Great Restaurant Website Design Ideas to Whet an Appetite

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9 Cool Restaurant Websites for Web Design Inspiration

9 Great Restaurant Website Designs to Whet Your Appetite

Web design
October 2, 2020
11 minutes


Are you a restaurant owner looking to create a website for your new joint? Or an established family eatery creating a new website to keep up with the times? We’ve prepared 9 great restaurant website examples to get you started.

Having a website for your restaurant gives the possibility to entice the taste buds of customers before them stepping into the establishment. A good website will give off a good first impression and affirm customers’ wish to dine at the restaurant. A great website will make customers realize this is the food they didn’t know they needed.

Given the fact that the world of dining and taste is so robust and unique, the website does not need to conform to a cookie-cutter template. The best restaurant website will be the extension of the restaurant’s taste and experience. Using the online platform as one piece of the puzzle to build the ultimate culinary experience will be what truly sets your website apart among the rest.

Whether you use a ready Squarespace template, WordPress theme, or are making a website from scratch, there are tips you can follow.


Having a dynamic element to the web design is a great way to capture interest and make the website feel more high-quality. Just as a great dining experience feels like a trip through the world of taste if the website design can mirror that, it is a job well done.

1. Quay

All web elements that include high-quality pictures or heavy content require time to load, which worsens the user experience and loading on search engines. This website cleverly integrates the loading screen into the restaurant logo, slowly outlining the letters as the website loads. This turns the otherwise painful experience into a rather fascinating one to watch. As the homepage loads, the logo remains on screen. Every time the web page is refreshed, a different image appears as the background, showing off the many beauties found in the restaurant.

The high-contrast serif font used to spell the letters of the restaurant gives it an exquisite and high-end vibe, while some of the missing lines within the letters support the minimalist vision, putting all the focus on the food and the quality of the ingredients used in the establishment’s cuisine.

The experience of fine dining that visitors can undergo at the restaurant is present in the web design, as large, HD images are placed throughout the website, showing off the beautiful scenery of the restaurant as well as the diverse dishes offered on the menu.

QUAY Restaurant Website 1

QUAY Restaurant Website 2

QUAY Restaurant Website 3

2. Ammolite

Named after the gemstone that is formed out of fossilized shells, the restaurant logo as well as the decor takes on the appearance of the two elements, with the logo having the appearance of a shell. The gem-like quality can be found in the photography of the food as well as the interior of the establishment, incorporating elements of gold, precious stones as well as exquisite cuts of wood for their furniture and interior design.

The hero page uses a parallax effect, with the camera following the cursor, giving the homepage a more 3D, spacial experience. The color scheme utilized throughout the web design is consistent, with purple being the accent color used in the logo as well as the text of the website. Purple, being the color that signals respect, elegance and royalty, works great to give the web design the same luxurious look as one would get inside of the restaurant.

The two themes of serenity and class are intertwined into the website design through smooth movement and transitions from page to page and throughout the slideshows, scrolling, as well as the relaxing colors and photography used.

Ammolite Restaurant Website 1

Ammolite Restaurant Website 2

3. Tbsp. Restaurant

An example of one of the newer, more experimental websites, this noticeable, brutalist web design does not disappoint when it comes to bending the conventional and generic digital design rules. Beginning with the very name of the restaurant, which uses an abbreviation of the word “Tablespoon”, the text, and overall feel of the website is simple yet eccentric.

The homepage features a webGL animation, causing the image to shift and slightly move after the cursor, creating a somewhat bizarre experience. The large block font family used in the web design provides a similar glitchy experience as the hero page.

As you scroll down, the images of the restaurant lean towards you, adding more dimension to the design and to some extent breaking the wall between the screen and the viewer. This elevates the experience as it leaves a sensation that is quite unlikely to find on many websites.

From a more marketing standpoint, the “Reservations” button is present on the screen throughout the entirety of the trip from the top to the bottom of the page, so that once a potential customer is convinced by the great web design that they wish to attend the restaurant, all they have to do is click one button.

Tbsp. Restaurant Website 1

Tbsp. Restaurant Website 2

Tbsp. Restaurant Website 3

4. Le Mugs

This French canteen Le Mugs lives up to all the expectations that we hope a quaint French cafe would be like. Even before the homepage appears, the loading page shows a heartwarming quote, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you have flaws…” already sliding their way into potential customers’ hearts.

The landing page uses a parallax effect with multiple layers, resulting in an optical illusion as you move the cursor, giving almost the exact same experience one would have by looking around with their very own eyes while inside the canteen, which elevates the personal experience by a longshot. The highlight section shows off to customers all the mouth-watering drinks and foods they have to offer, with the background colors changing each time to give a slightly different feel to the items displayed.

The various settings within the cafe allow for diverse experiences, and these are captured perfectly on the website, showcasing the cozy interior, a garden with a pomegranate tree, as well as a stage to welcome live performers. Perhaps the most enchanting part of the web design is the “look at the menu” section, drawing a calligraphic line as you scroll down to lead you through close-ups of all their delicious main courses, desserts and drinks offered at the hip eatery.

Le Mugs Restaurant Website 1

Le Mugs Restaurant Website 2

Le Mugs Restaurant Website 3

Quirky and out there websites

The web developing abilities are the limit when it comes to restaurant website design. If a quirky and unconventional design goes well and fits with the feel of the restaurant, that may be just what is needed. Here are some restaurant web designs that did not shy away from being different, and it sure pays off.

5. Spicy NoSpicy

Having a slogan or a mission statement for the restaurant is important not only for customers to know, but also to build the brand identity around, particularly for online assets, digital marketing and social media. This Kyiv-based Thai food restaurant has this down, displaying their “feel the taste of emotions” slogan on the landing page. The doodly, eccentric artworks that circulate on the homepage may seem unusual, and it may take a few seconds to realize the website belongs to an eating establishment rather than an artist trying to advertise their art pieces.

