Pizza Branding Tips for a Stand-Out Pizzeria

From pizza logos and visual identity to stunning packaging design for takeaway and delivery, here are the best branding tips with real-life pizzeria ideas.

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June 4, 2024

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Pizza might be a simple dish, but making your pizza joint stand out from so many similar businesses isn’t always. We’re here to help with some practical branding tips.

Everyone loves pizza, right? And in the era where takeaway and delivery are becoming critical for restaurant businesses to stay afloat, this popular, casual dish certainly got its moment.

And yet, there’s definitely no shortage of pizza joints, so if you want to beat the competition, you’ll need a pizza brand like no other! Here are some tricks to help you develop a great branding strategy.


Start with a logo and a fitting color palette

The recipe for a great pizza brand always begins with a logo. Pizza logos range in styles, from wordmarks with custom pizza typography, to memorable combination marks used by big brands such as Pizza Hut and Domino’s.

There is no one way to do it right, and so it’s always good to search for plenty of design inspiration on places like Dribbble and Behance; or simply check out our list of fantastic pizza logos to give you a quick overview of different ideas!

Mascot logos are very popular in the fast-food industry, but remember that you’re definitely not limited to something vintage and retro looking. This logo design concept for Napoleon Pizza has an awesome, modern look that combines the title historic character and substitutes his signature hat with half a pizza. The design choices make perfect sense, but since it’s a simple outline, it still works perfectly across a range of uses: business cards, aprons and even custom signage. The graphic designer also added a splash of color that gives the logo a more playful look but also allows for even more visual experimentation.

Napoleon Pizzeria.jpg

By Studio 33 and Leo Vinkovic

On the other side of the spectrum, is a high-class packaging that transforms a simple pizza into a classy experience (perhaps ideal for an elegant date at home?). Ventidue pizza bar has an exquisite brand look that is both modern and very classy. And this gourmet pizza packaging looks almost like an expensive gift! Don’t forget though that it’s still just a cardboard box; and with a great graphic designer, your pizza joint can have something similar!

By Samin Farhan

Images source: Home World Design

By Onto Design Studio

By Sunny at Sea

By Rafel Alejandro Garcia

Create a great pizza menu

Although a classic Neapolitan pizza is pretty simple, we all know that when it comes to experimenting with ingredients, there’s possibly no end in sight! Settling on a menu early on in your business is a great way to enforce your sense of brand identity: are you a classic Italian pizza joint, a guilty-pleasure takeout, or a hip and experimental restaurant, that offers anything from gluten-free pizza dough to an array of vegan options.

In that respect, doing the research is important, but what’s even more important is to play your strengths. Making the kind of pizza you’re really passionate about, will certainly pay off in the long run.

When it comes to pizza menu design, this will of course depend on your offer and your visual identity. Some simple rules to follow are to allow ample white space so that the menu is easy to skim; provide all the relevant information, such as price and allergy warning; and of course, try to include some photos or illustrations to make the menu more visually appealing. There are plenty of menu templates you can find online, but it’s always better to use a custom approach; especially if you’re rebranding and looking to create a more cohesive brand image.

This lovely menu design concept was created for a sports bar and casual eatery. The newspaper look matches the overall restaurant branding perfectly, presenting a polished, yet casual street food look. And the added retro flair is very suitable, for with this brand that marries two things that go so well together: pizza and football!

pizza branding menu design.jpg

Interior design is key for a great dining experience

Eye-catching signage on your storefront can get people to come inside. But they usually make the decision to stay for a meal, only after seeing your interior design.

Like every other branding element, interior design needs to match your brand identity and the color palette you have chosen for your logo design and other assets. General design trends for 2021 suggest that open concept and spread out spaces are going to be popular, but in the restaurant business, covid-19 has also made spaced out seating a healthcare necessity.

When we think about traditional pizzerias, the first image that comes to mind are red and white chequered tablecloths, perhaps a tiled floor, and some family photos; of course the inevitable wood oven. And for some brands, this will work well.

