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5 Reasons Why Logo Design Is Important For Your Business

April 27, 2021
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Djordje Djordjevic


As a part of your branding efforts, a logo is the most noticeable element. It is the first thing most people will see when they come across your brand. Learn why it’s essential to pay attention to your logo design.

Recently I was writing an article about modern logo design. In it, I mentioned Dunkin Doughnuts and Netflix logos as examples. Once I finished writing, I spent the evening with a box of doughnuts and Netflix. And this, in essence, is what good logo design does. It inspires us to reach for a particular product or service just by looking at it.

01 logo marks.png

If you look at the image above, even without the name present next to the logo mark, you can quickly identify the brand. A logo can help you create instant brand recognition to the point where it becomes iconic. These examples are from global corporate brands, but the same rules apply even to small local businesses. Just think about your favorite local bakery, pizza place, or bookstore. They all have logos that you quickly associate with them and the service they provide.

The importance of a logo design

There are many reasons why it’s important to pay attention to the logo design. If you are a business owner, you want a logo that will draw attention to your business. Suppose you are a designer you want to make a logo that will be unique and show your skills—marketers, on the other hand, like logos that tell a brand’s story. Here are some reasons why you should pay attention to it.

1. It helps your brand get noticed

One of the principal purposes of a logo is to get noticed by potential customers. It is as simple as that. In a world where even small local businesses have to compete globally, bringing attention to what you have to offer becomes increasingly challenging. An average person spends less than 3 seconds looking at a logo before deciding to check out some business. So having a logo that is visually interesting and distinguishable is a must.

Consider a logo as the first introduction of your brand to a potential customer. What will be their first impression of your business? Does it look appealing to your target audience? These are some of the questions you should ask when you test out all of the options you might have at the beginning. Make sure to ask the relevant audience for your business, not just friends and family.

2. It distinguishes your brand from its competitors

A well-designed logo should help a person quickly identify what kind of business is behind it yet making it different enough from its competitors. This might seem like an easy rule to follow until you think about the logos of most pharmacies, pizza places, or travel agencies you know.

04 pizza logos.png Compilation of stock logos

With a task like this, you’ll want help from a professional designer. Standing out from your competitors when it comes to branding sometimes requires thinking outside the (pizza)box. It requires excellent visual storytelling skills and the capability to take unique elements of the business and turn them into a recognizable brand.

IMG_8730.PNG Nonna

IMG_8732.PNG Lighthouse Pizza

IMG_8731.PNG Moon Pizza House

3. It helps you develop your brand identity

The logo is the center of brand identity. Its primary purpose is to help your business get noticed but also to communicate core brand messages and values in a simple and quickly recognizable form. Once you have the brand strategy in place, it gets easier to work on the visual elements of the identity. The type of business and the target customers combined with the core message and values will provide you with a decent starting point.

Having these critical elements defined from the start will help you determine which fonts, colors, and overall visual style is the most appropriate for your brand. From here on, creating a suitable logo for your brand should be a breeze.

4. It helps create an emotional connection and brand loyalty

Think about the logos of the brands you interact with the most and how they make you feel? Do you feel warmth, happiness, calmness, maybe frustration or anger? Our brains are wired to perceive colors, words, and images not just on the rational level but also on an emotional level as well.

The first interaction we have with a particular brand might be because of the subconscious association we have with the visual elements it uses. But suppose we continue returning to the same brand. In that case, it is almost always because of the positive emotional response it creates in us. And that is something every brand should strive for because loyal customers almost always turn into brand advocates.

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5. It helps build a consistent and professional image

One of the most important things when it comes to creating a successful brand is visual consistency. In a multi-platform, multi-channel world, your logo will appear everywhere in various sizes and formats. That’s why you want to make it simple and easily applicable, so your customers can recognize it instantly. A well-rounded and thoughtful approach to your overall branding efforts gives an excellent level of professionalism which further develops trust In your brand.

A logo is just one part of a bigger picture

Even though it’s the center of the brand identity, the logo is still just one part of it. Picking the right solution for your brand might seem easy at first. Once you consider all the elements we mentioned above, you quickly get an idea about how complex the entire process is if done correctly. Successful brands don’t happen by accident. They come from a strong passion for the business, sound research, and diligent planning.

We at ManyPixels are devoted to helping businesses create successful brands. Our team of designers works closely with business owners worldwide to help their companies develop great branding strategies. You can check our services, see examples of the work we do for our clients, or book a demo session with us and see how we might help your business.

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Check out what you can
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Download our design library to see our latests creations: illustrations, brand guides, ads, logos and much more!

Download our design library to see our latests
creations: illustrations, brand guides, ads, logos
and much more!

Download our design library to see our latests creations: illustrations, brand guides, ads, logos and much more!

Djordje (3).png

Djordje Djordjevic

April 27, 2021

Diplomat by education, marketer by profession. Currently living between Berlin and Skopje, still deciding where to settle permanently. Ghostwriter that is slowly crossing back into the land of the living writers. Always reading two books at the same time and follows at least 15 TV series. Used to dream about changing the world, now just patiently waits for the next Marvel movie.