This makes perfect sense, however, as the web design puts most of the emphasis on the emotions rather than the food. The colorful splash elements used throughout the website, as well as line typography, have no connection to the food on their own, however, they do a great job of provoking emotions. All of this comes together to show the vision of the restaurant—one of food being a vessel to stimulate emotions.

The web design also features a custom cursor, that of a splash of orange ink, similar to the ones found in the design of the webpage. The ink splash gets bigger in size as you hover over a clickable area, adding a nice artistic touch to the already creativity-filled website design. For improving local SEO, the homepage includes the address of the restaurant as well as the phone number to decrease the amount of effort needed to reach the restaurant from the point of viewing it on the website.

Spicy NoSpicy Restaurant Website 1

Spicy NoSpicy Restaurant Website 2

6. Sea Harvest

This family-owned Australia-based fresh seafood market takes a highly unique approach in their website design by creating it to resemble a newspaper—an element that represents both the sea market (as one of the materials to wrap the fish in) as well as a localized item, delivering the daily news around the neighborhood.

The entire web design is monochromatic, made to resemble the black and white nature of a newspaper, however it features a nice touch to make the webpage somewhat digitized by adding color to photos as you hover over them with the cursor. The date is posted at the top of the page, above the restaurant’s name—a very newspaper-reminiscent quality. When hovering over clickable text it is circled with a blue highlighter, another thing that particularly the older generations will be familiar with, reminiscent of highlighting a job or an apartment opening that was a commonality in the 1880s—when the seafood market first came into existence.

The unique design not only provides a special website viewing experience but also tells the deep and long history of the seafood providers behind Sea Harvest.

Sea Harvest Website 1

Sea Harvest Website 2

7. Genesis

This eccentric and out there website that vaguely resembles tarot card designs treads an unconventional path for a vegan restaurant, omitting the use of green, happy animals and nature’s colors in the web design and sticking to solely black and white colors. As the two most basic and simple colors, they work well to represent the organic, natural and unprocessed quality of their food. The overall design seems to vaguely resemble the story of the garden of Eden, but with somewhat bizarre alterations, such as a human with a snake for a head, or a leaf with a skeleton head. The name of the restaurant appears in big block letters that have an ancient, prehistoric look, further supporting the fresh quality of their dishes, as well as giving the website a slight comic book-like appearance.

What the web design lacks in color it makes up for in interactivity. The cursor has a radius of light around it, causing everything in the area of the cursor to be highlighted (which in a way puts the user in the position of God).

The entire website is one single page without any internal links, which adds to the uniqueness of this website, making it easier for potential customers to capture the essence of the restaurant in less time. The website design also transfers well on mobile devices and smartphones, appearing even more so as a comic book enveloping viewers into the world that is vegan cuisine.

Genesis Restaurant Website 1

Genesis Restaurant Website 2


While pictures certainly can help capture the essence of an establishment, it may not always be enough. For this reason, when a website uses videos to showcase the food as well as the atmosphere of the restaurant, it is a great way to authentically represent who you are as an establishment and convince potential customers to pay a visit.

8. Restore Public House

The Wisconsin-based “neighborhood restaurant and bar” uses everything from the interior design to the video on the website as well as the web design to give off a welcoming and cozy atmosphere and present itself as a place where anyone is welcome.

The video on the homepage showcases the chefs preparing food, providing a face to the eatery and allowing for a personal connection to be established. On the more practical side of things, the homepage features two main buttons: “make reservation” and “order takeout.” This is very useful as it reduces the number of steps the customer has to make in order to get to the stage of online ordering, making them that much more likely to make it as it is just one click away.

The font used for the headings has a slightly vintage vibe, matching with the appearance of the interior being reminiscent of an old-fashioned diner. The entire design of a website has a cool-toned blue hue to it, matching with the restaurant logo which showcases a bridge over a body of water. This gives both a coherent and relaxing appearance to the overall web design, reducing any kind of intimidation about paying a visit to a minimum.

Restore Public House Restaurant Website 1

Restore Public House Restaurant Website 2

9. Urbanbelly

Some restaurants emerge out of an innovative idea or expertise of a chef, and Urbanbelly is a perfect example of one. Chef Bill Kim’s award-winning background and history of living in a melting pot of cultures and cuisines is what gave rise to the place where dumplings, booze and bowls are served on the daily.

The bright red text on the homepage is representative of the element of spice that is so often found in Asian cuisine. It is also a color that entices hunger and carries positive connotations in many Asian countries, particularly in China, where it represents good luck. The “order now” button is present at the top of the page, allowing for ease in ordering takeout.

As the website visitor scrolls down the homepage, the mint green filter unveils, revealing the video behind it, revealing the chef hard at work in the kitchen as well as the various dishes that are prepared at the restaurant. The experience of scrolling down the website is a fun and unconventional one, as every section has a different color and feeling, representing the different cultures going into the food. The last page featuring Instagram photos from various users who have paid a visit to the eatery serves as its own form of testimonials, which not only connects more social media platforms together but increases the restaurant’s online presence.

Urbanbelly Restaurant Website 1

Urbanbelly Restaurant Website 2

Urbanbelly Restaurant Website 3

A great restaurant website design cannot be complete without a great restaurant logo, menu layout and interior design.

Keep in mind that your overall branding has to be infused in every little detail, from gift cards and email marketing to the design of the restaurant itself and of course, your new website.

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Anna Kindyakova

October 2, 2020

Found my calling in the online world writing articles about design. Russian by passport, Korean at heart. Dreaming of traveling the world and spreading love.