But the fact that pizza is a fast casual food means that you can get so much more creative when it comes to interior design. The design studio behind this project created a wonderful idea for a pizza joint in Istanbul that takes inspiration from tradition, but repackages it in a fresh and modern way. It perfectly matches the brand identity, from the color palette to the natural tones and shapes (a lot of curves as opposed to sharp edges). You can see this being a great spot for busy professionals to get a quick bite to eat.

pizza branding interior 1.jpg
pizza branding interior 2.jpg

For something a little different, check out this pizza restaurant in Valencia. The owners of Piur Pizza wanted to pay tribute to the city’s landmark, the Central Market, reflected in the red tiles and arches. Since it’s a huge pizza place (500 m2), the idea was to create a space where returning customers could have a different experience every time they visit. And it works perfectly! However, the overall look and feel of this fancy pizza brand are present in each of the different interior variations.

piur pizza interior 1.jpg
piur pizza interior 2.jpg
piur pizza interior 3.jpg

Provide the full experience at home with great pizza packaging

Like we said at the beginning, in the covid-19 era you can’t hope to keep your pizza restaurant in business if you don’t provide a delivery or takeout option.

A simple brown cardboard pizza box will quickly end up in the bin, but a stunning custom packaging will help make a strong first impression with your customers, and will help with brand recognition so that they immediately remember your pizza place the next time they order. Even a simple sticker with your logo can give the packaging a more custom look. But then again, some graphic design knowledge can really take this pizza branding asset to the next level!

Remember that eye-catching packaging design doesn’t necessarily mean bursts of color! This wonderful design for a pizza restaurant called Eatalia really stands out thanks to this intricate illustration on a simple white background. And the octagonal shape of the pizza box isn’t just creative, it’s also an economic use of space (why aren’t all pizza boxes shaped like this again?)

pizza branding packaging eatalia.jpg

A professional business website

Do you run a small, local pizza shop? Do you really need a website? The simple answer is, yes!

You might think that web design costs a lot, and sometimes it does. But there are tons of free website builders, such as WordPress, Wix and Shopify that will help you create a lovely website in no time (and often for free).

A website is yet another place where people can discover you online and drop by if they’re in the area. Of course, the most important element of your professional website is a pizza menu, perhaps with an integrated ecommerce solution allowing people to place an order and pay online.

A fairly simple website that you can easily create with templates on places like Wix or Shopify can work just fine. You probably sense what you’ll need: an “About Us” page with your story; mouth-watering photos of pizza (by the way, you should employ a food styling professional to help you achieve this look), and a simple ecommerce integration.

Then again, to give you a taste of how creative you can get, I suggest you visit the website of Orno Pizza in Buenos Aires. The first thing you’ll see are flames inside the pizza oven, paying homage to this traditional craft.

But their landing page is a stunning example of web design. From retro-looking photos that still look like they could belong to a trendy Instagram feed, custom lettering, and a mouse cursor that has the round shape of the pizza, this website is a joy to explore!

Their online menu with small popups of pizza photos is really fun and, of course, they’ve included a link on how you can order takeaway or delivery online.

orno pizza website 1.jpg
orno pizza website 2.png

Stay present on social media

You’ve probably figured out that a photo of mozzarella cheese melting on top of Neapolitan-style pizza will make people hungry and urge them to take a gander at your Instagram account.

Uno Pizza in New York hasn’t got a very big following on their Instagram, but it’s certainly an example you can learn a lot from. First of all, you’ll notice that their photos aren’t professionally done, they have a “rough” finish quality to them. But since their Chicago-style pizza is essentially an indulgent, hearty dish this works perfectly. They also use overlay text on images for special promotions and deals to catch viewers’ attention quickly.

And finally, they follow trends. Even a basic knowledge of design software like Photoshop can help you create a funny post that will resonate with young, social media users.

uno pizzeria instagram 1.jpg
uno pizzeria instagram 2.jpg

We hope this brief guide gave you some pointers on making your pizza branding a success. As with any industry, it’s important to retain a sense of brand identity in order to build recognition with your customer base.

And naturally, as part of the hospitality industry, it’s important to adapt to current challenges and make sure you have a delivery option or create an interior design that ensures your guests can dine in a beautiful and safe environment.

For any other design needs, be it marketing materials, signage, or your new logo, feel free to give our on-demand graphic design service here at ManyPixels a try!

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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