19 Spa Logo Designs to Inspire Your New Logo

Everyone deserves a self-care day. These creative spa logos will help you create one of your own to attract clients to your wellness center.

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June 17, 2024

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From conventional lotus flowers to modern spa services logos: here are 19 spa logos to inspire a unique design of your own.

Although we’re all learning how important self-care is, a spa day is still considered somewhat of a luxury. It’s no surprise then that businesses like day spas and beauty salons have some truly wonderful examples of logo design. If you want people to pay for a premium service, you need to convince them off the bat that it’s worth the money!

If you’ve only looked at dull logo templates available from logo maker websites, we’re here to help you with some much more creative examples.


Classy wordmarks

A simple typography logo is a great way to show your spa center offers a high-quality and professional service. Different fonts can create a versatile brand image, from luxurious to modern and creative, so the best way to stand out is to have a professional graphic designer create a custom font for your own logo.

1. Camellia

The biggest advantage of wordmarks is that they are versatile and easy to use on anything from beauty flyers to business cards. This elegant serif lettering still delivers an interesting twist with the curved edges, different widths of lines and the little diamond on the letter E.

camellia spa logo
Design by Olga

2. Agora

On the other side of the spectrum is this futuristic, modern logotype, fit for a day spa that caters to busy professionals. The modern lettering pairs well with the green tones that are associated with nature and relaxation.

3. Sunset

A stunning monogram can make a great logo for spa services since again it’s easy to incorporate on things like custom towels or bathrobes that you might be offering to clients. This particular design evokes the serenity of watching a beautiful sunset. The gradients make it a terrific digital logo fit for use on social media for example, but this is something that can be tricky to get right in printed materials, like flyers or massage brochures.

4. Salt  & Sweat

If your target audience is young people looking for innovative spa treatments, then be sure that your logo reflects that, even if you go with a simple wordmark. This logo concept was created for a spa specializing in salt therapy and infrared saunas and is hip, fun and youthful.

salt and sweat spa logo
Design by Andrea Maxwell

5. Otto

At first this crisp sans serif typography logo has a generic, professional appeal that would fit any number of businesses. But if you take a closer look, you’ll realize that the curve on which the lettering is placed represents the human spine, making this a perfect massage therapy logo for a wellness center. Check out the full branding project to see how this logo fits on business cards, website design and more.

otto spa logo
Design by Marta Bula

6. Hedonic Spa

A visit to a day spa center is often not just about healthcare, but also treating yourself to something like a manicure, pedicure, or skincare treatment. This classy monogram belonging to a wellness company in Latvia exudes a sense of luxury. Its elegant simplicity makes it perfect for a wide range of uses, from stationary to social media profile pictures.

hedonic spa logo
Design by Marta Bula

Nature-inspired design elements

The wellness industry is closely related to the natural world and its beauty, so going with a design element that is connected to nature is a very popular trend in spa logo design. Of course, lotus flowers are probably the most common imagery found on massage centers, as well as beauty logos. Here are a few modern examples of this type of esthetics.

7. Pina

This minimalistic lotus flower could work equally well as a florist logo as well as a great logo for a spa center. Although it’s very simple, it definitely stands out from free logos thanks to a crisp, coherent design that would make a perfect foundation for successful spa services branding.

pina spa logo
Design by Aygul Osmanli

8. Frosenka

You’ll often hear us say that minimalism is a timeless trend in logo design. However, if you can get a talented graphic designer to create your own logo, something much more intricate can look stunning. This wonderful pictographic logo combines several nature-inspired images and even includes the F in a seamless way. Sadly, it’s an unused concept.

frosenka spa logo
Design by Patryk Bełc

9. Rose Spa & Massage

Here’s another floral logo that’s perfect for a wellness company, even though it’s not the commonly used lotus flower. The cute pencil illustration on this one is creative, quirky and unique, perfect for a youthful brand image appealing to millennial and gen Z audiences that are most responsible for raising awareness on the importance of self-care.

rose spa and massage logo
Design by Signe Joensen

10. Eikova Beauty Center

Botticelli’s Venus born out of a seashell is often seen as a symbol of beauty, so it makes sense that a seashell would be a great image to use as a spa or beauty logo. The logo designer went with a simple, clean approach which will ensure that the timeless symbolism of the logo will match the classic design.

eikova spa logo
Design by Mario Sevilla

Crisp and modern spa logos

As we said, the importance of self-care in public discourse means more young people are likely to visit day spas and purchase spa treatments. For that reason, many contemporary businesses have adapted their logo design to fit this hip and youthful target audience, with modern logo designs that they will have seen in other industries like tech or retail.

11. Opulence Wellness Spa

This sophisticated spa logo reminds me a little bit of the Yves Saint Laurent logo. The gorgeous combination of copper and marine blue adds a real sense of luxury to the logo design which is itself a very modern wordmark, combining the letters O, S and W.

opulence spa logo

12. Sage Rituals

A modern logo design can mean pairing contrasting design elements to create a memorable brand image. This example, created for a logo design contest pairs a romantic watercolor effect with sleek, minimalist sans serif typography. The logo exudes a sense of relaxation but also cleanliness and purity, which are associated with spa services.

sage rituals spa logo
Design by Ana Logo

13. Omnia Medispa

Hip marketing is all well and good, but it’s also important to remember that many people turn to spa services for healthcare reasons. That’s why even if you opt for a more creative and contemporary approach, your logo should still emulate a sense of professionalism. This clever logo design takes a more abstract approach. The circles might represent the pressure applied in massage therapy or even wooden interiors seen in saunas. Either way, it’s a great professional symbol with a wide use potential.

omnia spa logo
Design by

14. Unissy Spa

Whether you opt for a modern sans, or classy serif typography, make sure the spa font you pick matches the overall brand image. In this case, the luxury font called The Castle Elizah works really well to complement the elegant and simple graphic portion of the design.

unissy spa logo
Design by Dod Branding

Creative combination marks

Combination marks consist of a typographic and graphic portion. This is a rather complex logo design, and using a free template you can find with online logo makers is never advisable. Instead, seek the assistance of a logo designer who will ensure that all the different elements work together to create a coherent and memorable brand image for your business.

15. El Grullo

This logo idea was created for a boutique hotel and wellness center, and for that reason is adequately sophisticated and luxurious. The logo designer created different versions of the logo (wordmark, pictorial mark), which is always a good thing to have in your brand guide so that you can have a logo ready to use for any medium or purpose.

el grullo spa logo
Design by Salvador Munca

16. Nativa

This massage therapy logo features a simple human character that evokes a sense of serenity and relaxation. The pop of color and the dynamic typography (the contrast in line width on each letter) gives the logo a more exciting look, while the simple geometric linework on the illustration makes the design crisp and timeless.

17. Espaco Ganges

Going with a very intricate graphic design means that you might want to keep other branding elements minimal (for example, the use of color). There’s a lot going on with this spa logo, however, the overall design doesn’t feel cluttered, thanks to the crisp linework and the perfect balance. The designer made sure that the logo works equally well in a vertical and horizontal version.

18. Peony

This creative logo for a skincare center takes a more literal approach with its imagery. However, it’s youthful, fun and very memorable, and thanks to the balance of different elements it can be used in different variations and would look equally good in print and digital mediums.

peony spa logo
Design by Pinkangel

19. Queen Care

Mascot logos are definitely not the most popular type of logo in the wellness industry, however, if done well these can make stunning and unique logos. If your target demographic is women, then a logo like this one will help you attract potential customers and get them to love your brand. Imagine this cute design on a tote bag or stationery that you might give out as freebies to loyal customers!

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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