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DanicaNov 20, 2020

18 Top-Notch Security Logos To Inspire Your Own

A professionally designed logo will assure your customers of a professional and high-quality security service. Here are some examples to inspire your own logo.

Security services are perhaps one of the industries where it’s extremely common to find usage of free security logo templates. Perhaps you’ve already tried using an online logo maker yourself? While the result might look appropriate (with the trope images like padlocks, keys and shields), when it comes to creating a lasting brand identity, a security logo maker can only take you so far.

Investing a little more thought, time and money into your security company branding will give you space to grow your business with a logo that customers will notice and remember. Here are some great examples of security logo design, with creative use of the “conventional” security business imagery.

Padlock and key logos

Of course, the first thing that pops to mind when we think about security are images of padlocks and keyholes. These simple objects can be easily customized, so make sure that your logo is unique and fitting to your brand and can be distinguished from a free logo that anyone can download.

1. Encryptus

This logo concept created for an internet security company is a great example of making a very simple logo perfectly fitting. The name of the company itself is a nod to data encryption, which is code language for data that cannot be read. The image of the key is perfectly incorporated into the beginning letter, making this a sleek and cool business logo.

encryptus security logo By Otavio Gravano

2. Lock

A lock logo is another thing you might stumble upon with many free logo makers. This creative logo, however, takes a unique approach by incorporating the outline of a keyhole into the letter O. The design of this home security logo is very subtle and elegant with the crisp sans serif typography, but still perfectly captures what the business is all about.

lock security logo By Angela Armenakyan

3. Trust

After keyholes, another classic security logo symbol is security locks. Placing the padlock awkwardly under or above your company name is something anyone can do, but incorporating it into the overall design of your logo, shows the work of a skilled graphic designer. This logo concept was created for a cyber security company and it includes both the padlock (symbolizing protection) and the lines that represent the internet. Everything is neatly incorporated and would make an amazing custom logo for a company of this name.

trust security logo By Hannah

Shield logos

Going further into the territory of common security logo images, we’ll examine a few creative examples of shield logos. It’s no surprise that this memorable image makes a favorite protection logo and many companies use it.

4. Itoro

This shield security logo was created for the brand identity of a Polish cyber security company. The logo creators wanted to incorporate the two main symbols that reflect what the company does: the shield, which represents protection, and the bull (or “toro”) which represents attackers, which you can see in the negative space. Another unique feature of this logo and brand identity is the color palette. Blue is definitely the most widely used logo color in security logo design since it is said to represent trust. However, this dark grey and burgundy color scheme is very unique and equally professional.

itoro security logo By Metafora Studio Branding and Dominik Pacholczyk

5. Foxshield

Instead of using the negative space to represent the animal, this logo designer opted to give the shield icon a more custom look, so that it resembles the head of the fox. This simple pictorial mark would make a great addition to letterheads and business cards and is a great example to take inspiration for your own security logo. Remember, simple doesn’t have to mean boring!

foxshield security logo By TheOneShotz

6. Securtle

Who says that nature can’t be a great source of inspiration for security logos! Since turtles always take their “shield” with them, it makes sense that this animal would make a great source of inspiration for a protection logo.

securtle security logo By Gamal Khalifa and BranjoO

Abstract security company logos

Whether you’re a cyber security or security guard company, taking a more elegant and abstract approach can show potential clients that you’re different from the rest. Here are a few examples that steer clear from the more commonly used images in an attempt to create a truly unique logo.

7. Dorton

This logo concept for an antivirus software uses a rather abstract graphic symbol and a crisp professional wordmark. The symbol might be a jellyfish (perhaps signaling that this system wards off potential threats just like a jellyfish uses stinging), or a protective symbol (umbrella or some sort of protective field). Either way it works pretty well since the world of cyber security is somewhat of a mysterious subject for most laypeople.

dorton security logo By Hossain Ahmed Ruman

8. Gateway Internet Security

This is yet another internet security system logo that uses internet jargon to create a memorable logo. In this case, it’s the “secure gateway” that inspired this cool 3D gateway icon. This minimalistic logo would probably make a good tech logo as well, and I can imagine a web developer proudly displaying it on their t-shirt.

gateway security logo By Colin Stewart

9. RRG

This professional monogram was created for a security consultant. It incorporates the brand’s starting letter (Risk Resource Group) and abstract symbols representing a griffon and the economy. As a simple lettermark this logo concept still works great and seems perfectly fitting on business cards and other pieces of professional stationery.

rrg security logo By Despot Designers

10. Secyour

Toying with the word “secure” this logo designer came up with a creative concept that utilizes typography and an abstract pictographic design element. The stencil lettering is very elegant and the graphic symbol is cool and edgy. While bright red might be a little too bold and better suited to industries like real estate, a toned-down shade paired with a professional grey makes a fantastic security company brand.

secyour security logo By MO. USTΛFΛ

11. Overwatch ID

Eye logos are another popular logo design in the security industry. One way to take a more creative approach is to transform a very simple eye vector with some bold colors, like the following example. The minimalist eye logo paired with bold, modern colors would make a wonderful addition to stationery as well as merch like tote bags, hats and t-shirts.

overwatchid security logo By Mark Hosek

Typographic logos

If you’re looking for a security logo that will stay relevant for a long time, a custom wordmark or lettermark can save you a lot of time and money down the road.

12. Commonwealth Cyber Initiative

This sleek techy logo is a wonderful example of how you don’t have to be “on the nose” with a security camera or padlock logo. This crisp wordmark and the cool, stylized monogram make this cyber security organization’s logo one that can definitely be used for a long time.

commonwealth cyber initiative security logo By Steve Wolf

13. Yonly

This cool logo belongs to an Internet security app. The app’s name is supposed to be a shortened version of “you only”, suggesting that it will help you protect your personal data when browsing online. The gradient on the letter Y, gives this simple logo a bit of an edge and also makes for a great brand mark that can be used in a variety of ways; most importantly as an app icon, but also for things like social media or web design.

yonly security logo By Ovidiu Pop

Creative security service logos

In this section, we’ll mostly explore some mascot logos, since they are hugely popular with security guard services.

14. Difensore

The mighty lion is often seen as a symbol of strength and integrity, but when it comes to logo design it’s not uncommon to see overly intricate designs that don’t look good across all uses. This simple lion contains all the key features of the king of the jungle, and also seamlessly incorporates the symbols of a key and a circuit board, representative of cyberspace. The font used is Trajan Pro, a very classic font that gives this custom logo a more high-end feel.

difensore security logo By Adewale “Bobby” Abdulrahmon

15. Get Secure

This cute and simple logo concept would make a great choice for a cyber security app since it has a very approachable feel and design. It doesn’t include any of the trope security company logo images, but this bird looks pretty watchful and alert.

get secure security logo By Ashfuq Hirdroy

16. Syfer

There are plenty of industries where a cute mascot logo would make perfect sense including, restaurants or burger logos. But for security companies, a mascot should have a more badass look. That said, remember that lions and dobermans aren’t your only options! This cool 3D owl belongs to a cyber security company. The logo designer used gradients to give the logo a more modern, techy look.

syfer security logo By simc

17. Cyberspy

This example isn’t a mascot logo, but it’s still a good piece of design inspiration for your own security logo. By combining simple icons like the mail and detective hat, the logo creator came up with this unique concept.

cyberspy security logo By Sumesh

18. Bulldog Security

Let’s end this list with a classic security guard logo, with a more modern twist. This very simple representation of the famous watchdog makes for a great company logo, together with this fun typeface which pairs perfectly with the spikes on the tough pooch’s collar.

bulldog security logo By Zeljko Ivanovic

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