How Video Content Can Improve Your UX/UI

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Increase Your Conversion Rates When Redesigning Your Website

5 Ways to Improve Your UX/UI Site Design with Videos

Check out our 5 top tips to get your user experience and your website interface working together to make your customers happy—and make them come back for more.

Web design
July 1, 2021
6 minutes


Redesigning your website is a time-consuming process that causes marketers nightmares. From graphic design to copy to architectural decisions - every detail matters.

One decision that inevitably comes up - to add or not to add video content to your new website. Investing in rich media, animations, and live-action video content for your new website, while enhancing the UX/UI is a no-brainer.

Here are quick three reasons why you should invest in video content when looking to improve your site design:

  • Video boosts trust and credibility: 79% of surveyed buyers say they were convinced to buy a product after watching a video.
  • Videos rank better in search results: Posts with video have a 53x higher chance of ranking top in Google.
  • Videos encourage social shares: Video content generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

Clearly, videos are beneficial for your brand.

Video content needs to be part of your marketing strategy if you’re looking to provide an impeccable user interface and experience on your website.

Here are 5 important things to consider when looking to add video content to your site design.

Load Time

pic 1.jpg

Page load time refers to the time needed for your page content to appear - from the moment the user clicks on the page, to the time the browser fully loads it.

Users today need 3 seconds to decide whether they will stay on your webpage or not. If you don’t provide them with fast-loading pages and video content they will not stick around long enough to hear your value proposition.

Speed is crucial in attracting and retaining customers. When you’re building or updating your website, ensure you keep it uncomplicated and minimalistic.

Additional features that don’t deliver value will weigh your website down. So will bad hosting and content delivery networks (proxy servers, data centers). All your videos, images, and carousels should also be properly formatted before you upload them onto your website.

Bounce rate

pic 2.jpg

The first impression is everything, especially in the world of flawless website experiences. Audiences take about 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your website and ultimately your brand. If you’re not able to impress them right away, chances are – they will bounce.

A high bounce rate is also an indication of a poorly constructed website. Gather and analyze data from your visitors to better understand what improvements you need to make to decrease bounce rates and effectively structure your website. Google Analytics is the perfect free tool for that data-gathering.

Clear Call to Action

pic 3.jpg

Information about your brand and value proposition should be clearly available on your website, but so should clear calls to action. To encourage visitors to spend more time on your website, you need to be direct with what they need to do next.

Grab your users’ attention with easy-to-spot calls to action. Is your landing page trying to get your users to sign up for a newsletter, free trial, or consultation? Then be sure to let your visitors know what they should do next.

Learn how to create a high-performing landing page with templates from the web

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Easy to Share

Entertaining and relatable content that has managed to make users stick to your website is a win already.

But what will help your brand awareness, even more, is social media integration and social share buttons, strategically placed on each page of your website.

If users see how easy it is to share content, and they find it useful or funny, they won’t hesitate to let others know about your brand.

User-friendly Mobile Version

pic 4.jpg

A mobile-friendly website—designed and optimized for hand-held devices, such as smartphones and tablets—is one more thing brands need to ensure they provide for their users.

The majority of internet users today browse mainly on their smartphones. That means your content strategy wouldn’t be as effective if users can’t load your content on their phones or if it looks awkward and out of proportion.

Along with a desktop version, your website should have a mobile experience. That will improve the usability of your site and create positive experiences for visitors.

Types of Video to Use on Your Website

pic 5.jpg

Now that we’ve listed the technical factors to improve the performance of your website, here are a few video types you can start incorporating to improve your UX design.

Web Animations & Animated Videos

Web animations are ideal to grab the attention of users from the instant they get on your home page.

Consider implementing a welcoming animation that will entertain your audience in a non-intrusive way that will lead them to the information they’re looking for.

For example, to create anticipation for what’s to come, you can embed a loading motion graphics animation that will persuade visitors to stick around and enjoy your website longer. Source: Dribbble, Loader, Nick Buturishvili

That animation can also be useful when there’s a page that needs longer to load and you have to keep your users engaged.

Longer animated videos will also do wonders when you’re trying to explain complicated and text-heavy ideas.

Look at these spotless animated videos by Socialfix taking the viewer through the whole story of a brand with immersive animated explainers.

pic 5.png

These types of videos are ideal for presenting information in an eye-catching and relaxing way that viewers generally prefer. As studies show, 68% of people prefer to learn about a business, product, or brand through video.

Looping Videos

Looping videos are another great example of using animation to visually entertain your visitors without investing too much into creating content and long stories.

They are short videos that continuously move giving an impression that the video is longer than it actually is.

Looping animations are perfect when you want certain information to be remembered longer by your users. As the saying goes: “Repetition is the mother of learning”.

If you’re looking to make an idea stick in visitors’ minds, looping animations like this one can be adapted to the needs of your brand. Source: Dribble, Radial Wave Engine, Dennis Jin

Case Studies & Testimonials

pic 6.jpg

Case studies and testimonials are perfect for supporting your marketing efforts and delivering easy-to-digest content that helps your website visitors learn more about you.

They are an effective way to build trust as they feature real people sharing their opinions on buying from or working with your brand. Testimonials are persuasive videos that showcase how others have already benefited from your services.

Plus a testimonial video is much more effective in keeping your audience engaged and happy with the information they’re received visiting your website.

PIC 7.jpg

To Wrap Up

A pleasant user interface and exciting user experience are essential for an engaging website design and video content will help you increase the impact of your website.

Videos create immersive journeys that grab the visitor’s attention and they are easy to implement in various website designs. They focus on the users and guide them through unforgettable brand stories.

Our tips on improving your website’s UI and UX designs will give you a stepping stone on being effective in your video content strategy.

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Guest Writer: Socialfix Media

July 1, 2021

Terry Tateossian, Founding Partner of Socialfix Media is a fourth-generation entrepreneur who is recognized as an Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies, Forbes’ Top Women in Business, Fastest Growing Women Presidents by WPO, and 40 Under 40 Business Leaders by NJBIZ. Terry has been featured for outstanding leadership and career accomplishments in numerous industry publications as an engineer, a thought-leader in technology, and an innovator in the field of marketing. But her favorite and toughest earned title is being “Mom” to her 2 children.