Beauty Logos for a Modern and Trendy Brand

Discover logos of various styles created for beauty and cosmetic brands, makeup artists and nail salons to help you make your own distinguishable logo.

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October 3, 2023

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For a beauty brand or small business that deals with all things self-care, a good beauty logo design can be crucial for getting those Instagram followers and, at the end line, customers. Check out these amazing logos perfect for a beauty business.

From amazing packaging for beauty products to custom beauty logos for wellness and spa and massage centers, beauty salons and other small businesses, find inspiration in this curated selection of logos representing companies in the beauty industry.

Beauty brand logos that make products unique

In the era of self-care and a lot of organic, self-sustainable products becoming more and more popular, it’s hard for a brand to be distinguishable and memorable. Since the beauty industry sells something that’s supposed to help with aesthetics, good aesthetics in their own brand are a must. Online logo makers and design templates won’t help you be different on social media. So, a custom beauty logo is the only way to go. Check out some made for up-and-coming beauty brands that killed it every step on the way to create good branding.

1. Uzza

This Spanish skincare brand has the simplest method for a business logo: a logotype. However, this simple typography speaks loud enough about the brand story. The ingredients for these beauty products are sourced from Morocco, where the rich dark blue color is prevalent. At the same time, the serif letters are rustic and reminiscent of Spanish folklore aesthetics, tying up the origins of the ingredients and the brand in the same brand identity.


We hope these examples helped you realize that you can do much more than using beauty logo templates. For more inspiration, check out our work, or more curated list articles in the ManyPixels blog. Good luck with designing your new brand!

Design by Tanya Izhakovska

Design by Anuja Kanani

Design by Márcia Quintela Viana, miguel souto & meh. design studio

Design by William de Liz

Design by Paulius Rudokas

Design by Tram Vo

Design by Glo Mexico

Design by Nathalia Vasque, meryllin e. & Júlia Gebien

Design by Marina Makarova

Design by Kat Bielobrova

Design by estúdio sou

Design by Svetlana Akhmetova

Design by arquetipo .

Design by Studio Widok

Design by Irfan Salim

Design by Leandra Rexhepi

Design by Marka Network & Mustafa Akülker

Design by Marka Network & Mustafa Akülker

Design by Ewelina Kotra

2. Cosmetics

This creative and feminine logo shows a woman’s lips as the blossom of a flower. It is a simple metaphorical way to show that women are beautiful, as well as a nod to the organic ingredients the brand uses.

3. Roys Natural Skincare

By now, you probably realized that the author loves minimalist design and typography. This wordmark is something that hits all the spots with so little. The classy serif font shows sophistication, while at the same time doesn’t overpower the design of packaging on these products. If your own logo needs to fit on many products and variations, keep in mind that you should keep it simple.

4. Flavia Botanicals

A common symbol of femininity and beauty in graphic design is a lotus flower. Even though it’s common to see this symbol in free beauty logos and online beauty logo makers, it can’t be nearly as successful as customizing it and making it unique.

This hair care beauty brand decided to use this gentle flower in a geometrical style, combined with an elegant typography wordmark. If you are a fan of symmetry, this logo is for you!

5. Daily

I’ll include non-typographic logos, I promise. This simple logotype doesn’t have too much going on on itself—as with previous examples, it’s very stripped down and minimalistic. However, combined with this beautiful packaging design with pastel colors, it is a fine example of contemporary graphic design that will catch the eye of every millennial.

6. KR Beauty

This custom logo created for a brand launched by a successful makeup artist carries the letters KR (the artist’s initials) in a feminine serif font with gorgeous ligatures. The colors, light salmon and dark slate gray, are very trendy and perfect to relay the message of natural beauty and femininity, making this monogram a nicely tied up logo. The creative packaging adds a splash of watercolor illustration and makes the final product even finer.

7. Nanorevit

While most beauty brands take femininity and gentleness as the keywords when forming their brand identity, Nanorevit concentrates on the scientific approach towards making what they call a skincare supercomponent: blackcurrant oil enclosed in a nanostructure.

The nanostructuring method is depicted with the cube design, which is also positioned in a way to resemble the letter N.

