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Tips for Designing a Great Yoga Studio Logo

May 20, 2020
Stefanija Tenekedjieva


So, your yoga studio needs a new logo and you’re in a bit of a rut. Breathe in, breathe out. Relax, we’ve compiled some symbols, shapes, and colors that will help you put together a beautiful logo.

Before you use an online logo maker or struggle to give your graphic designer a well-thought brief, there are some techniques and exercises that will take you to a place of mindfulness (all the puns are intended) and help you get inspired.

There are a few things you should tick off before creating your own logo that communicates calmness and wellbeing for your yoga studio. Like with any fitness logo, it should represent the energy and dynamic, as well as be relevant to the company name.

Ask yourself some questions: What is my style of yoga teaching? What do I want to relay with the logo? Which colors represent my studio best?

Since yoga is an ancient technique, there is a vast archive of art, manuals, and books through history that existed long before the yoga logo designs came to be. So, we will walk through some visuals that have been used in the yogi tradition for thousands of years.

Common symbols and shapes to incorporate

Lotus Flower

The lotus flower has different meanings in different Asian cultures, but the common theme is that it represents rebirth, perseverance, and growing and flourishing in any kind of environment.

It is often used in yoga logo designs, but it is also quite versatile and beautiful to look at. You can experiment with this meaningful symbol, like depicting it from a bird’s perspective, give it minimalist styling or put the contours of the yoga teacher in front or inside the flower sitting in a recognizable yoga pose.

SarahBethYoga, a Youtube Channel that offers free online yoga classes, is a good example.

sarahbeth yoga


The Mandala is a visually intricate symbol that has a lot of meaning to people who practice yoga. It is very noticeable because of the details and vibrant colors, but modern-day design trends often play with minimalism and monochromatic designs, so it’s an interesting turn on a classic symbol that represents the Universe and its beautiful differences. There are also a lot of free logos and icons including the mandala, but authenticity is always advisable.


The simple circle shape has huge symbolism for every yogi - it is a depiction of rebirth and the never-ending growing and rebuilding of nature and self. А circle shape on itself might seem too simple, but you can combine it with other symbols, like a lotus, a mandala, or the Om symbol, they all fit well with a circular shape.

Yogaworks does this beautifully: by combining the petals of the lotus flower and a circular shape, as well as adding different hues of green to every individual petal. This logo communicates the point of yoga brilliantly—by working on yourself and accepting the course of life, you get better and stronger every day. It is a perfect example of a wellness logo.



This is one of the most sacred symbols in the yogi tradition, and it signifies the consciousness of the Universe. It is chanted at yoga classes, but you will also find it in some of the best logos.

Here is an example by Om Land, a yoga studio in Cleveland that combines the Om symbol with a skyline of the city.


Poses & Figures

You can also use popular poses in yoga practice, also known as asanas. A person in a lotus yoga pose, or a person facing towards the sky while standing on one leg, is an interesting shape with an empowering message.

sweat yoga

Sweat Yoga in LA does this well — there’s a person in a powerful Warrior Two posture, and the negative space forms a drop of sweat, just like the name of the studio.

Colors and their meaning in yoga logo design

In yoga meditation, there are seven colors that represent chakras and each has a different meaning. The seven colors are red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo blue and purple.

If you want to invoke a feeling of spirituality and cosmic oneness, the best color to relay that is purple. On the other side of the chakra alignment, red means grounding and vitality. The best way to combine these colors is to test the waters and check if they suit your business name and design ideas best.

chakra colors chart.png


When it comes to fonts, you might want to go with something that has an oriental, spiritual feel to it. But don’t use something too common, as Papyrus or Herculanum. Think of a font that will also look good on your business cards and social media.

You can also use typography as your logo. Below are two examples. The first logo is of YouTube yoga teacher Adrienne, which has a playful, approachable, and dynamic feel, just like her online classes.

yoga with adrienne

The other one is a logo made out of the letters W and O, that stands for Warrior One, the name of the yoga studio.

warrior one

Styles you can play with

Although yoga logo templates are very distinct and more colorful than any kind of logo out there, they often feel not in line with the contemporary design trends. We see a growing trend in minimalism and geometric design. Even though it might be harder to apply that to yoga logo design, there are some logo ideas that manage to do this.

For example, Yoga Dose with Tim, another YouTube channel offering free classes, has a simple black circle made with a brush. It is minimalist, but still related to yoga practice - it resembles the ease of movement you’ll find in yoga while including an important symbol.

yoga dose with tim


Before you start working on your yoga studio logo, look for some inspiration, both on websites like Dribbble, Pinterest, or a simple Google search, and from your own yoga experience.

Do a simple brainstorming and pinpoint the details about your practice that you want to emphasize to your future yoga students. There is an endless archive of logos to get inspiration from, but make sure you find a unique take on it.

And, like in yoga, don’t take yourself too seriously. Just let the creative energy flow.

Disclaimer: the artworks in this article are not the works of ManyPixels, and are only showcased in an educational capacity.

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Stefanija Tenekedjieva

May 20, 2020

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.