8 Stunning Examples of Beauty Packaging Design

Well-designed packaging can add an extra touch of beauty to a product. Discover these eight stunning designs for beauty products.

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May 13, 2024

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Check out these outstanding product packaging ideas that will inspire you to create the perfect package designs for your beauty brand.

Big names in the beauty industry have packaging designs we all recognize from the supermarkets, but for a small beauty brand beautiful creative packaging solutions are extremely important for attracting the right buyers.

Since packaging is an integral part of beauty branding, it’s of course important that your packaging solution fits the overall vision of your brand. Here are some outstanding packaging designs to learn from.


Feel Skincare

Beauty companies often use intricate, decorative designs for beauty product packaging, so if you want to stand out, going with a simpler design could be a great idea. Moreover, the simplicity of product packaging design, often indicates natural, organic ingredients that most people appreciate in their personal care products.

This great packaging design concept for a line of skincare products has a very elegant look. Using different color cosmetics packaging can be a good way to differentiate between different products, but opting for just one color can help you create a strong brand image. In the case of this vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand the natural color choice (it resembles skin) is also meant to signify the focus on high-quality ingredients rather than flashy product packaging.

feel skincare beauty pacacking.jpg

If you need further guidance on creating a top-notch beauty brand, check out our beauty and welness design guide. From ecommerce tips to great beauty logo design, you’ll get plenty of information to help you create the best beauty brand for your business.

Whether you’re a packaging designer working for a packaging supplier or a retailer of beauty products, we hope this list of unique beauty packaging ideas has inspired you. Of course, don’t forget that our own designers at ManyPixels have lots of experience in creating the best packaging designs, so if you need us to help with packaging for your new products, make sure to check how our on-demand design service works!

By Shruti Anand

By Angela Pak

By LG Beauty and Eunji D Lee


By Pánico Estudio, Marcelo Calderón and Spicy Studio

By Nicolle Guerra

By Eila Aliaño

By arithmetic

Clemen sunscreen

Another way to achieve creative product packaging is by experimenting with texture or shape. The packaging design for this sun protection body lotion has a very unique shape, but it’s also a great example of sustainable packaging as these packages are created from 100% reused paper.

The color palette on this skincare packaging design concept is supposed to indicate different skin tones and help buyers easily identify the right choice for them.

clemen sunscreen beauty packaging.jpg

Oh La La Lip Balm

Whereas skin care products might be more suitable for minimalistic packaging with a more “organic” feel, lip balms are definitely a type of beauty product where your packaging can be a little more creative.

This great beauty product packaging concept is playful and trendy. Although the colors are vibrant paired with fun illustrations, the overall design still isn’t too noisy or old-fashioned (the minimalist beauty logo fits perfectly on the colorful product packaging). The different packaging options correspond to the different flavors and scents of the lip balm.

lip balm beauty packaging.png


Sustainability is a huge packaging trend, but if you want to attract high-end clients, you’ll also need a luxurious packaging design that draws attention.

Whether it’s a simple micellar water cleanser or hair care products, this beauty packaging delivers a sense of luxury and elegance. The minimalist design signals purity and wellness, while the simple marble pattern gives this custom packaging a touch of class.

prana beauty packaging.jpg


Not every beauty packaging design needs to be minimalistic. After all, you want certain products like mascara, lip gloss, or eye shadow to inspire a sense of beauty. Florals are always a great way to spruce up your beauty care packaging, but if you want something just a tad more creative, I recommend you check out the following examples.

These gorgeous packaging designs were made for Ahava’s 30th anniversary, for a range of different products: from body lotion to foot cream. The idea was for up-and-coming artists to create skincare packaging that reflects their own understanding of beauty. The end result is simply stunning, and a true celebration of diversity and beauty.

ahava beauty packaging.jpg

Save the Forest

This line of products is created by the Korean beauty brand The Face Shop. Apart from the name of the products and the cute animals found on each packaging solution, these cute designs are also eco-friendly, as they are made from recyclable paper. This airless powder and bronzer packaging is especially cute, you’d probably feel bad throwing it away even after you’re done using the product!

The fun illustrations found on other products like hand creams and washes are an excellent way to spruce up social media graphics, or even create fun sticker design for your eco-conscious customers.

save the forest beauty packaging  1.jpg
save the forest beauty packaging 2.jpg

Lucid Skincare

This concept belongs to a cannabis skincare line and has an adequately creative packaging design. From large packaging for body lotions to droppers with skincare oil and other formulations, these beauty packagings have a very unique look. The idea is to evoke a sense of “high” and clarity and suggest that a little self-care can go a long way.

lucid beauty packaging.jpg


The last example on our list of beauty packaging solutions belongs to a product that traditionally has a more luxurious and intricate packaging than everyday products like lotions or skin care formulations. Of course, we’re talking about perfume.

The custom packaging design for this organic beauty brand is inspired by Romain de Tirtoff, better known as Erté, a French artist of the art deco movement. His magical fashion designs inspired these decorative boxes and bottles containing fragrances made from 100% organic ingredients. The golden version of their beauty logo is another nod to Art Deco that perfectly fits this gorgeous packaging.

biotique beauty packaging 1.jpg
biotique beauty packaging  2.jpg

Well-designed packaging can add an extra touch of beauty to a product. Discover these eight stunning designs for beauty products.

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