for an atypical and fresh color scheme of purple and teal. The sans serif font ties the look perfectly, and the slightly tilted semi-circle with a thunderbolt element is both a C and an E.

oh.my Design by Anthony Gribben

5. Arctic Electrical

This electrical logo is another cool modern monogram, combining the letters A and E, with a bolt between them. The gray and black color combination adds a sense of elusiveness and masculinity to the brand, as well as a sleek and professional tone.

oh.my Design by Stephen Cleary

6. Letter J gradient logo

This concept would make a great electricity logo for a business starting with the letter J. It is a combination of two flipped Js, forming a lightning bolt in the middle. The addition of a gradient makes it look like a very contemporary design, especially in the era of gradient social media and tech logos.

oh.my Design by Vladimír Jonek

7. Roberts Electric

The last lightning bolt logo is again a monogram, where the ligature of the letter R ends in a zig-zag bolt shape. The designer created both a 3D logo with shadows and different lighting, as well as a classical flat design emblem logo.

oh.my Design by Jordan Versluis

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Retro logo concepts for classy handymen

Handyman services have been here for a while, or in the case of electricians, less than a century. Incidentally, the first electrical services opened during the era of mascot logos and emblems, so if you want your new logo to be in this style, check out these cool examples.

8. Burton Electric Co.

This vintage-inspired logo looks like a wooden sign on top of the entrance of an electrical service shop in the past century. The combination of decorative Victorian-style typography with an illustration of a lightbulb helps it be immediately recognizable, but still related to the field. It’s unusual for a services logo to stand out so much in style, so it’s an effective and memorable way to stay distinguishable among the competition.

oh.my Design by Spencer Martin

9. Harbison Electric

This electrical company from Texas chose a cool handyman mascot logo combined with an old-school emblem. Definitely not what you’d get from an electrician logo template!

harbison electric

10. Dale Mills Electric

This logo concept of a hand holding a thunderbolt comes in three variations, all of them depicting the same image, just with slight aesthetic experimentation. It is definitely a power logo, making you appreciate the profession of electricians.

oh.my Design by Mike Aiello

Classic logotypes for reliable businesses

Sometimes, a simple logotype can go a long way. If you’re looking into a simpler and more corporate logo idea, just your business name is enough. From Coca Cola to Facebook, many iconic companies opted for logotypes.

11. Gibbons Electrical

Gibbons Electrical used a wordmark in very subtle serif typography, combined with a brand mark with the letter G formed from lines that are vaguely reminiscent of a circuit board or cords. The designer wanted to create “something for the working man that still aligns with modernism and can stand the test of time”.

oh.my Design by Alex Beebe

12. Robotech

This electrical company uses an illustrative logotype, in which every letter consists of a different symbol commonly used in electrical installation signage. The orange thunderbolt can be used separately as a brand mark.

oh.my Design by Aleks Melito

13. Pine Lane Electric

This old-school emblem logo is oddly usual, but effective. The color scheme of navy blue, bronze and white is tasteful, and the extra information added in the logo is also useful.

oh.my Design by Alex Beebe

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Icon design for versatile logos

Flat-style design icons are also a popular look for logos since they look good on print and other assets. You can go wild and create a whole set of icons for your other branding ventures too, such as in web design and alternate brand marks.

14. Electrical Maintenance Del Potosí

This icon logo depicts hand holding pliers that is also shaped like a lightbulb. It’s an unambiguous image that works well, no matter what you see first.

oh.my Design by Ale Alfaro

15. Chris Britton

Chris Britton, an electrician with more than 25 years of experience, was a well recognizable and friendly person in his homeplace, according to the designer developing his branding image. That is why he wanted to create a visual identity that is an extension of his personality.

He combined “Chris’s ever-present smile into the world of electronics and the combination of the two elements became the logo”. The eyes are making a + – symbol, the neck is a battery and the contour of the face is a connected circuit. The designer adds that it was the perfect logo for him, because “it communicates not only what the business does but also the brand values, it’s unique, memorable and it raises a smile”.

oh.my Design by Daniel Britton

16. Alexandre Elias

This icon logo combines many elements that are neatly packed into one symbol: an electric plug, a lightbulb, the letter A for Alexandre, as well as the letter E for Elias, energy and electricity. If you want a creative and unusual plug logo or bulb logo, you can use this method as a starting point.

oh.my Design by Luiz Ramos

We hope you found this list useful. For more home maintenance industry-related logos, check out our list of plumber logos and fonts, real estate logos, or our guide on small business branding.

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November 12, 2020

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