11 Best Architecture Websites to Help You Create Your Own

Most businesses need a functional website first. But with architects, aesthetics are just as important. Here are the best examples of architecture websites with enviable design!

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June 5, 2023

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Are you running an architecture firm in need of a website? Don’t go into this big task unprepared! Take a look at some of the best architecture websites from the web that will help you design your own!

Did you know that 76% of consumers check a company’s online presence before visiting the physical location? Of course, you’ll need to work on your search engine optimization in order for potential clients to discover you. 

Just like every other modern business, architecture firms need professional websites. But an architectural website is much more than basic information, such as location and contact details. 

As an architect, your website is your portfolio. You need to include all the best projects you’ve worked on, in an easy-to-skim and understandable manner

Want to learn how to design an architect website? Here are 11 amazing architecture web design examples with actionable tips!


1. Gluck Plus: multi-layout homepage

Like a good architecture project, the website of the Gluck Plus architecture studio has more than one way to be seen and used. The home page can be seen in a filmstrip slideshow view, list, or big thumbnail view. That makes scrolling through projects easy, no matter the layout.

The website includes a Profile, Press, Contact and News page, in which you can find the brand story, press clippings and company news, and the location of the  New York office. 

The inclusion of these details and information helps the client learn more about the history of the company but it also helps with SEO. Although images can also help your sites rank, the copy of your website is most important for search engine optimization

The urban design and minimalist color palette are very contemporary and utilitarian, a perfect match for architecture design. 

gluck plus.jpg

2. Powerhouse Company: unique UI

The Powerhouse Company has one of the most engaging and unique UI designs. From the exquisite animation to the overall solution of presenting each project, the look of this website doesn’t fit any website template.

When you click on an individual project, you are led through a detailed design process and the parameters of each building and site. You can click on each aspect of a building design and learn more about it. This helps to increase engagement rates, which is another way to improve SEO on a website for your architecture firm.

powerhouse 1.jpg
powerhouse 2.jpg

3. Skidmore, Owings & Merrill: video slideshow

The SOM website uses videos instead of hero images on their website. This is a great way to show off their capabilities and the quality of their architecture design. Moreover, it’s a way to connect with their target audience. Their projects include Wellesley College Science Complex and the One World Trade Center in New York. So, you can imagine this architect website design is all about delivering that “wow” effect. 

What SOM also does well is including all their social media accounts and establishing an online presence, such as their blogging efforts from Medium, to LinkedIn.


4. 6a Architects: landing page layout

If your budget can’t handle a detailed and complicated UI for your website, all you need is a simple layout similar to a landing page that fits all the important info. 

6a Architects have a simple and minimalist look to their website. It definitely isn’t a landing page in their case, but you can mimic their layout and focus on what they’ve included, and recreate it through a simple WordPress template or any other website builder.


5. El Equipo Mazzanti: extensive architecture portfolio

Although tidy and easy to navigate, the website of El Equipo Mazzanti isn’t unique because of the design alone.

The architects behind this company share more than just their projects with the online community. This architect website boasts academic research, lectures, videos from construction projects and exhibitions

All the educational materials attract more colleagues and architecture students, as well as competition. As all digital marketers know, every click matters and these lead magnets surely help with SEO.


6. Office KGDVS: as simple as a sketch

Less is more, and that is a fact. The website of Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen employs that tactic, by showing already finished projects, and their architectural sketches side by side to show you the design process step by step

And that’s the whole homepage! Just plenty of white space and a simple layout. However, once you click on one of the subpages: ‘About’, ‘Projects’ and ‘News’, you’ll find an extensive list of works and resources.

kgdvs 1.jpg
kgdvs 2.jpg

7. Effekt: the hero image is hero

The Effekt architectural firm decided to trust an old and proven tactic in designing websites. Utilize an effective hero image. You can see a gallery of high-quality images showcasing their impressive projects. 

Once you click on the ‘Work’ page, however, you’ll discover a vast database of projects sorted in an easy-to-navigate way, with the help of plenty of tags and categories that help the user find what they are looking for. It is a great layout with the user experience in mind.

effekt 1.jpg
effekt 2.jpg

8. MMBB: quirky and retro

The website of MMBB is as minimalistic and old-school as it can afford to be, without that costing them website clicks. 

The layout includes small thumbnails and digital-inspired typography. It feels almost as if it’s a website from the early 2000s, but still includes lavish photography and plenty of search filters that help the potential clients reach whatever they need to find. 

The website is in Portuguese, which is great for local SEO. However, if your company works internationally, make sure to translate everything sitewide.


9. FXcollaborative: playful

Some of the best architecture website designs don’t follow strict rules. FXcollaborative’s  site may seem all over the place at first. However, although the design seems quirky, the site is still very easy to navigate. 

The content is also fun and engaging. They included quotes and inspiring maxims that perfectly describe what they stand for as a company, and what drives their design process and creation.


10. Biasol: modern design suited to the company

Biasol is one of the most famous interior design studios, often included in websites such as Archdaily, Dezeen and Architizer. 

Their expertise is not just creating unique looks and plans as interior designers, but also building high-quality furniture. A company so well-renowned needs a website that’s modern, luxurious and hip. From the value propositions to the typography and color palette, everything about this website builds a powerful brand image.

Finally, each image has a different call to action, which helps to make the website useful for different segments of their target audience.

11. Pattersons: great use of templates

This fancy website in black and gray is, actually, a WordPress template. Yes, even acclaimed architecture firms use DIY website builders and templates to create a website for their business. 

What this website boasts is a unified look all across the board. The grayscale effect, the simple typography and the lavish black background give it a unique and memorable look. And it has an extra ace in its sleeve: when you hover over an image, it’s in full color!


Final remarks

We hope this list gives you a few ideas on how to design an architecture website. For further tips, check out our articles on architecture logos and our detailed guide on website design.

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