Cosmetic small businesses with a penchant for style

Even though most of the time small businesses can’t afford design studios and branding concepts, they still need to appeal to potential customers with a good visual presence. Beauty studios, makeup artists and other professionals in this industry often approach their audiences through social media, and having a beautiful logo is definitely an important step in building a successful brand online.

8. Driada Beauty Space

The name, brand and logo of this beauty salon are a wholesome trinity: Driada are feminine tree-goblins with great beauty, hence the inspiration for the name. The logo is a combination of a woman’s portrait in a single-line style and a rose, signifying natural beauty. The brand is based on nature, simplicity, femininity and lightness.

9. Nail House

This nail studio logo has a lot of pizzazz, it almost makes you hear that finger snap. By depicting a simple gesture of “things are getting done here”, and combining the emblem with unique typography, Nail House by Katerina has a memorable cosmetic logo with some serious attitude.

10. Rebecca Tavares Makeup

Who says that a makeup artist logo has to come from a free logo maker? Rebecca Tavares has a logo with serious quality and backstory, far beyond a typical makeup tool or portrait as the base. This makeup artist’s personal logo consists of two elements: a pictogram that has hidden within itself a heart (intimacy and emotion), stars (happiness and self-confidence), a lipstick (beauty and attitude), the symbol of Aphrodite (femininity and fertility), and a bird (freedom and personality).

The second element is a simple wordmark with a lovely serif typeface, in both long and short form (simply saying Becca). The multiple versions of the logo allow for some experimenting and versatility.

rebecca 1

11. Studio Liris

Yet another beauty salon logo, that has a more elite and luxurious aesthetic. The custom lettering based on the Bangla MN typeface as well as toned-down color variations of pink and lilac gives this brand a sense of exclusivity.

12. Nail Studio

Nail stylist Yana Melekhova chose a stylish monogram as her logo, combining the letter Y and M into an intricate symbol placed inside an emblem. It is a simple, yet smart solution, and definitely an unusual approach for such a professional.

13. Faces

This house of beauty aptly named Faces has a one-line illustration of a face. The artistic and minimal graphic design approach is perfect for a business offering rejuvenation, skin treatments and hairstyling services. Just look at those fancy business cards!

14. Evi. Beauty Studio

This unusual wordmark for Evi. Beauty Studio hides a strong message: the small letter i is leaning differently to visually separate itself from the rest of the letters, relaying this business’ motto: “The standard is me. I don't fix myself for others, I fix myself for myself.”

15. LashDash

This plane and eyelash logo combines the two key factors about this business: it’s an eyelash studio place at an airport. Perfectly relays the message that it’s a place where you can get lash extensions while waiting for boarding.

16. Modamo

The graphic designer tasked with creating this custom beauty logo had to think of a solution that reflects minimalism, accuracy and fine aesthetics, as well as an expression of a woman having her secret desires fulfilled. Needless to say, they managed to combine all these details in this fancy logo.

17. Chica

The final example in the small business category is a hair stylist logo, that needed to represent the brand as a modern and sophisticated one. The approach the logo creator had was making custom typography inspired by an Art Deco style, and a timeless color palette. For more hair salon logos, check out this article.

Wellness and spa logos that rise above the rest

Wellness centers and spa resorts usually have a more luxurious or holistic aesthetic than contemporary beauty brands, but many of them build a brand that is appealing to all ages. Wellness has never been more in fashion, and wellness logos should follow.

18. Opulence Wellness Spa

Another modern and sleek example of a monogram. By combining the first letters of Opulence Wellness Spa in the Comfortaa Bold font, the creators of the branding managed to accomplish an image of sophistication and elegance.

19. Azure Wellness Studio

The branding of this all-inclusive spa center that offers everything from yoga classes to organic remedies, had to reflect the goal of holistic wellness they are trying to achieve in customers.

The design concept is inspired by the symbol named triquetra, which symbolizes the basic elements, as well as the human as a combination of body, soul and spirit. Another symbol you can see in the logo is the lotus, representing purity, beauty, and inner strength.

20. Stone Spa Salon

Whereas some brands chose an aesthetic that metaphorically reflects their brand and visual identity, Stone Spa decided to go with a literal approach. This spa logo looks like it’s carved in stone, with cracks made from erosion.

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